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Macromedia Authorware
A'ware Tips, Authorware Amy, Authorware.com, AWARE Listserve, Barbara Brown's Authorware Resources, Macromedia Authorware Support Center, Mike's Authorware Resource Site - MARS
Macromedia Director
Developers, Lingo, Shockwave Demos, Xtras, Bob Tartar's Director MX Blog, Dean's Director Tutorials, Developer Dispatch, Director Online, Director Tutorials and Notes, Director Web, Director-3d, directordev, Macromedia Boston User Group (MMBUG), Macromedia Director
Macromedia Flash
Animations, Chats and Forums, Conferences, Criticism, Designers, FAQs, Help, and Tutorials, Portfolios, Resources, Software, Macromedia Flash, Shockwave Rules
Abiogenesis Software
Offers software for multimedia dictionaries, plus web development and mailing list tools.
Application scripting language and compiler for building animations and other multimedia content. [Windows]
Arboretum Systems
[Mac - Win]?Develops software for video editing, post-production, and music recording. Products catalog, download and support area, purchasing information.
AutoPlay Media Studio
Tool for creating AutoPlay menus for Windows CDs from existing multimedia content. Free trial available. [Windows]
Dazzler Deluxe
A multimedia authoring tool that uses a graphical user interface without any programming necessary.
Software to create multimedia content that can be published as HTML, a Java applet, or to a CD-ROM.
Software for authoring interactive presentations, AutoRun CD browsers, and e-learning, tutorials and quizzes.
Digital Workshop
Producers of graphics and multimedia software including Opus Presenter and Paint Shop Pro. [Windows]
E-Book Systems
Publisher of authoring tools for e-books, online photo albums, and CD shopping carts.
Emulive Imaging Corporation
Develops and markets an end-to-end e-commerce ready streaming media platform.
Flying Popcorn
Animation multimedia authoring tool which provides graphical work environment. Creates multimedia contents with 3d sound effects, images, shapes, text and video files.
Formula Graphics
Software can use sound and graphic files of a wide variety of formats, has search capabilities and supports database SQL queries through ODBC.
Gmedia Music
Graphics language for professionals is a powerful, flexible and fast multimedia development engine. Includes native support for fonts, animations, MP3 and database connections for the Windows OS.
From IBM. Java-based tools to enhance media files.
Java-based tool converts Macromedia Director and Microsoft PowerPoint files to web projects. FAQ, user's guide, free trial version.
IntelliPics Studio
A multimedia authoring tool designed for teachers and students to create slide shows, presentations, quizzes, games and curriculum based activities. Company offers other educational software for students, particularly those with disabilities.
Offers imaging development toolkits supporting color, grayscale, multimedia, vector, document, and medical imaging for a wide range of programming applications.
Macromedia provides a range of products for multimedia authoring and web development. Site contains extensive documentation and support for all software.
Magenta MultiMedia Tools
Magenta is a development environment for creating multimedia, e-learning, e-business and Internet applications. Includes documentation center and downloadable tutorials with source files.
Media Semantics
Tools for building rich interactive media content hosted by believable cartoon and 3D characters.
Windows-based multimedia authoring system creates autorun CD menus, multimedia applications, demos, presentations, and MP3 players as small stand-alone Windows applications.
Developer tool for multimedia authoring. tool for multimedia authoring. Event-driven and object-based. [Windows]
A multimedia authoring tool and GUI development environment for Microsoft Windows 3.1/95/98/NT, Unix/X11, and Macintosh systems.
Navarasa Multimedia
Shareware multimedia authoring tool for web and CD-ROM projects. Windows.
Tool for creating Windows multimedia applications, useful for promotional, educational, and training purposes. [Windows]
Information and resources for using NeoBook, a Windows multimedia development tool. Includes source code, tips and tricks, and discussion.
Ovation Studio Pro
Tool for creating professional multimedia applications such as games, storybooks, tutorials, and Computer Based Training (CBT).
Publishing tool for interactive video, audio, images, and simulation content, appropriate for online manuals, catalogs, and educational applications. [Windows]
Offer CRE:8 to allow the creation of multimedia CD's, Pictacle for image slide shows and screensavers, and LabelCreator-Pro for designing labels.
Open-source environment for learning the fundamentals of electronic art and computer programming.
Downloads, documentation, support, articles, for the popular range of internet media products.
Simple Star
Offer a number of products to manage images and sound, create slideshows, VCDs, and mix audio. Product information, purchasing, and free trial for download. Windows
Six Mile Creek Systems
Software development company that offers Springboard, an application for sketching and annotating storyboards for film, video, animation, or other dynamic media.
Skunklabs Liquid Media
Presentation and training authoring tool for DirectX. Freeware version and free trial available. [Windows]
Slim Show
Authoring tool for interactive Windows applications, optimized for small file sizes. [Windows]
Software that enables HTML and other files to be autorun from CD.
QuickTime utility to generate 3D movies or images for multimedia productions or games. [Macintosh/Windows]
A hypertext writing environment designed for large, complex hypertext projects, which can be saved as stand-alone programs or exported to Web.
ToolBook Users' Web
Categorized links for Asymetrix ToolBook sotware.
Interactive artistic visualisations, codebased motion design, demos, audio-visuals and tools using Processing, Shockwave and Flash. Source code released under Creative Commons License.
Object-based, drag-and-drop authoring tool that uses QuickTime 4. MacOS and Windows.
Visviva Software
Developers of a scriptable multimedia authoring tool supporting object design, 2D and 3D graphics, animation, and hypertext. [Windows]
Windows Media
Digital media platform enables the development of applications, creation of multimedia content, and reliable distribution. Downloads, detailed product information, documentation, news.