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Business Systems
Accounting, Document Imaging, Document Management, Enterprise Applications - ERP and ERM, Amsit SA, Brilliant Systems, Coheris, CRM Solutions, D.A. Rainsberger, Duley Hopkins & Associates, Inc., Dusage Inc., ePartners, Inc, Essential Systems, Information Technology Resources, Inc.
By Region
Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Central America, Europe, Middle East, North America, Oceania, South America
CAD Systems
1CadCam, Inc., 3 Designs, 3D Assistant, Action Planning, American Drafting Consultants, Inc., Around The Bend Software, Avatech Solutions, Avineon, Inc., Badencorp, Bihlman Drafting
Data Transfer
Accounting Systems Group, Inc., Arigen Solutions, Inc., AVCO Systems Limited, Conversion Specialty, Data Saviors, Information Architecture Team, Interface Systems, Inc., Metcom Data Labs
21st Century Technologies, Inc., 58 All, 58 All, A McSoft(UK) Ltd Company of St Ives, England, Abbott and Christianson, Abbott and Christianson, Abbott and Christianson, Absolute Performance, Inc., Absolute Performance, Inc., Access Applications Development
Embedded Systems
Abtec Systems, Andy Brown Software Consultancy, Applied Computer Techniques, Inc., Applied Research Consultants, Arcom Control Systems, Asicdesk.com, Atlantic Quality Design, Inc., AviaComp, BrightSoft, Cambridge Technology Consultants
General and Freelance
Mailing Lists, 23rd Century Computing, ABS Contracting Services, Akcia Incorporated, Albany TransComm International, Allman Professional Consulting Inc., Analysis & Programming Corp., ArrAy Services, Atlsoft, BaseX Systems, Inc., Ben's Imagenation
Advanced Facilities. Inc., Computer and Manufacturing consulting, Computer Communications Consultants, ComputerServices.bz - Affordable PC Repair, CVM, Inc., Cymru Computers, Design Interface Ltd, Lynx Systems, Malcomp Consultancy and PC repairs, Micro Technology Services Inc.
Legacy Systems
Year 2000, David Huenger, Horner Consulting, Relativity Technologies, Retro-Mation, Software Revolution, Universalbyte Limited
Abacus Consulting, LLC, Active Practice LLC, Adaptive Solutions, Inc., Arizona's Legal Technologists, Attorney Secure LLC, Automated Horizons, Inc., Baker Robbins & Company, Best Law Firm Solutions, LLC, Business Edge, Client-Server Technology Group
Macintosh Systems
Hardware, Software, DesignCorp, DocMac, Doctor Mac Consulting, Infografix.net, j.u.m.p! inc. macintosh outsourcing for business, Mac OS Consulting Services, Mac Services, MacHeadz - Macintosh Technical Services, Macination, MACisland Consulting, Inc.
1E Limited, Avanade, Belmont Network Consulting, Cardium Solutions Ltd, Certified Computer Services Australia, Chameleon Consulting, Client/Server Systems, Inc, Coyote Software Corporation, Dataprise, Inc., Digital Resource Providers
0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Novell Systems
Cabot Computer Consultants, Centralis, Certified Network Solutions, Entre Computer Center, Forte Systems, Gioffre Consulting, GWGuru.com, Ideal Technology Solutions U.S., Inc., Island Information Solutions, Marvin Huffaker Consulting
Professional Associations
Association of Macintosh Trainers, Calgary Council for Advanced Technology, Computer Consultants of St. Louis, Florida Council of Instructional Technology Leader, Geek Sharks, ICCA - Independent Computer Consultants Associatio, ICCA-KC, Institute of Computer Technology, Professional Consultants of Maine, Software Contractors' Guild
Systems Integrators
A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J
Unix Systems
Linux, A.P. Lawrence SCO Unix Consultant, Digitask Consultants, Inc., DSL Consultants, Expert Systems Consulting, Intelligent Systems Services Inc., Kappa Computer Solutions, LLC, Larry A. Walker & Co., LCR: Leonine Computational Resources, OPUS Systems, Unexia Ltd
Afflux, Inc.
Support for small to medium sized businesses for AS/400, NT, Lotus Notes and Domino.
All Computer Solutions, Inc.
Fault tolerant Microsoft, UNIX and Oracle server solutions and firewall/VPN appliances. Remote monitoring, management, data storage, backup and disaster recovery.
Andrew Allison
Market research and strategy consultant to the computer industry. Site offers subscription information for an industry newsletter.
Application Design Services
Web and hosting solutions with IBM WebSphere, disaster recovery, managed availability with MIMIX products, and system leasing.
B2B, CMR, data warehousing and software development. Also offers reduced rates, fixed price/time arrangements, and references.
Armstrong Enterprise Communications, Inc.
Systems integration for LANs / WANs, multi-platform environments, and stand alone computer systems.
Arnold Consulting, Inc.
Electronic mail, directory services, internetworking consulting. Includes areas of consulting practice, client list, and presentations.
At Thought Consulting
Offers process management, application development, and networking solutions.
ATLIS Systems
Offers project and information resource management, user needs analysis, systems facilitation, design and integration, database design and development, document file management, library services, information processing, and electronic publishing.
Axel Josefson & Co.
Swedish firm offers e-business development in business and system engineering, and marketing.
B&V Consultants
E-business solutions and the implementation and integration of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions utilizing PeopleSoft.
B.E.R.S Company
Offers network security consulting services along with multimedia and web development.
Business Integrated Data Systems
Information on database, accounting and application implementation and support. List of software and training options.
CBIZ Technologies
Automated, turnkey solutions for e-commerce, networking and business applications.
CCR Pyramid
Design and engineering services to the commercial, educational and governmental sectors.
CIS Inc.
Offers to design, implement and support network data wiring, hardware. Web development, marketing and broadband as well as motion graphics and digital print media.
Offers help in planning, development and support for networks, operating systems, programming and development applications.
ConSol Consulting & Solutions
System operation and monitoring, complete web development, e-commerce, and custom software solutions.
Crash Networks
Network management, design and security, IT maintenance and computer support, Internet connectivity, e-mail configuration and project management.
Crawford Consulting
Application services, infrastructure and systems management, networking, and messaging solutions.
Custom Corporate Services, Inc.
Project management, system development and support, compliance, training and administrative support. Information on sample projects. Located in Denville, NJ, U.S.
Dataflow Systems, Inc.
Provider of information technology and integration solutions.
Duane Bristow
Providing low cost computer consulting on line. The site contains answers to visitor questions.
Offers web management software with development services, including CAD data gathering and network design.
Instant online technical support with real-time screensharing.
Experts Exchange
Free online "ask an expert" site for computer questions.
Fortis Logic
Offers web and graphic design, networking and infrastructure solutions, and applications development.
Consulting and staffing support for development, testing, implementation, distribution, client/server and legacy system hardware and software.
Global Matrix Systems, Inc.
Network design with Linux, Unix, Novell Netware or Windows NT. Web design and development and e-commerce solutions with Lotus Domino.
Grey Wolf Systems
Microsoft Certified Solution Provider to medium sized companies that provides hardware, software and services.
GSK Technologies, Inc.
Programming utilizing AutoDesk, CGI web development, in-house applications customization, process automation, databases utilizing AutoLISP, Visual Basic, VBA, ARX ( C++ ), HTML, ASP, PERL.
Hard software Pty. Ltd.
Systems analysis, design and implementation of technical software. Free demonstration of Web-based Offer System (WOS) for the electricity industry.
Unix and Macintosh system and network management, web server installation and configuration, security configuration and audit, and technical training and development.
HyPerformix, Inc.
Performance management and consulting for IS, IT, distributed systems, networks, and other computer systems.
PC, Macintosh, peer-to-peer and server-based networks. Web design, hosting and high speed connections. Custom programming, graphic design. Japanese technical research and marketing.
Impact Network Engineering, Inc.
LANs, WANs, routers, firewalls and cabling. Web design and site hosting, high speed connectivity and custom databases. Sales of hardware, software.
Infobahn Technologies
CAD, GIS and software development, project management in e-commerce, B2B, B2C, client server, database design, data warehousing, CRM, and wireless.
Integ Network Solutions
Offers networking solutions and maintenance, web development, programming, and tailored support contracts.
IntelligentInfo Solutions, Inc.
Service, data hosting, web-application development and hosting for industry.
InTran Limited
Fleet management systems for the transportation industry. Web application development, design, maintenance and administration.
Jude Joseph LLC
Network installation, hosting and software development, active server pages and web design. Company background and contact details.
Karishma Software
Offers application development, resource management, and data migration services along with healthcare software solutions.
Keenan Systems
Network applications, enterprise network management, wireless solutions, Microsoft and Linux services, and e-business.
Kezber i Solutions
Consulting service, including strategic technology planning, IT project planning and project management. Web site design and custom application development. Specialize in high-availability, networking, security and storage management.
Information on bundled, industry specific, web applications, workflow automation solutions, and staff augumentation.
Offers software development, integration, database systems, and e-commerce services.
M.I.C. Global, Inc.
Implementation consulting for Marcam's Avantis software. Information on range of IT services including Enterprise systems, Controls technology, and training.
Mapjoin Technologies
GIS (Geographical Information Systems), custom programming, application development, system automation, database design, and spatial data development.
Marand Custom Solutions Pty. Ltd.
Software engineering, web monitoring, e-commerce, hardware and network solutions.
Merit International
Integration and transformation services to large enterprise clients with complex heterogeneous IT environments utilizing J2EE, XML and web services.
Micro Madness
Offers systems administration and support, network design and installation, training, and sales. Also provides a library of precompiled IRIX binaries for Silicon Graphics users.
Myriad Consulting Services, Inc.
Information on solution designs for business re-engineering. Windows 2000 Server Suite, Windows NT, NetWare 4.X and 5.X, Citrix Metaframe, Windows 95/98, UNIX, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, Informix.
Ndex Technologies, Inc.
Offers desktop, wireless connectivity and Internet application solutions. Includes information on the client list and partnerships.
New Tech Solutions, Inc.
E-business, e-commerce, embedded systems, enterprise application integration, and wireless solutions. Backup and recovery, database development and storage options.
NTegrity Computer Solutions, Inc.
Network design, implementation, maintenance. Software / hardware sales and training. On-site or in-company repair, data backup and custom programming.
Consulting, development, and support services predominantly centered around open source software.
Paramarsh Informatics
Offers custom web and software development services, along with systems integrations and facilities management.
Pinboard Computers
Web design, networking maintenance, repair and computer upgrades.
Pionus Creations
On-site and emergency/after hours service, repair on Macintosh and PCs, network design and implementation. In-house custom CAT 5 ethernet, Apple and Windows 98, XP, NT, 2000. Training, custom software, upgrades.
Planaxis Technologies
Serves the financial sector with networks, global applications, messaging, e-banking, and insurance e-distribution. Offices in Canada, United States, United Kingdom and France.
Primary Consulting Services
Designs systems and software. Lists types of services, with brief overviews.
Nationwide consortium of consultants and developers. Offers computer information systems and management consulting, and professional software development for government and business. Markets computer e-learning, and SurveyTrak.
Proximo Consulting Services, Inc.
Database development for data warehousing, business process analysis, design and improvement, staffing,and training. Software development, network and security solutions.
Project review and analysis of strategy. E-commerce solutions.
Quortek Systems and Solutions
E-Commerce and security, systems integration and network design and implementation, desktop support, application development.
Reactive Networks
System monitoring, development, networking, and security services.
Offers development and support in wiring systems supporting voice, data, and video networks.
Rossi Technologies
Information on business, internet and network solutions. Web design, hosting packages, and online support.
Sage Technical Solutions
Offers consulting and employment services for web development, database design, application development, and networking projects.
Technical services for meetings, trade shows, and other special events. Equipment rental and setup, pre-show logistics and coordination.
Silverdata IT Solutions
Data, network and web design, e-commerce consulting and project management.
SkinnyPigeon, Inc.
Web design and development, systems integration.
Sophist Solutions, Inc.
Design and implementation of object-oriented systems, tools, graphical user interfaces for Macintosh, Windows, Linux/X-Windows, distributed applications, and Internet technologies.
Springboard Technology Solutions
Offers network, software engineering, and multimedia consultancy services, and provides portfolio of past projects.
StarTech Group, Inc.
Network upgrades, firewalls, server upgrades, e-mail and web server installation, disaster recovery. Citrix pilots and installation for small to medium size business.
Off-shore custom software, and virtual software, development solutions in IT and e-business, training and IT staffing.
Synapsis Technology, Inc.
PDM and integrations with CSM, CAD, and ERP systems.
Synergy Development Consulting
Offers project management, accounting systems, custom software development, network integration, and security solutions.
Synergy InfoTech
Offers ISO 9000 consultants, custom software and web development services, and recruitment.
SystemSoft Corp.
Provides utility software for power management, connectivity troubleshooting, defragmenting hard drives, and data recovery. Also offers technical and support services, and contract software development services.
Sytex Web Solutions
Offers technical solutions, systems and services for business, Internet analysis and implementation.
TCG Software
US based consulting and developing company with several offshore development offices in Asia.
Telecommunications Management Networks (TMN)
Products, services and customer support. Project management, training, installation and post-warranty support for firms in Latin America.
Management and protection of IT resources and assets to maintain software compliance.
Thornebrook Associates, LLC.
Smart card-based solutions for business and project management solutions.
Vertex Computer Services, Inc.
Design and development and implementation of LANs/WANs for Microsoft, Novell and Cisco networks. Systems integration, project management and Compaq engineering support.
Vision IT Management
System strategies and tools, development, delivery, and training.
WorJus Consulting
Outsourced network and system design, administration and support. Web and database services, custom application programming.