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Ant Farm Simulator
A VB based simulator of food-gathering behavior of ant colonies. Executable and VB source code are available.
Implements an artificial-life environment based on - and compatible with - Tierra, Tom Ray's well-known project, which displays open-ended evolution using a world of assembly-language creatures running on simulated parallel processors.
Agents evolve to stay on the screen.
Darwin Pond
An imaginary gene pool, a primordial puddle of genetic surprises. Free download; Windows.
Freeware artificial life program designed for Windows. 2-dimensional evolutionary world with simulated neurons.
A networked, self-generating artificial ecosystem by John McCormack. A CD-ROM version for Macintosh and Windows is available for on-line purchase.
Gene Pool for Windows.
Gene Pool is an artificial life simulation where populations of physics-based organisms evolve over time.
A project being developed by David Stern at Cambridge university. Available in stand alone or '@home' flavours.
Hardware Artificial Life (HAL)
Lotus Artificial Life's Java cellular automata substrate capable of supporting evolving, self-reproducing organisms which are capable of universal computation.
Individual-Based Fish Modeling At Humboldt State U
Modeling software, theory, and applications. Instream flow model for trout. Salmon out-migration survival simulator.
Java, Artificial Life, and creature behaviour
Java application simulates creature behaviours and movement. Available for free download, including source code, and a paper on Artificial Life.
John Holland's ECHO
Echo is a simulation tool developed to investigate mechanisms which regulate diversity and information-processing in systems comprised of many interacting adaptive agents, or complex adaptive systems (CAS).
JuhasWorld: Yes it's alive! You have to see this applet to believe it. Just let those actors evolve for a few generations and they suddenly seem quite clever indeed. Wait a few more generations and you will be completely hooked: How good can they get?
NecroBones Artificial Life Experiments
Features three Java artificial life experiments.
Highlights the Pandamat artificial intelligence system.
PolyWorld Information (author's site)
Source of information, technical report, and source code for the PolyWorld computational ecology, maintained by Larry Yaeger, PolyWorld's author. (This site contains more up to date links and information than the PolyWorld page at the Santa Fe Institute site.)
Predators is an open-ended play-by-e-mail game. The game is an abstract simulation of animal species evolution.
Quantum Flux: The Virtual Intelligence Matrix
A model of human brain function designed by a neuroscientist at UCSD. The VIM is used to drive 3D characters who live in virtual worlds and can express emotion and creativity.
Quantum Life Forms
Emergence of twin life forms from the simplistic, decentralized actions of thousands of component elements
Red Bird Island: Artificial Life
Simple world with automata that act to form complex systems. Implimented on the Macintosh.
The MatremPage
An experiment in artificial life, and a game as well, where players create new animals to struggle and survive.
The Swarm Simulation System
The Swarm Simulation System
The Virtual FishTank
Designed for people of all ages, the FishTank offers firsthand experiences in creating artificial life forms and reveals how simple behavioral rules can produce complex and surprising results.
Virtual World of Decision Making Turtles
a simulation of "turtles" that move, eat and evolve using a genetic algorithm. Includes online demos, downloads and descriptions.