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Client, Server, CAPS, Free HL Iconlib, Net-Hotline
"Hotline to the Underground"
Salon.com 21st feature that explores the culture of the Hotline community.
"Hotline's Civil War"
Salon.com 21st feature that outlines the legal battles that have ensued between Hotline Communications and the inventor of the Hotline protocol, Adam Hinkley.
Protocol that extends the original Hotline protocol, resulting in new features like peer-to-peer file sharing and full user icon arbitration without sacrificing backwards compatibility.
Dynamic domain name redirection service catered towards Hotline servers.
Hotline Mailing List Archives
Archive of the Hotline Mailing List from the early days of Hotline development.
Hotline Protocol
Official listing for versions of the Hotline protocol released under the GNU Public License by Hotsprings, Inc. through the OpenSprings project.
Web based hotline tracking - locate a server, and search.
A site that allows you to search for Hotline servers, trackers, and users in real-time.
Nailbat.com: Hotline Software
Links and information about Hotline and Hotline Connect software.
Tibb's Hotline Page
News, information, links, and files concerning Hotline, including some very early Hotline releases.
Tokyo Hotline
Hotline news and information site written in Japanese.
Tracker-Tracker for Hotline
A web site that offers an up-to-date list of Hotline trackers with their status and the number of servers they are tracking, a hotline server description search engine and a hotline file search engine.
Trackerfrog Hotline Information
Trackerfrog helps people with NetMeeting ILS servers and Hotline p2p software.
News, features, guides and reviews related to Hotline.