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A FidoNet Primer
What is Fidonet? How Fidonet works? How to join?
All about FidoNet
How to join FidoNet.
Fidonet Information by the BBS Promotion Team
Resource site about starting a BBS and joining FidoNet with a lot of great links.
Fidonet Net 103 Information
Fidonet web-site of Net 1:103
Fidonet Net 282
Contains historical fidonet documents, information about fidonet in MN, links to fidonet resources, and a historical analysis of the fidonet nodelist.
FidoNet Nodelist Search
Search the FidoNet nodelist by one or more fields. You can find a sysop, nodes in a particular location, and so forth.
Fidonet over IP
The Fido-over-IP project (FIP) by Lothar Behet, 2:2446/301 aka 2:2/3000
FidoNet Region 13
FidoNet Region 13 serving Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington DC, and West Virginia. Current Nodelist/Nodediff, software, links.
Fidonet Region 19
Region 19 of Fidonet covering the states of Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Texas.
FidoNet Showcase Project by Frank Robbins
FidoNet History, Resources and Support, Software Developer Resources, Tom Jennings.
Fidonet: Region 46
About Fidonet from Anton Kuznetsov - Region 46 Coordinator.
The weekly newsletter of Fidonet community.
Fidonet News - The last issue and archive.
A webring for Fidonet Systems with a net presence.
FidoTel: The Second Home to Fidonet on the Interne
Provides free access to Fidonet via Web pages, Telnet, and FidoTel Surfer, to Fidonet echomail via QWK, HTML, QWK-HTML and Usenet News Reader.
Official Fidonet web-site
The main official web-site of FidoNet with a lot of information.
Professional pointlist-segment checker by Pavel I.Osipov, 2:5020/770.
QFE - Qt FTN Message Editor for Linux
QFE is Full Featured FTN Message Editor with graphical interface written on C++/Qt. All operations with FIDO message base uses fidoconfig and smapi packages from husky project.
Region 17 of Fidonet
Fidonet Region 17 covers the U.S. Pacific Northwest, Alaska, and western and northern Canada. Information, Policies, history.
The Fidonet Nodelist
A historical analysis of Fidonet Nodelist with graphs.
The World of FidoNet
About Fidonet and related things. Needful software, self-setting up packets, documents, and links.
Zone 1 Region 10 of Fidonet
Region Coordinator and Echomail Coordinator, Network list.