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For a Fee
Avondale Media, Computer Training Tutorials, Computer Tutor, Data Recovery Information, Earn & Learn, Examware, Homework Help 4u, Internet Secrets, Keeping Things Running, Learn to Burn Tutorial
Ask Felgall
How-to pages that answer a number of frequently asked questions as well as some reference material.
Computer Help A to Z
Explains how to make better use of computers with easy to understand tips and articles covering the basics.
Computer Help Guide
Information site for computer acronyms, new computer users and free software.
Computers And Junk
Offers articles for file sharing, video cards, proxy servers and secuirty encryption.
Computers For Beginners
How to's for Outlook Express, Internet Explorer, backing up files and system maintenance.
Computertim Technologies
Free computer how-to articles for beginners, training, and support.
Cyberia PC
Offers information for motherboards, history of computers and pc problems. Includes tutorials for Adobe Photoshop.
Free tutorials about the PC and Internet.
Articles for Networking, Applications, Web Development, Programming and Databases.
Exploring the Internet
Information on a range of topics such as Usenet, FTP, Gophers, Email, Listservs, IRC, WAIS, the Web, HTML and Search Engines.
Contains Mac, PC, Web Design and Internet tutorials for computer users of all skill levels. Also includes an AskMe form.
Help-Site Computer Manuals
Contains links to hundreds of computer related documents and sites. A comprehensive listing of FAQ lists, tutorials, manuals pertaining to computers.
Internet Guide
Provides topics on IT news, gaming, hardware, software, email, viruses and a glossary of terms.
Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
Course in computer basics: the textbook part of a college computer literacy course.
Ken Dennis
Articles on Linux, World Wide Web, Browsers and Adware.
Over 2,000 tips for Windows, digital cameras, and the Internet.
Now Know How
Articles covering basic computing knowledge in the areas of general usage, security and the Internet.
Online Help
Contains articles about operating systems, viruses and email.
PCWorks Mailing List
Dedicated to helping PC users find solutions to computer and internet related problems.
Ask a question, get a free e-mailed answer from computer professionals for a range of computer subjects.
Contains elearning, news, and software tutorials.
Tutorial Guide
Tutorials for operating systems, mp3's, casemodding, networking and software programs like Adobe Photoshop.
Directory of tutorials for software programs such as MS Excel and Macromedia Dreamweaver.
Useful Computer Info
Tutorials for windows, active server pages, mysql, fonts and search engine optimization.
Users Guide
Articles for Adobe Photoshop, Firefox, Filesharing, Microsoft Office and Web development.
Walt Howe's Internet Learning Centre
Includes a glossary of terms, history and information for navigating the web.
Web Overview Seminar
An online introduction to how the World Wide Web works, including URLs, servers, browsers and useful hints.
Articles on searching the Web, Internet Explorer, domain names, downloading and forums.
Your Computer Guide
Tips and solutions for Palm OS, Viruses, QBASIC and Visual BASIC.