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SHN, TTA, WAV, ATRAC: Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding for Mini, GSM 06.10 Lossy Speech Compression Format, Lossless compression vs. speed, Rob Nowiks Audio Resource
Companies, Software, Converting Text Files Between Operating Systems, CreatePDF, Creativyst CSV to XML Conversion, Data and Format Conversion, Gohtm, iConv Online File Format and Data Conversion, Neevia Document Converter eXPress, RustemSoft, TiffSurfer
Flat, Hierarchical, Relational
Hypermedia, Publishing, Spreadsheet, Text
DOS EXE Format, Portable Executable and Common Object File Format
File Systems
Compact Disc, Digital Versatile Disc, FAT32, NTFS, Andrew Morton: Ext3 for Linux 2.4 Kernel, IBM developerWorks: JFS Project, John's Spec of the Second Extended Filesystem, Simple Software Solutions: e_Fs
DM2, LMP, Sinclair Spectrum Game Data Formats, XeNTaX's MultiEx
2D, 3D, Pixmap, Vector, Image Formats, The Graphics File Format Page, W3C Overview of Web Graphics
HTMLHelp, JavaHelp, NetHelp, Texinfo, WinHelp, Help Authoring Resource Center
Markup Languages
DocBook, HTML, SGML, SMIL, XHTML, XML, Electronic Documents Markup, Project Xanadu, whatis.com: markup, YAML Ain't Markup Language (YAML)
MIME Types
IANA Media Types List, LANTech Knowledge Base - Internet MIME Types, MIME
Open Standards
Attachments in Proprietary Formats Considered Harm, Avoid E-Mail Attachments, Especially Microsoft Wor, Build Systems, Not Companies, on Open Standards, Burn All GIFs, Business Case for Open Standards, Content Management and Edit Data Exchange, Cover Pages: Patents and Open Standards, Death to Proprietary Word Formats, LinuxLab - Open Standards, MS-Word Is Not a Document Exchange Format
Style Sheets
CSS, DSSSL, CSS and XSL: which should I use?, Web Style Sheets
Almost Every File Format in the World
Names many file formats and their extensions.
Data Formats and Their Sugggested File Extensions
An extensive listing of file name extensions with brief description.
DaubNET File Format Collection
The full specifications of various file formats.
File Extensions
Simple alphabetical listing of file extensions and descriptions, and in many cases, the name of the associated program.
Various File Formats Various File Formats and How
Includes descriptions and suggestions for software (free and pay) that handle them on Windows and MacOS.
Webopedia - Data Formats
Contains information about many data formats.
Wotsit's Format
Detailed file formats and data formats for programmers. A large collection of programming resources with detailed information.