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A Lindenmayer-systems Implementation
Macintosh software for download with documentation by Bryan Horling.
A Sketchbook on L-systems
Modeling and visualization of plants using parametric L systems: theoretical foundations, applications, software, examples, and web resources.
Advanced Aspects of L-Systems
A hypertext tutorial by Catherine Jirasek on the features of L-Systems and turtle geometry.
Biological Modeling and Visualization
The biological modeling and visualization research page includes links to the "Virtual Laboratory", papers, example Java applications, and an errata for "The Algorithmic Beauty of Plants".
L-System 4
A program which uses text based instructions (seed files) to build complex 3D objects.
L-systems Software
A list of software available for performing simulations using L-systems.
L-systems Tutorial
By David G. Green. Examples and further links.
Laurens Lapre's Lsystems and Lparser
A good introdution to Lindenmayer systems by the author of LParser.
A graphics tool for Lindenmayer systems in C and Java.
A simple implementation of Lindenmayer systems written in Python.
Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz
Co-author of "The Algorithmic Beauty of Plants" with Aristid Lindenmayer.
RayTraced Evolution
RayTraced Evolution is an extension to the standard Lindenmayer Systems featured below. It allows the embedding of C-style macros into the production system. It is capable of producing some wonderful virtual sculptures.