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AllSyntax.com, Arson-Network.com, Binary 101, Binary Central, CapeScience, Chrootstrap's Hacking Articles, CoderSource.net, Coding Library, CompSci.ca, Computer Science Tutor
ARS Based Programming
Programming based on Abstraction, Reference and Synthesis, (ARS).
Asp Visual Basic Csharp Training .NET
Offers Microsoft.NET Framework, Visual Basic.NET, ASP.NET, C#.NET, XML, .NET Server, and ADO.NET training courses via multimedia CD-ROM and video.
Binary Converter
Binary, Decimal And Hex Converter. Plus links to other sites.
Brunning Software
Training systems teaching programming and circuit design for PIC microcontrollers.
Bubble media
Contains articles, tutorials and tips on a range of technical subjects from programming in java, C#, .NET to linux and open source initiatives.
C++ Training
Software training and programming classes for C++, Java, and object oriented analysis and design.
A development community forum for questions and answers, hints and tips, tutorials and code examples.
Computer Science Daily News
News site covering computer science, for fans, students, researchers and professionals.
Corporate IT Training
Programs on OOAD, UML, Design Patterns, Java, C++, Visual Basic, Oracle, and SQL Server.
Deitel & Associates, Inc.
Text books and training courses in Java, C, C++, Internet and other programming technologies.
Web development discussion forums, resources, distance learning and consulting services.
Training and education for developers building distributed systems.
Education for Software Engineers
Hands-on instructor led training for XML, Java, C++ and C programmers.
GAR Technologies
Hands on, instructor led training programs for Java, Visual Basic, ASP, Web Developer and Oracle DBA.
Have OOPL, Will Travel
Teacher and author in the field of Object-Oriented Programming Languages (OOPL) since 1989.
Online algorithm design lab.
Intertech Inc.
A site dedicated to Java and Microsoft hands-on developer training.
A programming environment designed to help teach beginners and children how to program.
Online and in person training in all aspects of IBM mainframe operation including JCL, Assembler and REXX.
Knowledge Hound
How-to guides for ASP, Java, JavaScript, PERL, Q-Basic, SGML, C, C++, Visual Basic, Fortran, CGI, VRML, Object REXX, DHTML, HTML and databases.
Lecture slides on XML-RPC
Provides teaching material (slides and assignments) for an XML-RPC track in a distributed computing module.
Metrowerks: CodeWarriorU.com
Free programming education courses accessible online: anywhere, anytime, by live, expert instructors; from the makers of CodeWarrior.
Mind Charger Technologies
Programming courses in Java, C++ and Visual Basic. Courses are customized to meet individual needs.
Includes free, Assured Mastery general programming quizzes, programming & career articles, newsletters and unique publications.
Information on Java Server Faces, OSI model, Web services, Web services secutity and XHTML.
Programming Tips.com
Computer programming tips, tricks, hints and Secrets for programmers, by programmers.
PTR Associates
Range of programming courses includes Java, Perl, C, C++, visual basic, and fortran.
Rational Dev
Tips and tutorials from programmers interested in writing software correctly and efficiently. Subjects include software process and development tools.
Richardson Publications
Web development guides and source code featuring Java, JavaServer Pages (JSP), JavaScript, and HTML programming languages.
Rui's Programming Resource
Pascal, Javascript, Fortran and Assembly examples and links for beginners. Also includes some free programs.
SeSAm - Visual Programming of Agents
SeSAm (Shell for Simulated Agent Systems) provides a generic environment for modelling and experimenting with agent-based simulation.
Programming solutions and networking information.
Steve's World
Free programming tools and Linux information.
TechAquis Inc
Provider of information technology expertise. Offers courses in software and programming disciplines.
Technology Without Borders
Facilitating innovative information technology advancements that support the development of open societies and economics in developing countries.
The Computer Science Lab
A low-cost self-study course in computer programming.
The Perfect App
Rules and guidelines for creating the perfect app. Examples included.
The Quick Reference Site
Offers free Quick Reference Cards and programming related e-books, papers and tutorials in PDF format.
The Teaching About Programming Languages Project
Information about the teaching of the concepts of programming languages, especially undergraduate survey courses and courses about programming language semantics.
Third Millennium, LLP
C#, XML, Java, Perl, VB, training and courseware.
Visual Software Teacher
Delphi,API,MFC,.NET BASIC,Visual C# course notes.
XML Training
XML courses, classes, books and resources for the IT professional.
Programming assignments completed quickly by an expert programmer for a fee.