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911 Dispatch, Automotive Telematics, LBS / E911 Reference and Analysis, Location-Based Services Zone, Viney
AeroScout, Autodesk Location Services, Bluesoft Inc., Cambridge Positioning Systems, IntelliWhere, SnapTrack Inc., Spirent Communications, TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. (TCS), Texas RTK Network, TruePosition
Equipment, Fleet Management Services, 24/7 VTS, 3rd Eye Technologies, A&E Technologies, AccuTracking, Advanced Tracking Technologies, AG Enterprises, Air-Trak, Inc., All Track Distributing, Allied Communications, Alltrack USA
Position on request vehicle location system.
Specializing in tracking systems, 2 way radio and mobile technology. UK.
Applied Field Data Systems
Manufacturer of integrated systems that use GPS receivers, rugged pen-based computers, PDA's, field data collection and GIS software. Training, software development, data conversion and consulting services also available.
At Road, Inc
Offer a range of mobile intelligence services for businesses and consumers on the move.
Autopage Ltd.
Allows monitoring people who work off-premises, using automated mobile phone text messaging.
aXelera Solutions
Wireless solutions for transportation and vending machines industries in Europe.
Provide a range of systems that can track freight, cargo, trailers, cars, trucks, and other mobile assets. Web based interface available.
GPS field data collection utilities that provide spatial information and GIS solutions for marine and land based industries.
Tracks vehicles, assets, and people on client's city map by using a beacon on the object being tracked.
ClearTrace Technologies, Inc.
Offers a GPS based tracking system to locate vehicles, assets, and personnel twenty-four hours a day in the populated areas of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.
CMC Electronics Inc.
Manufacturers of GPS receivers and systems for the aviation and surface transportation markets.
Designers of GPS products and services for performance tracking of outdoor training and competition events.
Custom Tracking
Web-based vehicle, marine, asset, remote staff GPS tracking solutions & GPS devices.
Canadian company in the field of automated vehicle-fleet management and reading industrial sensors.
DataGrid Inc.
Geo-ID GPS/GIS datacollectors store input data from three external sensors (standard) using serial or analogue input, and store the data alongside GPS positions with meter range of centimeter range accuracies.
DynaNav Systems Inc.
Manufacturing aircraft and helicopter navigation systems for the agricultural. seismic and natural resourse industries.
Producers of sonar and global positioning systems.
Eagle Electronics
Information, product guides, and sources for Eagle GPS, Sonar and Mapping products, as well as GPS and routing software.
Earth Vector Systems
Manufacturer's representative for Trimble Navigation, featuring high-accuracy Global Positioning Systems, computers, software and related equipment. Services include sales, rentals, training, technical support and equipment repair.
Location, tracking, and mapping services in US, Europe, and world-wide.
UK Service for locating and displaying a mobile phone on a specific map, includes accuracy rating as well as positioing.
eTrackSystems, LLC
Markets GPS systems, tracking devices for vehicles and hardware.
Provides a ground collision avoidance and navigator software for hand-held computers. Germany.
Fibersense Technology Corporation
Designs and manufactures precision navigation systems based on fibre optic gyros integrated with GPS.
Formax Technology Co., Ltd.
Designing, manufacturing and marketing GPS engine boards, receivers, G-mouses, and active antennas.
FreeFlight Systems
Manufactures GPS navigation equipment, radar altimeters, and selective calling decoders for business and commuter aircraft.
Furuno GPS/OEM Timing Division
For over 10 years Furuno has brought GPS (Global Positioning System) products to OEMs. Furuno's GPS products can be used for a variety of applications.
GARMIN International, Inc.
Designs, manufactures and markets GPS navigation, communication and sonar products.
GCT Iberica,
Technology consulting specialized in automatic data capture, electronic document management, documents identification, invoices management, workflow and LBS.
Global Locate, Inc.
Global positioning systems (GPS) services for the wireless industry.
Global Mapping Services
GPS surveying consultant based in Williams Lake, BC, Canada specializing in centimetre-level GPS surveying and digital mapping services for a variety of applications.
GPS Manufacturers
GPS receiver manufacturers, system integrators, equipment suppliers, and service providers.
GPS Products
Provider of GPS Products (global positioning system) for commercial, government and special interest groups.
GPS Source
GPS Source specializes in GPS signal amplification, repeating, splitting, networking, and filtering.
GPS Tracklogger
Manufacturer of a device that records position data from the GPS receiver. Poland.
Manufacturer GPS navigation systems with GPS tracking capability and integration with MS Outlook appointments and contacts as destinations for the Nokia 3650 and the Pocket PC Phone.
Project on a business idea that uses GPS or Galileo with different hardware platforms.
Holux Technology Inc.
Manufacture a range of handheld products which combine GPS functions with voice, image or RF. Includes downloadable specifications and manuals .
Homeland Security Technology Corporation
Fully featured mobile GPS navigation system for handheld computing platforms.
Manufacturer of GPS, AGPS, DGPS, tracking solutions and devices.
Integrated GPS Technologies, Inc.
Supply a range of GPS/GIS hardware and software for geodetic surveying, mapping, and navigation. Includes technical papers, software downloads, and product applications.
InView, Inc.
Provides a satellite based tracking and reporting system for fleets and heavy equipment.
GPS tracking technologies for offender and asset monitoring. Service includes integrating GPS and wireless technologies, with realtime web based tracking services for criminal offender and asset/vehicle tracking.
Italy-based firm involved in research, development, production and marketing of GPS and radiolocation systems.
Kivera, Inc.
Location-based technology and solutions that enable businesses to deliver private-label location services across a wide range of applications and delivery systems.
Kuhagen, Inc.
Global Utility Tracking Systems ("GUTS") provides utility, pipeline, locating, and construction companies with global technology in monitoring, patrolling and protecting facilities anywhere in the world.
Laipac Tech
Manufacturers of GPS receivers and systems for all kind of industries.
Leica Geosystems
Services and products for the GIS and GPS industry.
Low power radio tagging technologies to improve guest experiences in theme parks.
A project supported by the European Union, aims to provide personalised, tourism-oriented multimedia information enriched with advertisements related.
Lowe Electronics
Global Positioning System products including antennas and software. Dealer for Garmin and others.
Lowrance Australia
Exclusive Australian distributor of Lowrance sonar mapping and global positioning system electronic instruments for marine outdoor and aviation navigation.
Lowrance Electronics
Manufacturer of sonar, GPS, and aviation electronics.
Manufacturer of GPS navigation systems. Product pictures, descriptions, specifications and FAQ. O.E.M. info and area coverage maps.
Manning NavComp
Developers of RASTRAC software, and integrators of systems for management of mobile assets and vehicle tracking. Product pictures, descriptions and FAQ. Dealer locator.
Develops and manufactures time and frequency products.GPS satellite receivers, DCF atomic clocks and NTP time servers, slotcards, standalone systems and customer specific solutions generating pulses and standard frequency.
Micronics GPS
Advanced, lightweight DGPS systems. Applications include exploration, mining, local government, military, forestry and environmental projects.
Moore Associates
GPS receiver performance analysis software for most manufacturers receivers and data formats.
Manufacturer of car tracking system, mobile data terminal for PDA, PC. Korea.
National Scientific
Track of car, bike, luggage, just about anything that moves.
NavCom Technology Inc.
A subsidiary of John Deere. Manufactures GPS receivers for Survey, RTK, Machine Control, GIS, Military, Offshore, Aerial and Agriculture Applications. Operates the real-time global StarFire decimeter service.
Provides GPS solutions and telecommunication solutions.
Navigation Electronics
Provides GPS and GIS equipment provider including Trimble marine, mapping, and surveying software, sales, servicing and leasing.
Navtrak, Inc. CoPilot GPS System
Manufactures the CoPilot GPS receiver for land, sea, and air navigation.
New Century Software, Inc.
Provides an online facility to automatically differentially correct Trimble SSF files and convert GPS data into usable GIS data.
Develops software receiver technology for realtime GPS and Galileo. Fully functional receivers available.
NovAtel Inc.
Manufactures and integrates higher performance GPS systems for surveying, GIS, agriculture, aviation, marine, mining and machine control.
Worldwide differential global positioning systems with many widely-spaced base stations for multi-site solutions. Maps and descriptions of service regions, technical information and pricing.
On Shine Enterprise
Manufacturer and provider of antenna, receiver, TX and RX module for on and off key. Taiwan.
Pharos GPS Navigation Solutions
Provider of GPS navigation, positioning, and telematics solutions for the PDA market.
Purple Open Projects
GPS connectors.
Rikaline Marketing
Manufacturer of GPS products including handhelds, receivers, tracking systems and fleet management solutions.
Offer solutions for advanced telematics, leading-edge technology, product and modules.
Roadside Telematics Corporation
Provides emergency roadside medical information for the telematics and assistance industry by using location-based technologies.
RoyalTek GPS
Designer, manufacturer, and marketer of leading-edge GPS engine boards, modules, receivers, Compact Flash GPS modules and other telemetric electronics. Supplies ODM/OEM GPS products worldwide in the aviation, marine, recreational, military, automotive and electronics markets.
SafeAngel Ltd.
Open GPS and Location Based Services tracking platform, designed to track individuals and high value equipment. Includes documentation and contacts.
San Jose Navigation Inc.
GPS hardware manufacturer in Taiwan. Products include GPS antennas, GPS receivers and DGPS antennas.
Offers satellite vehicle navigation systems.
Manufacturer of GPS chips designed for integration for a variety of navigation products and applications.
Provides failsafe, cutting edge event notification for emergencies vehicle, roadside assistance, multi-media content delivery and wireless IP based services management.
SpySky Technologies
Develop personal locator that functions as a GPS location device, pager, watch, and wireless telephone transreceiver. USA.
Stone Technologies
Global positioning systems, security and fire alarms. Electronic engineering, custom design, development and manufacturing. Authorized dealer for GPS equipment.
TeamSharp SpaceTech
Manufacturer of GPS, GSM, GIS based navigation, and car, personal and home security system. Taiwan.
Manufacturers of tracking and positioning equipment. Small GPS units at 70 grams and GPS collars from 120 grams are used for wildlife management.
Thales Navigation
THALES Navigation is a European manufacturer of high-precision navigation and positioning systems based on GPS and GNSS technology. The company designs and markets innovative and highly-advanced equipment for professional applications in marine or land environments.
Timing Technology Inc.
GPS Time and Frequency Systems, GPS Engines, GPS Timing Boards, atomic oscillators, and timing technologies.
GPS equipment manufacturer for survey, mapping, marine, aviation, precise positioning, military, vehicle tracking, and precision farming applications; includes dealer locator.
u-blox AG
u-blox develops and markets leading GPS technology, GPS chip sets, miniaturized GPS modules, smart antennas and dead reckoning products for original equipment manufacturers.
Gives computer systems the ability to know exactly where things are. It works indoors or outdoors, using sensors to accurately track small "Ubitags" in real time.
Provides GPS receivers, antennas and related accessories including mapping software.
Video Mapper
Portable, rapid acquisition system providing GPS positioned data together with annotated, geo-referenced digital images.
Vtrac Systems
Provides GPS based security and asset tracking solutions. USA.
Manufacturer of GPS engine module, antenna, antenna for smart GPS and accessories.
Automatically locate and map colleagues, friends and family using their standard mobile phone.
Online location of all kinds of mobile objects using GPS or non-GPS technology, fleet management and telematics on the web.
Provides carriers and service providers with the software solutions required to develop, integrate and deploy LBS & Telematics services.
Wheels of Zeus, Inc.
Company founded by Apple computer co-founder Steve Wozniak to combine GPS and wireless technologies to make products offering location, status, control, and communications services.
Worldwide Notification Systems, Inc.
Design tracking and notification systems that are used in conjunction with the Global Positioning System (GPS). Integrate GPS technology, digital mapping, and wireless communications and customized computer software.
Delivers the nearest locations for hotels, restaurants, and business services, based on a wireless user's current location.
Zeli Systems
Manufactures the SATPAK line of carrier-board products that provide GPS packaging solutions for popular computer platforms.
Provider of location based services and distributed navigation platforms and consulting to carriers, PSAP's and wireless application providers.