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Citizens Band
K-Po, K40 Electronics, Wilson Antenna, Inc.
A privately owned company offering RF and audio equipment for commercial and amateur radio markets. Includes company and product information, product specifications and dealer locations.
Alinco, Incorporated
Radio information and product manuals, dealer locator, parts and service.
Amplifiers, antenna tuners, user manuals, photo tour, international dealer list.
Authority On Radio Communications, Inc. Manufacturer of receivers, frequency stabilizers, and related equipment.
Barker and Williamson Antennas and Accessories
Manufactures of the antennas and radio parts principally for the amateur market as well as military, commercial, and emergengy use.
Bencher Inc.
Manufacturer of amateur radio paddles, keys, antennas and filters.
Blue's Radio Stuff
Sales of a selection of Citizen Band and Ham Radio equipment.
Cushcraft Corporation
Manufacture and develop communications antennas for the amateur and commercial markets,
Expanded Spectrum Systems
Small electronics researcher, developer, and manufacturer located in Tampa, FL. Commercial and Amateur Radio sales and support.
Radio amateur antenna and accessoires. Design, manufacture and selling of VHF/UHF amateur radio antennas and accessories.
FF Systems
Repeater controller products, featuring repeater controllers, digital voice recorder units, EPROMS, and manuals.
Force 12
Manufacturer and distributor of amateur radio antenna systems and related commercial products.
Galaxy Radios
Manufacturer of amateur radios, CB radios and accessories.
GAP Antenna Products, Inc.
Antennas and accessories for amateur radios. Photo and audio galleries, reviews, and list of dealers.
Hamtronics Inc.
Manufacturer of commercial and amateur VHF and UHF radio equipment.
Heil Sound Ltd.
Manufacturer of microphones, headsets and accessories for the amateur radio market.
ICOM Worldwide
Information on ICOM products for the Amateur market.
Kenwood USA - Communications Division
Amateur Radio information, product registration and dealer locator.
N2RGA Antennas
Manufacturer of portable dual-band antennas.
NCG Company
Manufactures antennas, SWR meters and power supplies primarily for the Amateur Radio market.
New Communications Solutions
Designs and manufactures specialized multi-unit equipment for the amateur radio and communications markets.
Pacific Research
Manufacturer of repeater controllers, tone panels and telephone interconnects..
Pervisell Ltd.
Supplier of demodulators and related software as well as custom design and production services for electronic systems.
R. A. Kent Engineers
Designers and manufacturer of keys, paddles and bugs for transmission of Morse code and related modes.
Supplier of monitoring receivers and diagnostic tools for the scanning market and radio professionals.
Spezialantennen BAZ Germany
German manufacturer of amateur antennas for UHF, VHF, and SHF.
Stargun Antennas
Manufactuer and supplier of base and mobile antenna systems for HF to UHF.
TD Communications
Specializes in amateur radio repair and service as well as fire and EMS radios.
The Pouch, Inc.
Listing of ham HT radios and the pouch carrying cases which fit them. Link to amateur equipment dealers.
The Screwdriver.com
A screwdriver type mobile HF antenna capable of full legal power limit operation. Includes mount and digital controller.
The Vibroplex Company, Inc.
Manufacturer of telegraphy keys, bugs and keyers as well as spare parts and repair service.
Tokyo Hy-Power
Manufacturer of amplifiers and related equipment for the amateur market as well as RF power products for industrial, scientific, and medical applications.
Manufacturer of high performance amateur radio video transmission equipment.