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Alliance Communications Management, ASC Telecom UK, Audens
Berloy Communications, Bit Tech Limited, BOCOM, Broad Reach Telecommunications Consulting, Business Telephone Systems & Phones, Butler International, The Bennett Group, Inc.
Cario Telecom, Cartesian Limited, Centennial Telephone, Chetan Sharma Consulting, Cimarron Consulting Services, Clark Telecommunications, Clere Communications, COMMfusion, commNOW, Communication Sciences
Daniel M. Compton, Inc., Darian Associates, Inc., Delson Telecommunications Group, Destiny Communications Group, Direct Communications, Inc., Dodson-Brown Associates, Ltd., Dorado Development Group
Eastern Communications Co., EMO Communications, Engineering Associates Inc., Enliten Management Group, EPRT Consulting, ETL SEMKO, Evans Associates, The Eastern Management Group, Inc.
First Line Consulting, Fred Williamson & Associates, Inc.
G2 Telecom, Inc., G3 Partners, giga.Com inc., GNG Solutions, Inc., Goodman Networks Incorporated, GPNW Consulting Corp, GXT Tech
HEI Telecommunications Consulting, Hickox Communications
IMMCO, Inc., Improcom, INFOmotion Design & Consulting, LLC, Insight Research, Inc., Integrated Networks, Inc., International Telecommunications Consultants Inc., Norson Telecom Consulting
J&L Technologies Group, LLC, JBS Communications, Inc., John Richard Associates, Inc.
Kent Technologies, Kovacs Engineering, The KOHL Group, Inc.
Dr. Boris J. Lurie, L.C. Wiring, Inc, L1 associates, Larribeau Associates, LBA Group Inc., Lightspeed Technologies, Linnabery Telecom and Video Services Consulting, Loxysoft AB
M2S2 Communications, Magnitude 9 Inc., Managed Solutions, Mark H. Goldberg and Associates Inc., Matrix Corporation, Meier and Loftus, Mike Prada, Mountain Ltd., Mountain Telecom Services
Netcom Consultants, NetForce Solutions, Inc., Netivity Solutions, Network Data Systems, Network Deployment Specialists, Inc., New Paradigm Resource Group, Newlyn Technologies Ltd., NextGen Datacom, Inc., Nortel Networks - XSpand LLC, Northern Telecommunications Consultants
Olivetti S.p.A, Omni Tronics Pte Ltd, OmniMedia Associates LLC, Oncept, Optical Networking Group, OSS Solutions
Office Technology Consulting, Pacific International Cable Consulting Inc, Packet Strategies, LLC, Parsons Communications Group Inc., PDS Consulting, Peacock Communications, PhoneTech USA, PowerHouse Consulting, Inc., PQM Consultants, Prettyman and Associates, Inc.
RAY! Associates, Resource Technology Management, Inc.
SaiTech, Inc., Schooley Mitchell Telecom Consultants, SH Communications, Inc., Signet Engineering Ltd, Signet Network Systems, SimpliCTI Software Solutions, Sirius Telecommunications, SJS Consulting Inc., Southwest Research Institute, Spectrum Strategies
Solutions Providers
Advanced Network Systems, AerVox Company, allConnex, American Telemanagement Solutions (ATS), Anite Telecoms Ltd., Applied Telephone and Network Solutions, LLC., Associated Communications and Research Services, I, Asteq Ltd., Bailey Telecom, Baker Integrated Technologies
T2 Technologies, Tantus Project Development, TEAMtalk Media Group, Technical Consultants Group, Technixs Network Services, TechnologyFoundations, TEK Consulting, Inc., Telcom Technologies Associates, Telconsult Inc., Tele Solutions Consultants
United Information Technologies
VDV Consulting, Inc, Venturevision Trading and Consultancy, VoiceTA Inc., Vopal Inc., VoxMedia Consulting, Inc.
Warner Consulting Group, Webb & Associates, WesternConnect, WFS Contultants, William Sprunk: Telecommunications Consulting - Te, World I.T. Solutions, LLC
Zenith Consulting, Zyzox
4-tel.com Inc.
Management consulting company servicing the telecommunications and high tech industries.
Abacus Media International
Executive search, international sales outsourcing, technical training, and wireless staffing.
Abinger Telecom
Independent advice on all types of telecommunications projects including equipment specification, selection and project management within UK and Europe.
Consultancy services for corporate customers and carriers, specialists for powerline communication and telecommunication for transport industry.
Ambridge Group
Project management for global telecommunications. Offices in London, Frankfurt, and New York.
Americas Telecom Consultants
Serves the information needs of strategic planners in the telecom markets of Latin America and the Caribbean.
Analysys Ltd.
Consultants in telecommunications strategy.
Arabian Construction Co.
Arabian construction company offering information technology in the telecommunications industry.
Atlantic - ACM
An international strategy consulting firm that focuses on the emerging and converging telecommunications and multimedia industries worldwide.
Assists corporations with telecommunications planning, design, vendor sourcing and project management in North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.
Aurora Consulting
An independent worldwide business consultancy for the new and old economy, focussing on strategy, planning, communications,research and analysis based on practical professional experience.
Baxter Business Services, S.A.
Telecommunications Billing, Customer Care, Business Support, and Network Management Support Systems.
Bellwater Limited
Pan-european service provider to the communications industry.
Black Inc.
International consulting firm with clients all over the world. Provide project manager professionals and technical staffing resources to the industry on a project-by-project basis.
Callahan Associates International
Develop and operate integrated broadband communications networks and wireless networks. Securing the capital backing to develop and operate a competitive business.
Catalyst Limited
Telecommunications consulting and resourcing worldwide.
Specialist in telecommunications consultancy who provide a complete software design and integration service to manufacturers of GSM, GPRS and UMTS handsets around the world.
Communications Advanced Technologies, Inc.
Telecommunications firm providing logistical, consulting and call center services. Professional expertice in value added solutions, business development mission-critical support and products.
CompuCom Systems, Inc.
Provides distributed desktop products and network integration services to fortune 1000 customers, including lan/wan projects, consulting and asset tracking, network management, help-desk and field engineering, procurement, configuration, distribution and software management. (Nasdaq: CMPC).
Hong Kong based, specializes in providing technical and commercial services from network planning, engineering and optimisation to commercial strategy advisory.
Consulting Stream
Focus on the key areas of strategic telecommunications which affect large national and international enterprises.
CostQuest Associates
Designs and Develops Systems and Services to Assist in the Understanding of Network Deployment Costs and Practices.
DataTrak Co., Ltd.
Telecom consulting for Japan.
DataWare Technology Pty. Ltd.
IT and Telecommunications Consulting Services in Australia since 1993. Wireless Communications Product Design and Developmen
Eigentek Network
Consultancy firm working in the GSM GPRS & 3G service evelopment: Project management, Product management, Business Planning, Location based services, Wireless Application search and selection, and Wireless Application Integration consultancy
Engineering Network International
Undertake turnkey projects and project management services in the telecommunications industry for cellular networks, paging and basic services including GSM, CDMA, and TDMA technologies.
EPC Services UK Ltd
Provides international telecoms consultancy and project management to clients on a global basis
eTel Telecommunications
Irish firm developing telecommunications services in recently liberalised markets.
Ex Eventu
Independent Germany based consultant for the telecommunications industry specialising in customer value analysis and churn predicition.
Farncombe Technology
Consultancy specialising in digital television technology and telecommunications
Gamma Kuartz
Providing communications infrastructure design, instalation, monitoring, support and documentation from government to business system.
Geotech Communications Inc.
A company specialising in engineering services to the Telecommunications Industry.
Global Broadband Solutions, LLC
Professional team of internationally experienced executives providing large consumers and governmental agencies with tailored global network solutions on a fully managed and secure basis.
Globe Consult
Services include design, planning, implementation, operations, and administration of telecommunications networks including community-based rural networks and public safety answering systems.
Globis Consulting
Independent consulting company providing extensive consulting services and solutions; LAN, WAN, network management, performance management, infrastructure, deployment and security services. Headquarters in the Netherlands and the UK.
GTD Telecommunications, Inc.
Technology expertise in the areas of LAN and WAN networking. Focused in ATM, Frame Relay and derived from them technologies.
GWL Consult
Provide intelligent corporate networks based on IP technology. Specialize in VPNs, IPNs, VOIP. Services include consulting, conception and project management including hotel solutions.
Hardiman Telecommunications Ltd.
Strategic, financial and technical consultancy to carriers worldwide.
Hedfone Consulting, Inc.
Advise entrepreneurial companies on how to be successful in the global telecom arena.
HN Telecom
Provides design, engineering, and project management services in a wide range of telecom disciplines. Offices in Canada and the United States.
German based independent telecommunications consultancy, whose activities encompass both engineering consulting and strategic studies.
IntelliConnections LLC
Global service company offering businesses an accelerated telecommunication expense reduction plan and outsource international project management solutions.
Intercai Mondiale UK Ltd
Provides papers on telecoms related subjects.
InterConnect Communications Ltd
Specialising in services for network operators, carriers, manufacturers and regulators.
Offer strategy and marketing consultancy for telecommunications operators and Internet service providers. Experienced in strategic and operational marketing.
LCDC Telecoms
Provides consultancy and implementation services for a variety of telecommunication technologies.
LearningOrbit Inc.
Training and Consulting services for the telecommunications industry.
LTC International Services
Business Operations Architects who deliver experience-driven solutions for the people, strategies, processes and systems needed to run successful service providers of telecommunications and information services.
LXComm Limited
Telecommunications Consultancy Services throughout the Asia / Pacific Region.
Management Network Group, Inc. (The)
Provides management consulting services to the global telecommunications industry, including communications service providers, technology companies and financial services firms. (Nasdaq: TMNG).
Services the broadband communications industry. Build and test communincations networks to be enabled for digital tv and high speed data communications.
Michael Boyle & Associates
Independent telecom management consultants providing services to the business community developing strategy, operational process, change management, and inventory management.
MJ Scheele and Associates
International Telecommunications Consultants based in San Francisco, CA. Experts in all market research and data with telecommunications.
Moriana Group
Independent research, analysis and consultancy group. Expertise in IT and Telecom convergence using OSA/Parlay technology for rapid service creation in legacy systems, 3G(UMTS)and next generation IP networks.
Netlinks Consultancy
Telecommunication Consultants for Projects in the Countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council and Arab World
Network Strategies Ltd
Strategic consultancy service to the telecommunications industry, specialising in the Asia-Pacific region, offer a unique blend of analytical, technical, regulatory and economic skills.
Next Com SA
Helping to improve and develop telecommunication business in South America. Experience in the carrier sector in Chile along with network planning, project management, new services development including technical and commercial aspects.
Dublin based, business consulting and research company providing business insight and strategic advice to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing economic environment.
OffHook Consulting, Inc.
Cost/Profitability Analysis as well as Regulatory Strategy for Telecommunications Firms.
Privately owned international consultancy firm with a combined core of engineering and business expertise in communications operations.
Optical Fibre Consultancy
Offers consultancy and advice in many aspects of optical fibre and integrated optic technology, including optical design, fibre measurements, data analysis, technology reviews and tutorial material.
Optimizes Rural Infrastructure and Outsources Networks for Rural Local Exchange Carriers (RLECs) in developing countries improving their telecom infrastructure.
Pacific Rim Consulting Services, Inc.
Highly trained and experienced staff providing satellite, network, VSAT, structured cabling, surveilance, microwave, and telecommunications, installation, maintenance, operations, and consulting throughtout Asia.
Patton & Associates
Compliance, Certification and Regulatory Approval of Telecommunications Terminal Equipment World-Wide
Paul Budde Communication
A provider of telecommunications and information highways consultancy services and publications, covering worldwide markets, companies and technologies.
Peter Dudley Network Consulting
Large Enterprise Network Strategy and Network Outsourcing.
Provides services for number portability in Europe.
PriMetrica, Inc.
Primary metrics and expert insight on global communications markets.
Rabion Consultancy, The Netherlands
Offers consultancy services to the Telecommunications and Internet industry and their multinational corporate clients.
Remote Network Management Centre
Provides Network management solutions to Telecom providers, along with Network and Infrastructure support, consulting and project management services.
Scandanavia Tele Consult
STC-Systems sw portfolio includes automated solutions for carrier, cellular and internet provisioning and billing.
Shire Consulting
Consultants, Engineers and Specialists for Site Acquisition, Site Design and Planning/Permitting of wireless sites.
Solution provider for all testing purposes concerning fixed and mobile networks. Key product offers roaming test services, test specification and development, engineering services and senior consulting services.
Offers advice, engineering, information systems and training to telecommunications operators.
Spectralliance, LLC
Global consultants in telephony, PayTV, internet customer relationship management, business processes and strategic IT issues.
Spectrum Transmission
Providing Telecommunications Installation, Commissioning and Integration services for all types of DWDM, SDH, Microwave Radio, BTS, CDMA, RF and Submarine Transmission equipment allied to Network Management platforms.
Spiral Consultants Ltd
Deliver professional services to the small and medium enterprise market in all aspects of LAN, WAN and Internet networking.
TCS International, Inc.
An international telecommunications and public utility consulting group, specializing in cable television services and wireless broadband solutions.
TechNet International, Inc.
Provides installation, service, training and consulting in areas of telecommunication technologies and integrated telecommunications networks.
Telecom Expert Group
Uses proven methodology for due diligence, operations reviews, and analysis of business prospects. The International operating experience covers all functions; they are also available as interim managers.
Telecommunications TL 9000 International Standard
TL 9000 is the International Management System Standard that provides fundamentals toward global quality in the manufacturing and servicing within telecommunication.
TelePrime Inc.
Established technical services and network solutions provider for hardware and software applications in the Telecommunications and Information Technology (IT) industries. Solutions offered by range from consulting services and placements through systems engineering, provisioning and supply of solutions based on network products including technical support services for local and international network applications.
The Enterprise Group
Performance management, decision support, business planning and marketing support for the global telecommunication industry.
The Research Room
Provider of accurate, actionable and costs effective Research, Analysis and Strategy for Telecommunications carriers, equipment and solutions providers.
An independent Australian research and consulting company, offering advice in the field of telecommunications to clients throughout the Asia Pacific Region.
TTI International
Provides solutions to the telecommunications and information technology industries worldwide.
Unicorn Communications, Inc.
Provides a wide range of telecommunications consultation solutions.
VOiCOM Limited
Communications consultancy and training for VoIP and Convergence related technologies. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), H.323, MGCP & MEGACO
Yves R. Hamel et Associes
Montreal-based broadcast and telecommunications consulting firm.