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Audio Formats
AY, MOD, MP3, MPEG-4, NSF, Ogg Vorbis, VQF, AC3Filter, Free Lossless Audio Coder, MPE Secure Media, Musepack, OptimFROG, Speex, Study on Audio Compression, The Void: PC Audio Resource, True Audio, Vianix Corporation
01xRay.com, CM Labs, Cowon Systems, Inc, M-Audio, Muse Research, Inc., Plugzilla, Sonic Blade, Universal Audio: UAD-1, V2M - Vocal to MIDI Converter, Zefiro Acoustics
Hardware, Software, Knowledge Hound: MIDI, MIDI Manufacturers Association Incorporated (MMA), MIDI Technical Fanatic's Brainwashing Center, The MIDI Farm, The MIDI Specification, The MSQ Project
Buzz, Collection Catalogers, Composition, Converters, CSound, Editors, Educational, Gigasampler, Java, Linux
Tutorials and Information
Audioforums.com, Bownie's DIY Guide to Recording, Computer Music Journal, Digital Home Recording, Ecological Models, Embedding Sound in Web Pages, Global Music Resource, Harmony Central: Effects Resources, Internet Radio Broadcasting 101, Introduction to Signal Processing
Computer Music Magazine
Features tutorials on Cubase and Musicshop, software reviews, an index of reviewed digital music sites, and a getting started guide for both Mac and PC computer music systems.
Company developing ProTools, a software and hardware based system for audio and MIDI recording. Products catalog and description, support and download area, news.
Digital Audio Works
Music Software and Hardware for the recording and editing of music on the PC or Mac digital audio workstation.
Electronic magazine by Digidesign offering articles, opinions and reviews about hard disk recording, audio editing and mixing, and related issues.
Provides music content management and intelligence. Facilitate the creation, preparation and distribution of digital files. Based in Switzerland with a contact office in Germany.
IEEE Committee on Computer Generated Music
Reports on the activity of this international engineering group, including a discussion a project to store over 5,000 historical recordings from the Theater La Scala of Milan in an interactive database.
Mix Online
Magazine on professional audio and music production. Reviews, articles, and subscription information.
MOTU - Mark of the Unicorn
Developing software and hardware products for the Macintosh and PC. Products description, support and download area.
Sound On Sound
Music recording magazine offering product reviews, news and subscription information.
T.C. Electronic
Creators of several plug-ins and hardware-based effects processing. Company profile, products description, support and shopping area.
Virtual Library: Audio
Pointers to information on computer-based audio available around the world, including general repositories, newsgroups, on-line radio, software and other information.
Web Audio Workshop
This monthly column discusses the latest and greatest in Internet sound technology and online music distribution.
A system for the distribution of music, musical scores, and sheetmusic over the internet that ensures copyright protection. Includes functions for transposition and Braille.