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Intelligent Network Related
IntelliNet Technologies, Inc., Invergence Ltd - Telecoms Software Developers, Tango Telecom
ADC NewNet, Expert Telecoms, IntelliNet Technologies, Inc., Performance Technologies, Inc., SS7 Home, Ulticom, Inc.
Acarda Technologies Ltd.
Providers of auto-attendant, voice mail, fax/voice-on-demand and voice messaging products for small to medium sized businesses.
Access Networks India Pvt Limited
Developers of call processing software for CTI and IP telephony.
Advanced Network Systems
Offers SYNERGIST automated service activation software for voice and data network provisioning.
Advanced Technologies and Services, Inc.
Delivering software products and services to ILECs and CLECS.
A suite of telemanagement applications that help manage telecommunication systems, consisting of a central call accounting program and modules that add to its capabilities. Corporate, product and training information.
Amcom Software
Delivers and supports unified software solutions for Centralized Attendant Services.
AMS Communications
Provides business-to-business e-commerce infrastructure software solutions for telecommunications carriers.
Develops and supports telemanagement solutions for call accounting and management of voice and data network costs.
APEX Voice Communications
Provides enhanced services solutions for TDM and IP networks including call processing, unified messaging, wireless email, and billing. Company and product information, newsletter.
AudioSoft Ltd.
Provides digital voice recording software for call centers, air traffic control, defense, public authorities, and training. Short product descriptions, datasheets.
Bharti Telesoft
Indian telecommunications specialists providing a wide range of software products.
Big Number Little Helper
Assistance for the UK "Big Number" telephone number reorganisation. Download a converter to convert data from MS Excel, MS Access, MS Outlook amongst others.
Telecommunications management software, with modules including work order, trouble ticketing and directory services.
Business Logic Systems Limited
Internet customer support and relationship management software solutions for fixed and mobile carriers.
BVRP Software
Telephony, fax and e-mail software solutions.
C.I.S., Inc.
Provides GIS software solutions to help design, draft, and manage RF and fiber telecommunications networks. Product and training information, PowerPoint demo.
CadCom Telesystems, Inc.
Manufacturer of computer telephony integration. Products include voice mail systems, digital recorders and CTI/CRM systems.
CAPE Technologies - Telecom Management Solutions
Software company specializing in the development of custom management systems for next generation communication networks and services. Information about company, products, services, and client projects.
CDR-Data Corporation
Provides ASP and in-house telemanagement solutions that gather telecommunications usage and allocation data. Includes product information and a newsletter
Cerebrus Solutions Limited
Helping telecommunications operators reduce fraud losses, and thereby to maximise profits.
CHA Systems, Inc.
Information systems consulting firm providing a broad range of services including custom telecommunications software development.
Providing a number of OSS and call management software solutions.
Circuit Vision Telecommunications OSS Software
For order management, workflow management, circuit design and assignment, and network equipment inventory.
CoManage Corporation
Develops, supports and markets network and service management and OSS data integrity products.
Common Language
Provides software solutions for compatibility issues.
Comnitel Technologies
Provider of network and service management products and services for GSM, IP, GPRS and 3G Networks.
Communication software, optical network planning and consulting services.
Comverse Technology, Inc.
Designs, develops, manufactures, markets and supports computer and telecommunications systems and software for multimedia communications and information processing applications. (Nasdaq: CMVT).
Connexn Technologies
Provider of software application solutions designed to meet the business process and operational support systems (OSS) needs of the telecommunications industry.
Spanish firm specializing in satellite and radio monitoring software, radio coverage engineering. Short product and services descriptions.
CRIL Telecom Software
Provides radio network planning, microwave link design, and voice and data switched network planning systems. Offers information about company, products, and services.
Cross Telecom
An Avaya business partner providing voice and data communications solutions for all size businesses. Includes company and product information, product brochures.
Data Track Technology plc.
Call management software.
ECtel Ltd.
Systems for telecommunications providers to monitor quality. (Nasdaq: ECTX).
Specializes in providing outsourced solutions to corporate billing, reporting, and interactive voice response (IVR) tasks. Includes information about company, products, and services.
Eftia OSS Solutions Inc.
Develops and markets turnkey operations support systems for the telecommunications industry. Company and product information, white papers.
Enghouse Systems - AM/FM/GIS Solutions
Provides GIS and spatial asset management solutions for telecommunications and utility companies. Information about company, products, services, and training courses.
Provides web-based number resource management software applications for telecommunication carriers. Includes company and product information, acronyms, and glossary.
Equinox Information Systems
Provider of telecommunications software solutions focused on fraud management, mediation, CDR and switch applications.
Erlang Traffic Calculators
Free telecommunications traffic tools for assisting global network professionals with voice network design and analysis.
Evolving Systems
Provides local number portability as well as next generation telecom OSS and wireless data software solutions. Includes company and product information.
Future Software
Software solutions for telecommunications industry, including ATM switches, MPLS and ISDN routing software.
Gamma Projects Ltd.
Developers of Gamma NetOne, an infrastructure management system for mobile and fixed line telecommunication networks. Information on product and consultancy services.
Global Message Systems Corporation
Software products providing automated enterprise problem resolution and escalation management solutions through knowledge-based techniques and unified communications. Company and product information, white papers.
Granite Systems, Inc.
Next generation network configuration management OSS software solutions to the worldwide telecommunications industry.
GTE Telecommunication Services Inc.
Offers a wide range of solutions including roaming facilitation, fraud management, intelligent network services, and international roaming services. Company and product information, users' group, presentations, and online newsletter.
An Internet-based enterprise application designed specifically for telecommunications providers to manage the agreement/lease information for an unlimited number of buildings and facilities. Includes company and product information.
IEX Corporation
Software solutions for call centers, telecommunications carriers and private networks operators.
Industrious Activities, Inc.
Java-based software for management of heterogeneous multi-vendor telecommunications equipment including fault management and notification.
Infogate Online
Provides a software solution enabling broadband subscribers on-demand access to static and streamed content over xDSL, HFC or LMDS. Includes company profile, product information, white papers, and case studies.
ISI Telemanagement Solutions, Inc.
Telemanagement software solutions for call accounting, tracking, and reporting.
Lightbridge, Inc.
Develops, markets and supports integrated software based products and services which enable wireless telecommunications carriers to improve their customer acquisition and retention processes. (Nasdaq: LTBG).
Provides voice mail, call accounting, property management, energy management, auto detection, and telephone systems for the hospitality industry. Information about products and services.
Provides protocol stacks and software solutions for telecommunications equipment manufacturers and telecom operators.
MASS inc.
Providing national and local directory assistance products.
Mer Telemanagement Solutions Ltd.
Develops Windows and web based call management systems for enterprise-wide voice networks.
MetaSolv Software
Ordering and provisioning operations support system (OSS) solutions for communications providers.
Neptune Technologies, Inc.
PBX and cabling management software for telecommunications technicians.
Netscient Ltd.
Integrated planning, design and service delivery systems for the telecommunications industry.
Nexus Telecom
Provides network related consulting and software for telecom services billing, CDR mediation, network troubleshooting, and network security. Information about company, products, and services.
OmniCom Technologies
Offering network connectivity software.
Open Telecommunications Limited
A provider of innovative and cost-effective solutions for the telecommunications industry.
Osage Software Systems
Data collection software for the telecommunications industry.
PBX Software
Programming, call accounting and voice mail software for a variety of PBXs.
Develops custom telecommunications software as well as a package of programs allowing to create or improve a regional paging system. Company and product information, downloadable demo version.
Red Sky Technologies
Their product: E-911 AutoPilot, on the Windows platform provides automated E-911 ALI information management, updates by downloading PBX data then forwards to Service Center and PSAPs.
Web-centric virtual telemanagement and call accounting products, services and solutions.
Sasken Communication Technologies Limited
Provides software services and solutions in 3G wireless and broadband DSL technologies, Internet gateways, signal processing, and IC design. Includes information about company, products and services, white papers.
SciTel Systems, Inc.
Our products range from sound recording and sound manipulation SDK to advanced telephony solutions to aid you in your daily business operations. If you are a developer, checkout VoxWorld Toolkit.
Service Level Corporation
Real-time rating engines and applications.
Provides and supports service chain management solutions for the telecommunications industry with functions such as workorder generation, dispatch, field service, tracking, and CRM capabilities. Information about company, products, and services.
Solitaire Communications Ltd.
Distributors of call management and internet control software.
SpanPro Solutions
Offering CATV system design software.
Develops computer telephony software and hardware for Windows including voice mail, call routing, IVR, list calling, and fax services. Company and product information, online support documents, and demos.
Step 9 Software Corporation
Providing web-enabled carrier Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions and Operational Support Systems (OSS) for emerging telecommunications carriers.
Sundialer Technologies
A Windows NT predictive dialer is a true blended inbound and outbound, client and server call center solution.
Syndeo Corporation
Develops key revenue-generating software in the field of IP telephony.
Syndesis Provisioning Solutions
Supplier of end-to-end multi-technology, multi-vendor service creation and activation systems. Company, product and training information, case studies.
Overview and tips on installation, testing and troubleshooting serial alarm monitoring systems for telecommunications networks.
Telaid Services
Customized call accounting software for colleges and universities.
Tele pricing
Vendor products and services covering internet telephony, CRM, IVR, and call center arenas.
Telecom Researcher
Company research and business information tool for professionals in the telecom industry.
Telecommunications Information Systems Ltd.
Designs and develops integrated digital recording and communications management solutions, including voice/data monitoring, call management and call center solutions. Company and product information.
Telecorp Products
Call center management software. Includes ACD historical reporting, real-time agent monitoring, forecasting, sheduling and quality monitoring capabilities.
Telecost is the first of an exciting new generation of Web Centric call logging systems. It's so new and different that we've a new word to describe it e-logging.
Teleplaza Directory
Software designed to improve the telephone communications. Includes telesales, call accounting and contact management software packages
Telescan Corporation
Telescan's telemessaging systems and custom computer telephony applications offer windows-based web-enabled solutions for call centers and answering services.
Telesoft Information Systems
Global telecommunication software solutions covering SS7, GSM, SMS, IVR and CTI technologies.
TelSoft Solutions
Call accounting software to reduce phone cost and identify fraud and abuse.
TGIS Telecommunications Geographic Information Sys
A multifunctional telecommunications management software solution.
Tisento Technologies
A scaleable and speech recognition system for telephony and microphone based applications such as directory enquiries, call routing, command and control.
Tone Software; ReliaTel
Telecommunications tool will enable you to monitor and manage your systems on a global level from a central location.
Trillium Digital Systems, Inc.
We provide Communications SoftwareTM solutions for telephony, Intelligent Network, Internet, wireless, & broadband networks. Technologies include SS7, atm, ip, wireless, isdn, frame relay, V5 and X.25/X.75
Vaisto S.A.
Develops and distributes software for the management of telecommunications equipment, network and services.
Verso Technologies, Inc.
Provides integrated hardware and software solution which enables telecommunications service providers to rapidly deploy voice, fax and data services over internet protocol networks. (Nasdaq: CLRN).
Suppliers of low bit rate voice coders to H.263 standard.