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Conway's Game of Life
3D Game of Life, Achim Flammenkamp's Game of Life Page, Color Game Of Life Visual Exhibition, Conway's Game of Life Java applet by Alan Hen, David Ingalls Bell's Homepage, Dean Hickerson's Game of Life page, Eric's Treasure Trove of Life, Game of Life in Java, Game of Life in Java, Game of Life: Patterns, Programs, and Links
Algorithms based on CA Rule110 - Tiles.
Contains papers and other documents by Abdiel Caceres Gonzalez related with computability in normal evolutions of cellular automata, in particular with evolution rule 110, some studies about entropy and tiling with software for mac os X .
Ant for DOS 1.1
An open source implementation of Langton's ant in Q-Basic. Supports older monitors; by Robin Upton.
Beta version of the Cellular Automata Browser, a combination of Java and Java-Script that allows to browse through a large number of one-dimensional CA-rules, by Martin Schaller.
An application for simulating complex systems; by André Homeyer. Requires Java.
A generic and extensible cellular automaton simulation engine written in Python.
Capow98 - Cellular Automata and Electric Power
A Windows application that can simulate and analyze various one-dimensional and two-dimensional cellular automata, part of the Cellular Automata and Electric Power project lead by Dr. Rudy Rucker.
Cellular Automata
An introduction to the history and properties of 1D and 2D cellular automata.
Cellular Automata and the Edge of Chaos
David J. Eck's Java-illustrated introduction to 1-dimensional cellular automata.
Cellular Automata Generator
An interactive cellular automata generator with C++ source code available for downloading; by Kevin McDermott.
Cellular Automata in Optical Mapping
A Java applet demonstrating cellular automata models of cardiac dynamics; by Gil Bub.
Cellular Automata Laboratory
An extendable DOS/Windows application for exploring cellular automata, accompanied by a thorough user guide; by Rudy Rucker and John Walker.
Cellular Automata Miscellanea
A repository with cellular automata related papers, lectures and software concentrating on Rule 110 by Harold V. McIntosh.
Cellular Automata Tutorial
A cellular automata tutorial that covers the structure, behaviour and some applications of CA and offers a philosophical background as well; by Alexander Schatten.
Cellular Automata with One-Dimensional Simulation
A Java applet running one-dimensional cellular automata; by Martin Schaller.
Cellular Automaton Music
Music samples generated using some popular cellular automata rules; by John Elliott.
Cellular Computations
Theoretical introduction to finite automata, cellular automata, iterons and solitons, by Pawel Siwak.
Complex Computation Lab - Trend and jTrend
2D general-purpose cellular automata simulators for Unix or Java at Iowa State University.
Digital Philosophy
Edward Fredkin's papers exploring the idea of a world where all quantities in nature are finite and discrete, with a chapter on cellular automata.
Digital Physics
A site devoted to the Edward Fredkin's idea that our entire Universe can be represented as a computer program. FAQ, relevant articles, cellular automata pictures, movies, VRML models and programs.
Discrete Dynamics Lab
Tools for researching discrete dynamical networks - from cellular automata to random boolean networks; by Andrew Wuensche.
Discrete, Amorphous Physical Models
Minimal discrete models. Cellular automata-like animations without grids or synchronization; by Erik Rauch.
Dr.Cell Cellular Automata Simulator
A tool for simulating uniform or non-uniform cellular automata for a variety of neighborhood models, implemented in Scheme (a dialect of Lisp) using PLT's Dr.Scheme.
Evolving Cellular Automata Group, Santa Fe Institu
Development and research of evolving cellular automata with genetic algorithms, computational mechanics, population dynamics and coevolution.
Exploring Emergence
Java-based active essay on complexity concepts by Mitchel Resnick and Brian Silverman.
Five Cellular Automata
Windows software implementing five cellular automata: q-state Life, Belouzov-Zhabotinsky Reaction, Togetherness, Viral Replication and Diffusion-Limited Aggregation; by Hermetic Systems.
From Cellular Mitosis to Cellular Automata
Michael D. Bayne's CA survey. Is a good description of many topics from cellular automata to artificial life
Groovy Lava by NetPlay Software
Cellular Automata software that uses probability theory with Conway's game of life rules to produce new and beautiful animations using DirectX 8.0.
Hexagonal Life
A hexagonal version of John Conway's game of life, for Windows and Macintosh.
A Java demonstration of cellular automata on a hexagonal grid.
Howard Gutowitz's Home Page
Papers and preprints about Cellular Automata, Chaos, Complexity, and Dynamical Systems.
IFIP Working Group 1.5
IFIP WG Cellular Automata and Machines home page. Resources on CA.
Introduction to Cellular automata
(game of life, brian's brain...) available in PDF, illustrated with a program (CAV) and an applet which show the capability of a conway CA to manage boolean functions as part of a Turing machine(LogiCell).
Isle Ex Applet Cellsprings-Web
A general 2D cellular automaton explorer implemented as a Java 1.1 applet. By John Elliott.
Java applets collection
Links to sites containing applets for various CA: Conway's game of life, Bays' 3-D life, triangular CA and life objects, and some new games of life that have been discovered in the hexagonal and pentagonal tessellations.
Jeffrey Ventrella's Artificial Life
A collection of Jeffrey Ventrella's AL programs, including a very original "Breeding gliders with CA" simulator. Papers on Artificial Life.
Larger than Life
Kellie Michele Evans' PhD thesis.
Lotus Artificial Life
Reversible Cellular Automata, neighbourhoods, billiard ball machines, Java applets. By Tim Tyler.
Mirek's Cellebration
1D and 2D Cellular Automata viewer, explorer and editor by Mirek Wojtowicz. Huge libraries of CA rules and patterns, gallery of CA rules, news, links. Free 32-bit Windows MCell software.
Mirek's Java Cellebration
General Cellular Automata Java applet running over 200 rules from 12 CA families, equipped with a big library of patterns. By Mirek Wojtowicz.
Modern Cellular Automata
Color cellular automata for the World Wide Web, by George Maydwell.
Moshe Sipper's Home Page
Fine theoretical and practical introduction to Cellular Automata, ALife, and Complex Adaptive Systems.
Home Page of SARCASim (Super Animation-Reduction CA Simulator) and ARCAL language, by George Maydwell.
SDSR Loops
Structurally Dissolvable Self-Reproducing Loop & Evoloop, by Hiroki Sayama.
Searching for Chaos in Cellular Automata
"New tools for CA classification" by Paola Flocchini and Frédéric Geurts
Self Reproducing Cellular Automata Loops
Christopher Osborn's Java applet exploring self-reproducing patterns.
Stephen Wolfram's articles on Cellular Automa
Technical articles by one of the leading CA researchers, concerning both 1D and 2D Cellular Automata.
Stone's Free Mac Programs
Many free CA, ALife, and Chaos programs for Macs.
The CA Extension
An implementation of cellular automata for the GIS software ArcView from ESRI.
The Cellular Automata Simulation System
A compiler for the Cellang cellular automata programming language, along with the corresponding documentation, viewer, and various tools; by J Dana Eckart.
The Primordial Soup Kitchen
Colorful images and Java movies of Cellular Automata, with recipes to explain their genesis. Also some tasty Real Recipes. By David Griffeath.
Universal Cellular Automaton
A Java Applet for simulating all kind of cellular automata, including Conway's Game Of Life or snowflake generation rules. By Frank Buß.
Visions of Chaos
Home page of a versatile Windows software by Jason Rampe. The program covers Cellular Automata, Chaos, and Fractals.
A set of Cellular Automata simulators written for XWindows. By Mike Creutz.
An algorithmic music entity that creates evolving musical textures based upon initial parameters determined by its human composer; by Gary Bourgeois.
A big (200+) collection of resources for those interested in studying Artificial Life and Cellular Automata.