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blueMail Offline Mail Reader, MultiMail Offline Reader, TransX - Fidonet/Internet Transporter
Wildcat Interactive Net Server
Add-ons, Dynamic Wildcat! 5 WebRing, NightOwl!, SRU Computers & Internet Services, Wildcat 5 Web Ring, WINS (Wildcat Interactive Net Server) Official We
AnDan Software FOSSIL Driver
Serial port FOSSIL driver for high speed modems, used primarily for interfacing with doors.
CGI/Perl software for message boards, chat, survey, and files and links submission. Installs with one file. Very integrated. Includes support for templates and user profiles. Commercial.
Atlantis Software
Producer of BBS door programs including Guest Registry, Election Day, The Personals, and The Wall of Wisdom.
Supports the Internet and Fidonet while embedding Fidonet messages and Internet news and email together with a versatile web-based, online and offline message reading system.
BBS Archives
A large and comprehensive resource collection for BBS Sysops.
BBS Express! Professional
Atari 8-bit BBS program.
Brainex BBS Doors
Shareware doors and door manager software for download and registration.
Citadel BBS
A BBS with a unique client server architecture, message store, security, and multiple user friendly interfaces.
CompuLink OnLine
BBS door programs, shareware and freeware files for several operating systems with tech support and user-group support.
Daydream BBS for Linux and FreeBSD
Daydream is a free BBS solution currently available for the Linux/FreeBSD operating systems.
Falken BBS
Multi-user BBS software for Linux that unlike most Linux BBS systems, provides a user interface similar to traditional DOS based BBS packages.
Gameport - BBS Software
Offers WorldGroup, software for internet-based BBS's and shareware door games.
Hermes II Project
Official site of the Hermes II BBS system software. Includes information about the Hermes II Project and Olympus BBS software.
IFDC FileGate Project
Distribution site for SysOp and end user files.
A free client/server BBS for Windows.
Offline Mail Readers Home Page
Offline Mail Reader pages from Jim Hanoian. Listings of readers for DOS, Windows, OS/2, Unix, and other platforms such as Macintosh, and Amiga. Provides details about mail packet types, costs, and Y2K information, with links to authors and download sites. Includes Offline Mail Reader FAQ and packet specifications.
RealmWare Development
Offers doors and SysOp utilites, including drop carrier watch, news, realm list, trivia games, and lottery number generator.
RemoteAccess BBS Software
A BBS software for DOS and the IBM PC compatibles.
RemoteAccess Support and Utils
An official RemoteAccess support site with: links to third party utility sites, FAQs, support forum, and downloads for the shareware versions of RA.
Synchronet BBS
A free BBS that works on the DOS, Windows, or OS/2 operating system and supports multiple simultaneous users with hierarchical message and file areas, multi-node chat, and the ever-popular BBS door games.
TeleFinder Internet BBS
MacOS Web Server and BBS with full documentation, ordering and update information for TeleFinder from Spider Island Software.
Telegard BBS
A full featured BBS software including a full message section with JAM and Squish formats, a full file section w/file tagging & CDROM support, multinode & multilingual support, powerful menus, scripts, and door support.
The EleBBS home
RemoteAccess-style BBS program available for DOS, OS/2, Linux and Windows 9x/NT/2000.
The IFDC Filegate Project
Downloadable files, including PCBoard BBS Software utilities.
A bulletin board service which will allow a hobbyist or business to setup a DOS based hosting system on there computer or network.
a CGI approximation of the old citadel BBSs. Citadel is a room-structured message system.