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United States
State Agencies, FCC Daily_Digest, FCC Rules and Regulations, Office of Radio Frequency Management (ORFM), Office of Spectrum Management (OSM), Schwaninger & Associates, Slattery Software, United States ITU Association (USITUA), USA - Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Wireless Telecommunications Bureau (WTB)
Australia - Australian Communications Authority (A
Australia telecoms regulator - regulates cellular, land-line and cable telecoms providers
Austria - Telekom-Control
Austrian telecoms regulator, site is available in English and German
Bosnia and Herzegovina - The Communication Regulat
Telecoms and broadcast regulator for Bosnia and Herzegovina. Was set up by the UN High Representative in the country. The site is available in English, Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian.
Botswana - Botswana Telecommunications Authority
Telecommunication authority for Botswana, Southern Africa. Authority for fixed telephony, mobile telephony, broadcasting, Internet, radio, and satellite communications.
Brazil - ANATEL
Brazils' telecoms regulator.
Canada - Canadian Radio Television and Telecommuni
Canada's regulator for telecoms, radio and television services.
Czech Republic - Czech Telecommunication Office
Decides on the rights and duties of the physical and legal persons in the fields of the telecommunications activities in the Czech Republic.
Denmark - National IT and Telecom Agency
A division of the Ministry for Science, Technology and Innovation.
ECTEL - Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Autho
Telecommunications regulator for the Eastern Caribbean states of Commonwealth of Dominica, Grenada, Saint Christopher and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.
Europe - Independent Regulators Group
A group of European national telecommunications regulation agencies sharing information and points of view. With link list of members and some downloadable documents on regulation issues.
France - ART
French telecom regulator, deals with landline, wireless and internet services.
Georgia - Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications
Georgia's telecoms regulator, part of the government.
Germany - Telecoms and Postal Regulator
German telecoms and postal regulator, available in both German and English.
Greece - EETT (National Telecommunications and Pos
Greek telecoms and postal services regulator, site is available in both Greek and English
Hong Kong - Office of the Telecommunications Auth
Telecoms regulator for Hong Kong. Available in English and Chinese
Hungary - Ministry of Informatics and Communicatio
Government department responsible for telecom regulation. Site available in both Hungarian and English.
Iran - Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting
Government department that oversees telecom regulation. Available in Arabic, English, and Farsi.
Israel - Ministry of Communications
Israeli telecom regulator - part of the government. Site available in Hebrew and English and deals with both landline and cellular communications.
Italian Communications Authority
Laws, rules and market data. Available in English and Italian.
Jabatan Telekom Brunei
Telecoms regulator for Brunei Darussalam. Features information on services and regulations as well as forms and contact information.
Japan - Ministry of Public Management, Home Affair
Japan's telecoms regulator. Available in Japanese and English.
Jordan - Telecommunication Regulatory Commission
Telecoms regulator for the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.
Latvia - Latvia Telecommunication State Inspection
Latvia's telecoms regulator - site is available in both Latvian and English
Lebanon - Ministry Of Telecommunications
Lebanese government department responsible for telecoms regulation. Site is available in Arabic and English.
Lesotho - Telecommunications Authority
Governmental regulatory agency: provides information on its activities.
Macau - Office for the Development of Telecommunic
Telecoms regulator for Macau - available in Chinese, Portuguese and English.
Malta - Malta Communications Authority
The Malta Communications Authority is the National Agency responsible to regulate telecommunications.
Mauritius - The Ministry of Information Technology
Government department that is responsible for telecoms regulation.
Nepal - Nepal Telecommunications Authority
The Kingdom of Nepal's government telecoms regulator.
Pakistan - Pakistan Telecommunications Authority
PTA was formed under the Pakistan Telecommunication Reorganization Act, 1996.
Portugal - Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (AN
Portugals telecoms regulator - reponsible for both telecoms, television media and postal services. Site in English and Portuguese.
Post and Telecommunications Authority of Mongolia
Implementation Agency of Mongolian government, Post and Telecommunication Authority is the policy making, project planning and executing agency for the nationwide information and communication infrastructure development.
Romania - National Regulatory Authority for Commun
Public institution in the structure of the Government.
Singapore - Infocomm Development Authority of Sing
Telecom regulator for Singapore.
Slovakia - Ministry of Transport, Posts and Teleco
Government site with information on the country's telecom policies. Available in Slovakian and English.
Slovenia - Ministry of Information
Slovenian regulator for telecoms. Part of the government, and the site is available in both Slovene and English.
Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
Bahrain - The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority is an independent body, and awards licences to operate, and use radio spectrum.