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AssetPro preventive maintenance software integrates preventive maintenance, work orders, inventory and purchasing in an intuitive interface. Specifically designed to be easy and powerful.
ChargeGuard, Incorporated
ShopWare Service Software Does It All!
Computer Resources, Inc.
Mobile radio billing software designed to interface and download air time billing information from most SMR manufacturers.
DCI Companies
DCI's LMR Products division produces software and plug-in PC boards for LMR applications. DCI is also the producer of the industry's most popular software package CommShoptm. Be sure and check out our internet specials in the DCI LMR Products page.
EDX Wireless
Software tools for wireless professionals. RF coverage and propagation prediction software for cellular, PCS, broadcast, paging and two-way radio.
HASCOM International Pty Ltd
Provide mobile data communications hardware and software products such as modems and messaging software for the 2 way radio industry. Company and product information, manuals, trial versions for download.
Innovative Automation
MaintenanceNow is a resources scheduling and service staff dispatching software and incorporates "Just-In-Time" (JIT) and "On-Demand-Service" (ODS) feature.
INT Inc. ServicePlus
Provides the solution for organizations that base their relationship with customers on the sale, support, or service of equipment, including manufacturers, value-added resellers and independent service organizations.
MDSI Mobile Data Solutions Inc.
By uniting the power of wireless communications and the Internet, MDSI Mobile Data Solutions Inc. is revolutionizing how people purchase services and how companies sell and deliver them.
Micropath Corporation
Micropath:Software And Digital Data Products For Radio Communications And GIS Applications; USGS DRG,DEM,DOQ,DOQQ,DLG,GNIS,GIS. Micropath develops software tools for VHF/UHF/MW wireless radio communications systems and the source for USGS DRG,DEM,DOQ,DLG,GNKS,GIS digital data products
Millennium Software
Atrex is a year 2000 compatible inventory control/point of sale (POS) package for complete control over stock and inventory levels. Works well for Two Way Radio shops. Tracks serial numbers.
MIxpertS Inc.
GPS Tracking,AVL,GPS, Dispatch,CAD, Maps,Mapping and Fleet Management Solutions
MPT-1327 Trunk Radio Decoder / Trunk Tracker
A open source MPT1327 trunked radio decoder that supports decoding and tracking MPT 1327 systems under linux using the soundcard and a Icom receiver.
Ormandy Inc.
Provider of a variety of software and support for telecom business systems providing modular, turn-key enterprise solutions.
PerCon Corp.
Developer and publisher of government related databases on CD-ROM and online, specializing in FCC and FAA data. Providing products to the telecommunications, aviation, government, commercial and hobby markets.
Coverage computer mapping software
RF Compliance Experts
Sitesafe LLC provides the communications infrastructure industry with services and software tools to ensure RF compliance and optimization. Our speciality is the complex local environment of antenna installations on rooftops and towers. RFCAD 2.3 is our latest RF propogation tool.
Radio coverage software.
Signal Intelligence has been providing high performance computer aided radio monitoring software for the PC platform since 1992.
Software Concepts, Inc.
Providing high quality design and development of embedded systems for the communications and other market places
Software Systems Consulting
Offers imaging and radio telecommunications products based on SSC's proprietary technology.
Development of rf software since 1971 by experienced rf engineers
The Genesis Group
Global Management and Billing Software for the Wireless Trunking Industry. We support Motorola Smartnet, SmartZone, AMSS; LTR; and MPT1327 formats. Hardware to acculumlate airtime.