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eClippings Daily Technology Newsletters
A daily double-dose of current tech news and an examination of its impact on online learning.
Offers a directory of IT-related newsletters. Users can view samples of newsletters, subscribe and unsubscribe and see how others rate individual newsletters.
Infopackets Gazette
Newsletter published three times a week for new and intermediate users, focusing on Windows technologies. Online archives.
An e-mail information delivery service providing product announcements, special offers, discounts and freebies from major IT vendors.
ITtoolbox Groups
Groups for IT problem-solving and decision-making.
Pencildude's Picks
Bi-monthly email newsletter offering tips on computers and the Internet.
Software E-zine
Periodic newsletter offering short descriptions of software products.
The Naked PC Newsletter
What you need to know about all things PC; a free electronic newsletter
ZDNet Newsletters
Editors scour all of ZDNet to bring the best tips, how-to's, downloads, and quick-fixes for your computing needs.