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Adaptive Systems Research Group
University of Hertfordshire. People, projects, publications, links to other groups. (UK)
ALife Boston
Formerly MIT Artificial Life Group. Meets to discuss modeling and synthesis of biomolecular systems. (USA)
Brunel University
Artificial life and genetic algorithms research. (UK)
Digital Life Laboratory. Developers of Avida software. (USA)
Dublin City University
School of Electronic Engineering, Artificial Life Laboratory. People, research, publications, links. (Ireland)
Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne
Logic Systems Laboratory. Developing novel bio-inspired computing machines and programs; Designing novel reconfigurable systems; Developing biologically inspired robots. (Swizerland)
Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, Bristol
Agent-based research projects, people, publications, collaborations and other resources. (UK)
Iowa State University
Department of Computer Science, Complex Adaptive Systems Group. Studying natural and artificial complex systems. People, links. (USA)
Paris 6
Laboratoire d'Informatique, AnimatLab; a node of EVONET. Members, research projects, publications, software, meetings and other resources. (France)
The Omicron Group
An independent multidisciplinary research group specializing in complex systems, evolutionary computation, and adaptive agent simulation. Developers of Evo software.
Trinity College, Hartford
The L-Systems Group. Publications, software and graphics. (USA)
Universidad de Granada
Departamento de Arquitectura y Tecnología de los Computadores; Geneura Team. Research in evolutionary computing and artifical worlds. (Spain)
University of Aarhus
EVALife: Evolutionary Computation and Artificial Life. People, research, publications, links. (Denmark)
University of Dortmund
Department of Computer Science, Chair of System Analysis, Complex Systems and Artificial Life group. Research and academic activities concerning Complex Adaptive Systems, Artificial Life and Emergent Computation. (Germany)
University of New Mexico
Adaptive Computational Group. Special interest: interactions between biology and computation. (USA)
University of Sussex
Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems, COGS. A large group researching Artificial Life, Evolutionary Computation, and Adaptive Behaviour. (UK)