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Applets for Neural Network and Artificial Life
A list of programs using alife type techniques (English/Japanese).
Archis Evolutionary System Simulator
An artificial life simulator project that can also function as a genetic programming system. Written in Java with a graphical interface.
Artificial Life by Jpr
Introduction to artificial life. Each chapter is illustrated by a program or an applet. Chapters are available in PDF.
Artificial Life on the Web
A web-oriented artificial-life site: Alife, genetic-algorithm and cellular-automata experiments written in cross-platform web languages (Java, tcl/tk), with free source code.
An auto-adaptive genetic system designed primarily for use as a platform in Digital or Artificial Life research. Download source, binaries and documentation. Unix/Windows.
BugBots is a game, sort of. Really it's a project in Artificial Intelligence, and Object Oriented Design with heavy abstraction.
Chaco the Chaos Collection
A collection of small tools for Chaos Modelling, based on ideas of Life game, Tierra and others.
Coyote Gulch Productions
Java and C++ programming examples and information including genetic and neural algorithms, automata and natural systems.
A free artificial life program running under Windows. English/Italian.
Electric Sheep Screen-saver
Electric Sheep realizes the collective dream of sleeping computers from all over the internet. Free; Linux, MacOS X.
A software framework built upon the Swarm Simulation System that allows researchers to study complex systems of independent agents interacting with one another and with their environment.
Flocking Experiment
Two flocks of birds migrating to different locations flock together before splitting apart.
Floys - Territorial alife java creatures
Floys are flocking Alife creatures having a territorial awareness: they defend their territory against any stranger. Floys are implemented in Java applets with free source code.
Internet Life
Create 3d creatures, and send them in Internet.
Java Fish
An aquarium simulation written in Java. The program uses neural networks for all of the fish being simulated, and the fish are artificially evolved from random starting information.
Kasprzyk's ALife Page
Artificial Life for the Macintosh.
Life Simulation Game
An artificial world of lifeforms which eat, move and reproduce. Each species is controlled by a program, and you can write your own lifeforms.
Linux AI & Alife how to guide.
A guide to software and programming help for open source artificial life on the Linux platform.
Manna Mouse
Exploration of fitness landscapes.
Physis - software platform for artificial life exp
Physis is a software platform for testing the evolvability of different assembly like programming languages.
Pigs and People
Pigs and people compares W-learning and the drives action selection mechanism in a Java implementation.
A sourceforge project for an environment for creating and running agent-based models. Tcl/Tk scriptable, cross-platform (Windows and Linux/Unix).
The Breve Simulation Environment
MacOSX software for simulation of artificial life and decentralized systems.