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3M Fiber Optic Networking
Manufacturer of the Volition fiber optic network. Includes technical information, list of distributors, software updates, and technical support.
Aardvark Optics
Supplier of optical and electrical telecom accessories such as connectors, modules, distribution products and patch panels.
Aberdare Cables (Pty)
Africa manufacturer of power, telecommunication, control and optical fibre cables.
Manufacturers of fiber optic and copper custom molded interconnect products.
Manufactures gigabit ethernet Passive Optical Network (PON) equipment.
Manufacturer of optical fiber transmission links for CCTV and surveillance, transportation and data communications.
Applied Fiber Telecommunications
Fiber optic distributors and manufacturer of fiber optic products including connectors, cable, tools, and fiber fusion supplies.
Appointech Inc.
Designs and manufacturing capability of fiber optic modules.
Arden Photonics Ltd
Design and manufacture of equipment for optical fibre test and inspection, optical metrology and beam profiling.
Fiber optic design, development, manufacturing and testing. Suppliers of fiber optic components for medical and environmental spectrophotometers and endoscopes.
Distributor of fiber optic cables connectors and accessories.
Avanex Corporation
Designs, manufactures components known as photonic processors, which are designed to increase the performance of optical networks. (Nasdaq: AVNX)
Bejed Inc.
Design and manufacturer for voice, data and fiber communication products for customers worldwide.
Blue Road Research
Provides fiber optic Bragg grating sensors for multi-axis strain measurement. Employs fast demodulation techniques in fiber optical data acquisition.
Browave Corporation
Factory for fiber optic passive components.
Cables Unlimited
Manufacturer, distributor, retailer of copper and fiber optics, cable assemblies, patch cords, custom harnesses, converters and installation parts for computers and networks.
Canoga Perkins
Offers fiber optic products for data communications, modems, media converters, HDSL, LAN, multiplexers, WDM, LAN extensions and video conferencing products.
Manufacturing equipment for the design of manufacturing, testing and repair of sophisticated electronic and fiber optic equipment.
Manufacturer of quality fiber optic products for the medical, industrial and scientific markets.
Chiral Photonics
Manufacturer of fiber lines with a chiral (helical) structure for improved performance. Includes product, technical, and employment information. Based in Clifton, New Jersey.
Computer System Products
Manufacturer of voice/data communication cables, reseller of network hardware, adapters, termination blocks, bulk UTP/STP and fiber optic cable, cabinets, patch panels.
Cornet Technology Inc.
Manufacturer of matrix and fiber switches, video distribution system, optical transceiver and cable management systems.
Corning Cable Systems
Manufacturer of fiber optic cable and copper communications systems solutions for voice, data, and video network applications. Includes specification sheets, standard recommended procedures, technical papers, and brochures.
CS Electronics
Manufacturer of interconnect products for Mass Storage systems: Fibre Channel, RAID, SAN, Gigabit Ethernet, shielded SCSI and LVD cables, fiber optic cables, terminators, and drive adapters.
Diamond USA, Inc.
Manufacturer of high precision fiber optic adapters, attenuators, connectors, couplers, tools and equipment.
Elam Communications Pty Ltd
Specialising in fibre, data, voice and electrical cabling.
Elite Electronics, Inc.
International supplier of MU, MTP, LC and MTRJ custom fiber assemblies, bulk fiber cable, Kevlar cutters, Escon connectors, adapters and Telcordia support.
Faseroptik Henning GmbH
Integration of light technology and opto-electronics has brought about systems based on light-wave guides.
Feasa Enterprises
Design and manufacture a range of fiber optic components and equipment
Fiber Instrument Sales, Inc.
Manufacturer and distributor of communication fiber optic products, category 5, and active network equipment.
Fiber Optek
Fiber optic cable networks, optical fiber, design, installation, and maintenance.
Fiber Optic Systems Inc. gallery
A collection of fiber optic signs, exhibits, displays and architectural special effects. For retail, tradeshow, corporate lobby, museum and theme environments.
Fiberoptic Product News
Magazine highlighting products and applications.
FiberOptic Supply
Distributor of fiber optic products from the optical transmitter to the receiver and all products in between including test equipment.
Fiberoptic Systems, Inc.
Manufacturer of optical fiber assemblies for custom applications for the OEM, light guides, ring lights, spot to line assemblies, and medical/dental handpieces.
Fiberoptics Technology Inc.
Manufactures glass, plastic, and liquid light guides. Assemblies for visible, ultra-violet, and infra-red light sensing and illumination.
Fibre Optic Products
Accessories, wall and rack mount cabinets and boxes.
Fico Inc.
Manufacturer and supplier of fiber optic products, cable assemblies.
Finisar Corp.
Provides fiber optic solutions for the fibre channel, gigabit ethernet and CATV markets. Online product specifications, technical information and industry links.
Fujitsu Network Communications
Designer and manufacturer of fiberoptic transmission and broadband switching applications. Online product and services search and PDF manuals available for download.
Go4Fiber Ltd
Online fiber optic superstore offering connectors, coulping, adaptors, accessories and tooling.
Haleos, Inc.
ACT MicroDevices is now HALEOS - Your Total Integration Solution for Angled Polished and Tapered Diameter, AR Coatings on Fiber Endfaces, Ball Lenses, Collimator Arrays, Conformal AR Coatings (Ball Lenses), Conformal Optical Coatings, and Ferrule Assemblies.
Manufacturer of optical fiber, fiber optic cables and copper telecom cable located in Turkey
Suppliers of accessories and solutions to the fiber optics networks industry.
Industrias Cunha Barros, S.A.
Wire & cable supplier for a broad range of markets. Our products include Power Cables, Copper and Fibre Optic cables, employing the most advanced technology at our plant.
Intelect Network Technologies Inc
Design and manufacturing, including air traffic control switches and fiber optic network equipment.
ITF Optical Technologies
Designs, develops and manufactures fiber optic DWDM components (100 GHz with up to 64 channels), filters, couplers, amplifiers, and splitters.
Keiko Corporation
Plastic ferrule for fiber optic connectors and related products will be available soon. Samples for evaluation will be available withing 2nd quarter in 2001.
LanOptics Ltd.
Develops, markets, and distributes network products. (Nasdaq: LNOP).
Luciol instruments
Fiber optic measurement and instrumentation.
Nanoptics, Inc
Manufacturer of custom plastic fiber optics for Industrial and Medical use.
Network Electronics AS
Norwegian company making fiberoptic DWDM systems and other fiberoptic systems called flashlink. Also manufactures routing switchers for telecom and broadcast applications in the product range called VikinX.
NTT Electronics Corporation(NEL)
offers a vast array of products in the information, telecommunications, and multimedia fields - from key devices all the way to system components.
O/E Land, Inc.
Specializes in design, manufacture and market of fiber optics technology.
Ocean Optics
Fiber-optic sensing technology.
Omni Technologies, Inc.
Custom fiber optic transceivers, otdr testing, training and termination. Fiber consulting as well as project management.
Optical Cable
Manufactures and markets a broad range of fiber optic cables.
Optical Polymer Research, Inc
Manufactures uv cure and evaporative deposition polymer systems for cladding optical fiber, cable and light pipes.
Opticonx, Inc.
Manufacturer of fiber optic hardware and interconnect products including cable assemblies, patch cords, patch panels, splitter kits, cable and associated products.
OptiWork Inc.
OptiWork, Inc. is building its reputation as the leading supplier of high quality, technically advanced fiber optic components and subsystems. We provide products to the data communications, telecom, defense and medical industries.
Manufactures interface modules for data, audio and video transmission over fibre optic cable.
Pacific Interconnection Co.
Offers fiber optic patch cords, connectors, cables, attenuators, couplers, and related hardware. Includes detailed product literature.
Page Automated Telecommunications Systems, Inc.
Fiber optic, optical fiber/fibre, optical fiber, high bandwidth, scalable, multichannel passive and active interconnect systems and sensor arrays.
PB Fibre Link
PB Fibre Link is a company specializing in fibre optic communications systems.
Physical Optics Corporation
Manufacturer of fiber optic equipment for video, audio and data applications.
Plasma Optical Fibre
Develops, produces and markets optical fibres. Production uses the PCVD process.
Fiber optic link systems for cellular, satellite, radio and RF antenna remoting.
Precision Polishing Products
Sells lapping film and fiber optic releated products.
Princetel, Inc
Manufacturer of fibre optic components and modules, fibre polishing machines and solid-state lasers.
Samsung Electronics
Manufactures products ranging from optical fibers, cables and the interconnections to optoelectronic components and modules, that are used in optical communication networks.
Schott Glass
Multinational group thats active in the Optic industry.
Somta, Ltd.
Manufactures silica core optical fibers, fiber bundles and assemblies for flexible delivery of ultraviolet, visible and infrared radiation.
Southampton Photonics
Designer and manufacturer of fiber optical components and subsystems.
StockerYale, Inc.
Developer and manufacturer of high-quality specialty optical fiber, optical networking components, and specialized illumination systems.
Technical Cable Concepts
In-house manufacturer of fibre optic, copper and SCSI assemblies and accessories. Custom requirements our specialty, standard in stock. 100% tested. ISO Certified business.
Val-Asia Fiber Optics (Malaysia)
Specializes in the manufacturing of epoxyless fiberoptic connectors, splices, and accessories.
Manufactures specialty custom glass tubing products for medical, industrial, and fiber optic markets. Company profile, product photos and specifications, and contact details.
VolAmp Ltd.
Design and manufacturer of local area network equipment and fiber optics.
Wren Electronics Ltd
Fibre optic cable assemblies to customer requirements. ISO 9002 approved company offering a range of connectors.