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Labels and Equipment, Printers, Scanners, AAA Technologies, Absolutely Group, Accuware, Acumen Data Systems, Inc., AdaZon, ADC Integrated Systems, Inc., Advanced Automation, Inc., AIDEA Inc., Alloyinn Corporation, American Barcode Concepts
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A Matter of Fax
Sells printers, monitors, digital cameras, copiers, scanners, fax machines and multifunction office equipment.
About.com: Peripherals
Read articles about installing and using peripherals as well as reviews and vendor lists.
Acer Communications & Multimedia
Offers a broad range of products addressing computer needs from entry level to home office, business, advanced multimedia, to CAD/CAM environments.
Acruxo Technology Inc.
Provides USB token PC-lock to secure PCs from being accessed, for use in homes and labs.
Manufacturer of video cameras and conferencing equipment, graphic tablets, video phones and interactive pen-based educational systems.
Provider of power protection products and services including UPS and surge suppressors.
Arcy Solutions, Inc.
Offers sales and service for new terminals, factory refurbished, spare parts and repairs for Wyse and other brand names.
Arrowhead Resellers Corp.
Specializes in brand name printers, bar code and POS systems, including dot matrix, laser and thermal printers.
ARS Technologies
Provides USB products which allow connecting through USB on standard devices like printers, disk drives and CD-ROM drives.
Provides firewire for digital cameras, USB hubs, pen hard drives and pocket enclosures, optical mouse, CD organizer, and cables and adapters.
B and B Electronics Ltd.
Design, manufacture and distribute a complete range of computer communications products, for all types of serial buses.
Sells PC systems, components and peripherals.
Bottom Line Telecommunications
Offers wide array of computer components by name brand manufacturers including systems, printers, monitors, scanners, media, and consumables.
Braemar International Networks
Computer accessories manufacturer and exporter. Product range includes monitor filters, computer bags, storage systems, anti-static dustcovers, keyboards.
C-Byte Computers
Full line of computer peripherals and components.
Cal's Computer Warehouse
Computer systems and parts online.
Canon USA, Inc.
Full range of inkjet printers, scanners, and Fax machines. Provides technical support, drivers, and a dealer locator.
A group of interlinked shopping websites selling all types of computer peripheral devices.
Compuedge Pty Ltd.
PC parts, system pricing and upgrades offered.
Provides modems, ISDN, PC-cards, cameras and input devices. Offers international software and retail packages in 7 languages.
CounterPoint Technologies
Offers Okidata printers, Acer equipment and POS accessories. Track order status and order tracking.
Creative Document Solutions
Offers large-format engineering plotters and copiers, production desktop scanners, professional CD-R and DVD-R duplicators, and scanning services.
Creative Technology
Provider of multimedia products and peripherals for personal computers.
Source for modems, monitors, multimedia products, printers and supplies. Carrying a variety of products for IEEE-1394, IEEE-1284, and USB.
DataMetrics Corporation
Design, development and production of ruggedized printers and plotters, workstations and peripherals.
Features a data-communication offering such as modems, ISDN products, PC Cards, and video conferencing equipment.
VAR providing solutions for multiple server and data center facilities management and remote server control.
Emm Electronics
Offers a very broad range of products to dealers and resellers. Canadian based.
Envoy Data Corporation
Technical distributor concentrating on PC Card products. Large product line for PCMCIA.
Manufacturers of inkjet, dot matrix and laser printers as well as scanners, digital cameras and LCD projectors. Site offers FAQ and technical support.
Offers ergonomic products and accessories from innovative input devices such as keyboards, mice, and touchpads to proven assistive devices.
European Electronique
Brand name and niche IT products including desktop and laptop PCs, printers, servers, peripherals and networking products.
Evation - Irman
Small device that allows you to control your PC with the remote from your TV, VCR, CD or stereo while you are in another room.
Express Systems and Peripherals
Distributor of computer equipment, multiport serial devices and remote access products.
Offers a range of biometric security peripherals specialising in fingerprint scanner hardware and software.
Firscall UK
Suppliers of computer consumables, accessories and peripherals.
Fujitsu Canada, Inc.
Provider of PC notebook products as well as peripheral devices, including high-capacity hard disk drives, dot matrix printers, and document imaging scanners.
Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc.
Manufactures computer peripherals, including hard disk drives, magneto-optical drives and tape.
Future Technology Co., Ltd.
Offers computer peripherals like hubs and card readers.
Grabil Technologies
Manufacturer's representative to the Canadian hi-tech marketplace. Specializing in peripherals for Macintosh and Windows platforms.
GTCO CalComp
Features the design and manufacture of large-format digitizers, desktop graphics tablets, wide-format scanners and internet conferencing tools.
Headway Technology Group
European distributor for document management products including scanners, document capture software, optical, CD, DVD storage hardware.
Heisei Electronics Co., Ltd.
Features the peripherals and systems made by this Taiwanese firm including networking components and input devices.
Hi-Tech Parts
Allows users to post and search for parts and peripherals.
Home Electronics
Remote control for computers. Enables the use of the remote from a TV, VCR or stereo to control a home computer.
I-O Data Device USA, Inc.
Manufacturer of computer peripherals.
IBC Computer and Internet Company Ltd.
Sells and supports an extensive range of printers, scanners, accessories, Fax and printer supplies, offers computer repairs and affordable web-design packages.
Specializing in APC products for single PC protection to entire data center power management.
Business unit of IDLink and solutions partner in printing, barcode scanning, labelling and ticketing. Advising, technical assistance and training services. Mons, Belgium.
Input Technologies
Provides industrial grade keyboards, touchpads, trackballs, joysticks, keypads and wireless products to the interactive kiosk and industrial computer markets.
Intel Wireless Series
Read about wireless products including keyboards, mice, and a wireless gamepads.
Intermec Technologies Corporation
Markets a complete line of data collection hardware, network devices, mobile computers, bar code printers and label supplies.
Interworld Electronics
Offers industrial rack mount PC computers, telephony boards and application software, data acquisition and communications hardware.
Jumbo Computers International
Features this computer peripherals manufacturer's broad product line. Located in Taiwan.
Just Projectors
Features a range of audio visual equipment such as projectors, plasma screens, stands, and interactive whiteboards. UK based.
Kensington Technology Group
Accessories and peripherals for the computer after-market.
KYE Systems Corp.
Provides broadband ADSL routers, wireless communications(RF/Bluetooth/Optical) as well as PDA accessory technology.
Kyocera Mita UK
A document solutions company with a product line up that includes laser printers, copiers, faxes and scanners. UK Based.
Lexon International
Sells computer products such as add-on boards, memory, optical media, casings and speakers.
Lind Electronics
Makers of auto air and auto power adapters and power packs for portable computers.
Logitech International S.A.
Holding company with subsidiaries which design, manufacture and market broad range of computer control devices, including mice, trackballs, touchpads, joysticks, gamepads, steering wheels, and pc video cameras. (Nasdaq: LOGIY).
Madge Networks
Global managed network services and product solutions provider specializing in mission-critical enterprise needs.
Provides large format solvent inkjet printers, data entry and capture systems, imaging scanners, optical jukeboxes, and jukebox management software.
Sales of digital photo printers and cameras, color laser printers, scanners, new and refurbished film recorders.
Midcom Data Technologies, Inc.
Distributes computer peripherals including printers, terminals, thin clients/network computers, barcoding devices, and data communication devices.
A collaboration tool that captures everything written or drawn on a whiteboard, in color and real time and then transmits the information directly into a computer.
Learn about the broad range of devices manufactured by this firm and purchase these items directly from the firm.
Mustek USA
Offers flatbed and sheetfed scanners as well as digital cameras and LCD projectors.
New Age Computer Solutions, Inc.
Offers a range of HP peripherals including Laserjets, Deskjets, and Scanjets.
New Logic Computers
Computer parts and PCs online, wholesale and retail.
Olivetti Tecnost International
Specialises in office, communication and imaging products for the business, SoHo and consumer markets.
Omni Data Systems
Refurbishes and resells computers, ticket, dot matrix and thermal printers, data terminals, monitors, network and communication boards by major manufacturers.
Specializing in FireWire cameras for microscopy, industrial and OEM applications.
Quasar Systems, Inc.
Terminal and printer, sales and repair service.
Reborn Card
PCI cards that can interface with hard drives, provide system administration, and protect against viruses.
Scancom Limited
Suppliers of video signal conversion products: Computer-to-video scan converters, Genlock adapter, VGA signal splitters, video-to-VGA converters, MPEG-2 recorder and line doubler.
Seatech Europe
Laptops manufacturer and LCD monitor supplier.
Security products for desktop and laptop computers.
Shenzhen Hantat Electronics Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer specializing in computer peripherals such as keyboards, mice, USB flash disks, digital camera and game accessories.
Presents MP3, CD, and DVD players as well as speakers using NXT flat panel technology.
Simex Systems
PC mouse products including the new UFO mouse with large stock.
Sitiless Co.,Ltd
Distributor for computers, peripherals and accessories, and POS systems.
Sky Hawk USA
Computer peripherals and network system solution provider and manufacturer.
SmartDisk Corporation
Manufacturers of hard drives, flash drives, film scanners, media readers, PCI cards and other peripherals and accessories.
Software Integrators
Sells video card adapters and cables, multisync monitors and switch boxes.
Spectrum Computer Inc.
Specializing in peripherals for the S/36, AS/400 and the RS/6000. These include printers, display stations, remote controllers, disks and tapes.
SWN Group
Specializes in Webpads, tablet PCs and other wireless touch screen computers.
Specialized manufacturer of computer peripherals for the emerging PCMCIA industry by providing a full line of cost-effective, PCMCIA Memory and peripheral interfaces.
Builds the Ranger brand of PCs and storage devices.
Thomas Computer Corporation
sells printers and monitors, projectors and labelers.
To Go PC
Peripherals and components online.
Tornado Sistems
Hardware distributor for components, peripherals, networking, and systems.
Touch Controls, Inc.
Manufactures ruggedized touch screens and other products such as kiosks for demanding industrial and public access.
Trust Computer Products
Read about this Pan-European supplier of computer peripherals like scanners, modems, keyboards, joysticks, monitors, MP3 players, video products, speakers, networking products, and accessories.
TSI Europe
Mail order supplier of computer supplies and peripheral devices.
UltraStat Inc.
The patented FST Static Protection System, manufactured in the USA, eliminates the electrostatic potential from both the system and the user.
US Micro Products, Inc.
Products include LCD's, trackballs, backlighting, thermal, receipt and dot matrix printers, custom designs for non-standard products.
USB FireWire.com
Offers USB and FireWire cables and devices.
USB Gear OnLine Catalog
USB product directory for hubs, printers, keyboards, modems, mice, scanners, speakers, digital cameras and joysticks.
Offers a range of USB devices including long range extenders, adapters, hubs, cables, audio, and video devices.
Sells USB products including cards, drives, adapters, video capture bridge, printer adapter cables and hub modems.
Video and Telecommunications, Inc.
Suppliers of tape backup units, disk drives, laser printers, plotters, modems and cabling.
Wacom Asia Pacific
Produces various types of graphics tablets.
Offers a range of monitors, CD and DVD printers, and drives. Based in The Netherlands.
WillowSix, Inc.
Produces hoods for computer monitors and laptops, and soft proofing color management systems for desktop prepress.
Xecom, Inc.
Read about computer hardware, peripherals and customer service provided by this company and purchase online.