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Argent Consulting Services, Inc.
Safety consultants specialising in the field of non-ionizing and electromagnetic exposure evaluations.
Cell Phones Radiation Dangers
Provides FAQs on cellphone safety issues.
Radio Frequency Safety
Provided by the Federal Communications Commission and includes a range of information and FAQs .
Radiofrequency and Microwave Radiation
Fact sheet from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Includes evaluation and control .
Radiofrequency Safety International Corporation
Consults in the field of radio frequency safety. Provides a range of information and technical documentation, industry news, and a calendar of events .
RF Safety Solutions
Covers health effects, standards, and equipment design, selection, and application.
RF Technology Services
Offers on-site RF radiation surveys and staff safety training.
RF Watch
Supplier of RF Monitoring product that monitors GSM emissions and offers web based reporting.
Provides RF safety and compliance solutions and training to maintain safety in rooftop and tower radio environments.
A privately-held company based in Arlington, Virginia providing independent RF safety solutions to the wireless telecommunications industry.
Wave - Guide. Org
An overview of the EMF Bioeffects controversy, with articles and links to related resources.