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Fiber Optic
Anue Systems, Apex Technologies, California Scientific Inc., CLETOP-Plus, Coractive Inc., Dafocom Solutions Inc., EigenLight Corp., EXFO, Fiber Network Tools, Fiber Solutions
Aeroflex Inc., Agilent Technologies Inc., AKM Enterprises, Aslan Technologies, Inc., Autek Research, Aztec Research LLC, Berkeley Varitronics Systems, Inc., Bird Electronic Corporation, Cardinal Electronics Inc., Convex Corporation
A8619 Protocol Test System
The A8619 Protocol Test System offers Analysis, Simulation, Emulation of SS7, V5, ISDN, INAP, GSM, GPRS, CDMA and VoIP protocols.
Manufactures wide range of instrumentation and systems for communications equipment development and maintenance. Areas of application include optical transport, data communications, cable and wireless.
OSP cable fault location test equipment.
AGM Elettronica
Manufactures fault location and measurment equipment for wire and cable manufacturers.
Allied Analogic
Manufacturer of the modem line tap used by POS, ATM and the telecommunications industry to troubleshoot analog data communications on telephone lines.
American Reliance
Manufacturer offers a range of hand-held test sets used to evaluate telephone line capacity for voice, data communications and DSL services.
Communications test equipment solutions, bulk call generators, switch/network, simulation, signaling analyzers, transmission impairment measuring sets (TIMS), bit error rate testers, wireless cellular/PCS quality of service.
Applied Signal Technology, Inc.
Design, develop, manufacture and market signal reconnaissance equipment to collect and process telecommunications signals.
Arca Technologies
Arca Technologies provide a complete range of VoIP, ISDN, VoDSL, xDSL, V5.1, V5.2 and PSTN test and simulation equipment
Blazar Technologies
Manufactures network monitoring hardware and software.
Boonton Electronics
Manufacturer of RF power, microwave, audio, modulation and impedance test instrumentation and sensors.
Brighton Electronics, Inc.
Supplies digital and analog panel meters, temperature and process controllers, and hand-held test and measurement equipment.
C.E. Cox
Manufacturer of cable fault locating and testing equipment for industrial and telecommunications applications
Catapult Communications Corporation
Develops, manufactures, markets and supports an advanced software-based test system offering an integrated suite of testing applications for the global telecommunications industry. (Nasdaq: CATT).
Circadiant Systems
Manufactures optical test equipment.
Manufacturer of telecommunications test equipment including xDSL cable qualifiers, test sets for ISDN, T3/T1, E1 and TDR.
Ctc Union Technologies Co.,Ltd.
Hardy protocol, transmission analyzer, interface converters, Tl/El DSU/CSU digital access unit SDSL series, BOB and IAN cable tester, communication products series.
Delsat Group
Delsat is an Argentinian company which manufactures metering and monitoring equipment for telecommunications.
Supplies measurement and test equipment for telecommunications networks.
Electro Rent Corporation
Rent and lease new, buy and sell used electronic test and measurement equipment, and industrial, general purpose, telecommunications and data acquisition equipment.
Electrodata Inc.
Manufacturer of hand-held telecommunications test equipment specializing in T1, DS3, and STS-1 Sonet testing. Includes ISDN, SS7, GR303, frame relay.
Electronic Communications Inc.
Cable television electronic and equipment repair service. Repair for converter boxes, rf line gear, and headend equipment.
EML European Market Liaison
Supplier of telecommunication test equipment for the local loop including Records Purification (RPS).
Manufacturer of termination tools for modular plugs, jacks, ferrules, cable terminals, end sleeves and fiber optics.
Frame Communications Ltd
Designs, developes and manufactures test and management solutions for a wide range of protocols and system types as well as for network surveillance of billing verification and revenue assurance.
Frederick Engineering
Network test equipment manufacturer. Develops WAN/LAN network test equipment, telecom BER testers and protocol analyzers for all telecom protocols and circuits.
GAJ Technology
Simulators for providing proof of compliance for telecommunication equipment and for testing modems, DSLAMs, network cards or any device that uses CAT 5/5e cable.
Genesys IBS Ltd
Designs and develops telecommunications test solutions, specialising in automated PSTN & xDSL test systems.
GL Communications Inc.
Single and dual laptop analyzers provide comprehensive and versatile T1 and E1 testing.
GN Great Nordic
Develops telecommunication network performance monitoring and hands-free communicationis solutions. (Copenhagen Stock Exchange: ISIN code DK001027263-2).
GSI Labs
Sells network monitoring equipment to telecommunications companies. Includes software screenshots, product details, and FAQ.
GUISYS Corporation
Manufacturer of low cost PDA/PC driven POTS, TIMS, DS1, DS3, and ISDN hand-held test equipment.
HEAD Acoustics GmbH - Telecom Division
Communication quality analysis systems and consulting services for the telecommunications and related inductries.
IBEX Systems
Communications manufacturers representative and reseller firm offering radio, wire voice, data and video telecommunications networking and test equipment.
Independent Technologies, Inc.
Design, manufacture and market a wide range of customized communications products.
Network performance testing, protocol, debug analysis tools.
Designs and manufactures industry test equipment for broadband and legacy telecom applications.
JFW Industries
Designs and manufactures RF components including attenuators, RF switches and specialized test systems for telecommunications, OEM test equipment, medical, automotive, and defense markets.
JTC Sales, Inc.
Utility equipment supplier for reel and wind up trailers,Fiber figure 8er and mud duck mudsucker
KSI Corporation
Manufactures timing boards for use in telecommunications, government and test and measurement applications.
KTL Worldwide
Independent organization for the testing and certification of telecom, IT and electrical products. Laboratories and accreditations worldwide.
L-3 Communications Celerity Systems
Manufacturer of test and measurement equipment for cable modems, cellular phones, digital video, LANs, and two-way radio equipment.
Lemco Tool Corporation
Manufacturer of tools for construction and maintenance of fiber optic and coaxial cable systems. Features detailed product drawings and tool tips.
Anytest product, E1/T1 portable tester, PRI analyzer and other testing units.
LP Technologies
Providing engineering, marketing and sales of RF products, primarily in the electronic and software product market place.
Sales solutions for telecomm equiptment manufacturers
MarQuest Limited
Provides equipment and services for analysis and testing in digital telephony (PCM) transmission and signalling systems.
Megatel Industries Corp.
Provider of digital data communication and telecommunication equipment.
Metro Tel Corp.
Manufacturer of telecommunications test equipment. Products include subscriber loop, Linemans test sets and cable pipe location equipment.
MI Technologies
A leading supplier of microwave instrumentation for testing antennas, radomes, radar cross section analysis, components, EMI/EMC and automotive applications.
Microtronix Systems
Specializing in the production of telephone testing equipment.
Mike Sandman
Supply hard to find problem solving tools, test equipment, telephone repair parts and training videos.
MSS Power Systems
Providers of application tools to the telecommunications and power contractors.
Net-O2 Technologies
Provider of communications software, network testing and network security software solutions and services from India.
NetHawk Oyj
Provides mobile network equipment vendors and operators with instruments, systems and related services for accelerating development and improving quality.
Provider of network testing, monitoring and management systems across both the optical and network layers.
Noise Com
Manufactures devices, test instruments and systems for evaluating noise susceptibility of wire-based and wireless communications components and networks
NorCom Services Inc.
Telecommunications utility test tools, including ISDN, OTDR, DS1, DSL and ADSL services.
NS Electronics Service, Inc.
Sales and service of communications service monitors and equipment.
Manufacturer of test instruments for the professional audio industry, the broadcast market and the loudspeaker industry.
Nutmeg Utility
Development and distribution of tools, products and services to the telephone, construction and utility industries.
Supplier of telephone installation tools.
Representative and distributor for test equipment, transmission equipment and supplies for fiber optic, copper and wireless communications systems
PDS Test
Company provide a wide range of communications test, development, demonstration and connectivity solutions.
Telecommunications management tools with specific emphasis on North American ISDN-PRI services.
Provider of analysis and monitoring solutions for VoIP, 3G Cellular and Datacom
RAN Systems Home Page
Provides call test monitor and master clocks to the 911 Emergency community. Includes product details and industry news events list.
Rochelle Communications
Global supplier of Caller ID and telephone test equipment.
Rohde & Schwarz
Manufacturer of spectrum analyzers for measurements in the frequency-domain, time-domain and modulation-domain (vector signal analysis).
RTI Products
Manufacturer of electronic snow sensing and anti-icing systems for the telecommunications industry.
Sadelco R&D
Sadelco R&D designs, manufactures, and sells communications test equipment. Sadelco R&D products are used in the testing of cable TV and computer systems.
Sage Instruments
Portable and hand held telephony test equipment.
San Mateo Electronic Supply
Distributors of Computer, networking cables and accessories. Test equipment for telco, network systems.
Introducing Helix, the digital network analyzer for the GR-303 and V5 protocol.
Schultz Communications, Inc
Supply a range of telecommunications equipment and tools . Products include test and measurement instruments, wire and cable and speciality tools.
SHF Communication Technologies AG
Manufacturer and supplier of bit error rate test systems, broadband amplifiers, digital modules and passive microwave components and related equipment.
Skyline Communications
Supplier of software monitoring and control solutions for the HFC broadband, satellite, broadcast and telecom industry.
Multipath Fading Simulator for GSM850, GPRS, 3G, CDMA2000
High technology company focusing on turn-key solutions for the implementation and validation of signalling systems.
Sonic & Thermal Technologies, Inc.
Manufactures heat staking and ultrasonic welders for computer and telecommunications equipment.
Spirent Communications
Simulators for testing needs, xDSL and ISDN physical layer simulators and noise impairment generators. Complete product line for evaluation of telecom network access devices and terminals.
Summitek Instruments
Offering Summitek intermodulation and BaseStAR interference analyzers and colocation equipment.
System Studies, Inc.
On-line resource for cable pressurization information and technology.
TDS Marketing, Inc.
Manufactures hardware verification and test equipment, speciality and cordless tools, wire cutting & stripping tools, network installation tools, and cable preparation tools.
Telebyte Inc
Local Loop Simulators and Noise Generators for ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2++, G.SHDSL, VDSL Testing.
Telemark Solutions
Supplier of innovative buried electronic markers used to mark cables, to provide easy cable locating.
Telephone Tools of Georgia
A manufacturer and distributor of unique and hard to find telecommunicaions tools from the turn of the century through today.
Telephony Software Associates, Inc.
Serial alarm monitoring of telecommunications equipment: protocol specifications, test procedures, software tools that facilitate installation and troubleshooting.
Telesoft Technologies
Provider of GSM Mobile, class 4/5 open programmable switches, protocol converters, test and diagnostics.
Designs, develops and markets (WAN) Wide Area Network access products and communications test equipment.
Telsoft Inc.
Provider of telephone line-powered dialers and other telecommunications testing equipment.
Test equipment from several manufacturers for data communications and telecommunications networks. Applications include DSL, T-carrier, fiber optics, signalling and IP networks.
The Board Room Inc.
Supplier of revenue assurance and switch testing equipment and systems.
The Phone Repair Company
Company sells new and refurbished test equipment, new hand tools and provides training in electronic equipment and test set repairs.
Ticknall Communications
Suppliers of telephone and data communications test and monitoring equipment
Industry's first non-intrusive analyzer for vendor-independent testing of ADSL and ADSL2 networks.
Tracewell Systems, Inc.
Manufactures and integrates systems using VME, VME64x, VXI, CompactPCI and PXI for the telecommunications, military test and measurement and medical industries.
Tucana Telecom
Protocol test and measurement equipment, monitoring, simulating, load generators and emulator equipment for communication interfaces.
TX Technoloyg Corp.
Designs and manufactures intelligent monitoring and control systems, remote and addressable sensors, computer controlled air dryer systems, and pressure and flow transducers.
Supplier of datacom, telcom, air conditioning and power quality test equipment.
Designs, develops and sells ISDN, SS7, V5 and PSTN protocol and traffic analysers for transmissions systems.