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Category 5 Information, Atomic Computers, Ram Electronics, Wire & Cable Technology International Magazine, WireTalk
Advanced Electronic Support Products, Inc., All Link Electronics Co. Ltd., Archtech Electronics Co., Beijing Goldlink Tech Co. Ltd., Belkin Components, BMC Data Services, Cables To Go, Cablesgroup.com, CCX Corp, CF Sales Associates, Inc.
A and S Connectivity Products
Sells all types of cabling to the computer and medical equipment industries.
A2ZCables, Inc.
Provider of SCSI, audio-video, computer, network, and fiber optic cables, connectors, and adapters.
All types of computer cabling plus firewire, and internal and external cable accessories.
Cables for DSL, CAT 5, crossover, hubs and switches and other accessories.
Advanced Cable Connection Inc.
Dedicated to building, troubleshooting and enhancing LANs, intranets and extranets, as well as providing custom cables, network hardware and accessories.
Specializes in industry-specific, custom fabricated and otherwise hard to find cable and connection products.
Cable and Computer Connexions
Provides computer and connectivity products for a variety of needs.
Cable Galaxy
Specializing in drive, monitor, power, and printer cables.
Computer cables for mail order, including SCSI, MIDI, USB, UTP, SVGA, keyboard, cables, terminators and adapters.
Cablemart Computer Wholesale
Quality computer cables and computer hardware wholesale.
All types of cables including USB, FIREWIRE, hubs and tools.
Cablenet Systems, Inc.
Provides a full range of voice, data and networking cabling services.
Cables and Connector Technologies
Large variety of computer cables and accessories for modems, printers and buses such as CAT5 and SCSI.
Cables Direct
Source for computer cabling.
Cables N Mor
Computer cable including SCSI, Null Modem, MIDI, USB, IEEE 1284 printer, joystick, and networking cable.
Cables Unlimited
Computer cables and accessories.
Source for computer cables, peripherals and accessories.
Line of cables, adapters, and accessories.
Data Networking and Fiber Optic ISO 9002 certified Cables.
Distributor of connectors and cable assemblies including SCSI, IEEE, IBM, Cisco, Apple and other common and custom interconnection systems.
Computer cables of all types for keyboard, monitor, mouse and printer.
CAT 5 Cable Company
Offers CAT 5 patch and crossover cables for networking, both custom and standard length.
Catskill Supply
Supplier of computer cabling, networking and computer products.
Cirris System
Manufacturer of the Signature Cable Tester. Test wires, cables, and harnesses.
Provider of cables for computer printers, monitors, scsi adapters, and switchboxes for peripheral devices and networking equipment.
Components Express, Inc.
Manufacturer of custom cable products, network patch panels and electronic components vendor.
Computer Cases and Cables
Computer cables, accessories, and cases.
Computer Plug Accessories Inc.
Large selection of molded computer cables plus extensive variety of computer peripherals.
Connect Technologies
Sells SCSI, network, fiber optic and custom computer cables, networking equipment, connectors, and adapters.
Connections USA
Custom computer cables, and network installations.
Sells all kinds of cables from computer to audio.
Sells all types of computer cables including: IEEE-1284 cables, Bi-Directional cables, IEEE-1394 FireWire cables and USB cables.
Computer networking connectivity store. Switches, hubs, routers, wireless routers, maus, caus, lams, token ring, ethernet, fast ethernet, cable, cables, cabling, testers, and repeaters.
Data Comm
Cables for networks, printers and switch boxes.
DataPath, Inc.
Extensive line of cable, cable assemblies and networking hardware.
Digital-PC Inc.
Specializing in cables as well as computer hardware and components.
Discount Cables USA
Distributor of custom cables, standard cables, fiber optic jumpers, OEM brand cable equals and network accessories.
For cable testing and harness testing solutions.
Supplier of keyboard adapter and USB A/B cables plus serial and mouse adapters.
Electro Connection
Supplies computer cabling and networking equipment.
Euronetwork Ltd.
Manufacturers and distributors of computer cables and audio products.
Fumo Communications
Offers terminators, Fiber Optic cables and fibers in both multimode and singlemode.
Manufacturer of computer cables, fiber optic cables, ethernet cables, networking cables, custom cables.
GoodWang International Company
All types of cabling and accessories.
Grand-Tek Technology Co. Ltd.
Networking cables and standard computer cables.
Distributor of computer cables and other connectivity solutions.
Hallmark Computer Supplies
Sells all varieties of cables and cabling.
Homestead Cable Management
Supplies a wide range of computer cables and cable management products, patch panels and equipment cabinets.
Hurricane Computer Products
Source for computer cables, adapters and accessories.
ICAS Custom Cabling Suppliers
Provides custom cable assemblies, premise components, LAN/WAN network design and build, equipment integration and system relocation.
Distributors of communication and computer connectivity products.
Wholesaler of computer cables and peripherals for connectivity and peripheral devices.
Infinity Cable Products
Provides networking and datacom solutions, plus category 5 products.
Information Systems Supply
All types of computer cables, adapters, switch boxes, patch panels and cabling tools.
All type of cables and connectors.
J & D Enterprises
Manufacturer of cable assemblies and wiring components for the Telecom Industry.
JRM Data
Source for computer cables, switch boxes, computer systems, computer components, and networking solutions.
Carries computer cables, adapters, switch boxes, mobile racks and tool kits.
KT USA Systems
Offers computer cables and parts.
L-com, Inc.
Connectivity products such as cable assemblies, fiber optics and network equipment.
L.A. Cable
Provides RJ-45 patch cords, patch panels, bulk cable, fiber optics, connectors and other network cabling supplies.
Cabling and connectivity components.
Lastar Datacomm Solutions
Reseller of computer, network cables, KVM switches, networking and other connectivity and Datacomm products.
Leads Direct
Connecting leads and cables for computers, pro audio, music, AV, and Fibre Optic.
Maderite Cables
Offers custom cabling for networking.
Methode Electronics
Terminators, adapters, testers and circuits.
Micro Accessories Inc.
Source for computer cables, network cables and hard drive accessories.
Micro Computer Cable Co. LLC
Provides communication and computer connectivity solutions.
Offers electronic, security and telephone wire, burglar alarm cable, network, Category 5 and computer cables.
Hard to find computer cables, connectors, parts and accessories.
National Communications, Inc.
Manufacturer and distributor of bulk cable, connectors, fiber optics and networking products.
National Technology
SCSI cables, USB, cables, switch box, super VGA, connectors, and components.
Network Cables and Connectors Inc.
Complete line of connectivity solutions network and custom cable assemblies.
NTC Distributing
Source for 1394 Firewire and USB connection needs.
Offers a complete line of voice, data, fiber optic, electronic wire and cable.
A complete solution for RF cables, (microwave, semi-rigid and flexible) multiconductors, and custom cable assemblies.
Optica Technologies Incorporated
Products and services for the enterprise computing environment.
Patch Cables Plus
Fiber-optic jumpers and patch cables.
PC Extras
Complete online catalog of PC cables, adapters, audio andaccessories. Computer parts and supply.
Computer cables and switches. Including USB, Firewire, SCSI, VGA.
Sells computer cabling and adapters.
Pen Cabling Technology
Provides custom cable assemblies, PCMCIA cables and adapters, international telecom cables, smart cables and coaxial assemblies.
PS International Limited
Markets category 5 and 5e, SCSI, USB, and Firewire computer cables as well as networking hardware including switches, hubs, NICs, KVM switches, Ethernet media converters and transceivers.
Quality Cables USA, Inc.
Provides high quality cable products.
R and R Data/Telecom Inc.
Distributes a variety of computer and telephone cables, and connectors.
Redmond Cable
Computer interface cable, adapter, USB, network cable, custom built cabling and other hardware. Plus a reference area with glossary of terms.
SCSI cables and accessories. Custom internal cabling built to your specs.
SCSI Masters.com
Distributor of SCSI cables, custom cabling and terminators.
SF Cable
Offers a full line of PC cables, adaptors, networking switch boxes and Mac products.
Sky Cable Enterprise Co Ltd.
Computer accessories, cables, power strips, cords, adapters, terminators, and connectors.
Stonewall Cable, Inc.
Offers computer and networking cables.
Sun States Wire Products
Standard and customized networking and cabling supplies.
Source for replacement PCMCIA modem cables, dongles, PC card cables and AC adapters.
System Solutions
Wholesale distributor of computer networking hardware and cable.
Systronics Corp.
Supplier of computer, communications and networking cables and accessories.
Offers computer networking cables, plus surge protectors, network cards, and modems.
Tec Datawire
Connectivity products and services for voice and data communications.
Tech World
Features cables, testers, cable-making supplies, accessories, software, and tips.
Telecom Connections
Distributor of computer and telecom cables.
Timbercon, Inc.
Distributor of computer cables for SCSI devices, Fiber Optics, and custom cabling.
Reseller of computer cables, adaptors and accessories.
Offers a selection of cabling, power supplies, adapters, CPUs, and fans.
Distributor for computer, network, security accessories, cable, wire and adaptors.
USB Cable
Sells USB products such as cables, adapters, hubs and iMac accessories.
Variety of USB cables, adapters, and converters, including port expansion and data storage devices.
Provides a full line of cable assemblies.
Value Communication Products
Distributor of cabling and connectivity products for the voice, data, security and alarm industries.
Western Telephone Plugs
TV, satellite, hi-fi, video, cables and connectors.
Offers various adaptor cables and LMR-type cables for use with RF and wireless applications.
Distributes new, refurbished and used Cisco routers, switches, memory, GBICs and networked storage and security solutions as well as undertaking asset recovery.