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Codes of Ethics
Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), Association of Information Technology Professional, Australian Computer Society (ACS), Better Business Bureau (BBB), Computer Ethics Institute, Computer Learning Foundation, Computers & Academic Freedom (CAF) Archive, Health Internet Ethics (Hi-Ethics, Inc.), Hong Kong Computer Society (HKCS), Information Systems Audit and Control Association
CEPE 2001. IT and the Body, Conference on Computers, Freedom, and Privacy (CFP, E-CAP 2004. Computing and Philosophy Conference Eu, ETHICOMP 1995. Ethical Issues of Using Information, ETHICOMP 1998., ETHICOMP 2001. Systems of the Information Society, ETHICOMP 2002. The Transformation of Organisations, ETHICOMP 2004, NA-CAP 2004. Computing and Philosophy Conference N
David Vance: Computer Ethics - Cyberethics, EthicsWeb, Herman Tavani: Computing, Ethics,and Social Respon, Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) Center for , International Center for Information Ethics (ICIE), Luciano Floridi: Computer Ethics for Philosophers, New York Times on the Web, CyberTimes: Technology
Online Articles
Anna Elizabeth Kuruvilla : Computer Ethics, Chris Lang : Ethics for Artificial Intelligences, Edward F. Gehringer: Ethics in Computing, Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Labor, International Center for Information Ethics (ICIE), James H. Moor. What is Computer Ethics?, Jeff Robbins: Computer Based Decision-Making, Thre, Luciano Floridi: Information Ethics, Philosophical, M.J. van den Hoven. Equal Access and Social Justi, M.W.J. Spaul. Participatory design, communicative
Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
Special Interest Group on Computers and Society (ACM SIGCAS), addresses concerns about the ethical and societal impact of computers. Conferences. Events. Awards to individuals for making a difference.
Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility
Co-organizers of computer ethics conferences (EthiComp) and providers of social-impact advising to government and other groups. News. Resources. Discussions. Conferences listings.
Computer Learning Foundation: Use Technology Respo
Resources and guidelines for children's use of computers.
Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (
Activism for civil liberties in issues such as internet censorship, internet governance, malicious interference.
Ethics in Computing
Directory of links concerning many issues and topics related to computers and their use.
Health Internet Ethics (Hi-Ethics, Inc.)
Invites U.S.-based health websites to contribute to the development of ethical principles for offering internet health services to consumers.
Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Labor
Humanoid Robotics. Ethical considerations among other sections including historical perspective, worldwide research projects, glossary, and references. Emphasis on automated learning and development of intelligent robotics in military and energy contexts.
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers,
Ethics and Members Conduct Committee web-page with links to related resources.
International Center for Information Ethics (ICIE)
Academic website on information ethics. Platform for exchanging information about worldwide teaching and research in this field. News. Lists of institutions, teachers, and publications.
International Charter
International business organization that encourages business ethics and best practice policies.
International Federation of Information Processing
Working Group on Computers and Social Accountability.
Internet dating and mail order brides.
Short descriptions of the dangers of internet dating, mail order brides, net addiction, and safety. Some links to other resources.
Southern Connecticut State University, Research Ce
Examines computer ethics and the impact of information technology on society. Articles. Research resources. Teaching resources. Student resources. Forum. Links.
The Cybercitizen Awareness Program
Educates children and young adults on the danger and consequences of cyber crime.
The CyberSmart School Program
Developer of standards-based lesson plans, curriculum and professional development for elementary school classroom teachers, technology teachers, librarians, media specialists and administrators focusing on responsible and effective use of computers and the internet and online safety.