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Commodore 64
C64S, CCS64, ec64, Frodo, Hoxs64, Personal C64, Power64, Star Commander, VB64
A freeware C16 and Plus/4 emulator for Windows.
A freeware Plus/4 emulator for DOS, Java, and Windows. The Source Code for the Windows version is also available.
Upgrade your PC to a VIC-20. Runs on MS-DOS, OS/2 or Windows.
Pfau Zeh
VIC-20 emulator for Win32 and Linux.
VIC-20 emulator for the Mac OS. Shareware, fully functional for 10 minutes until registered.
The C16-Plus4 Retro Page
Game downloads, computer history, tips and home of YAPE, A freeware C16 and Plus/4 emulator for Windows. An older open source version for Unix/SDL is also available.
An open source CBM-II, PET, VIC-20, C64, and C128 emulator for BeOS/x86, DOS, Linux, OS/2, Unix, and Windows.
An Amiga port of VICE.
A freeware C16/Plus4 emulator for DOS and Win32 platforms. Also contains game cheats and a developer section.