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Assembly Language for Intel-Based Computers, Danny Yee's Book Reviews: Computing, Document Strategy, Janus Tech Guild, PC Book Reviews, Quality Media.com Private Limited, Steven Gould, TechBookReport
Magazines and E-zines
E-zines, Magazines
Ars Technica
The PC enthusiast's resource. Power users and the tools they love, without computing religion.
Designed for serious computer users, news and analysis on IT. Articles on varying topics, including tech news, software and hardware, laws and government, on line version of print magazine sign up middle of page under summaries.
News, information, resources and forums for IT professionals.
Provides news, reviews, research and analysis. Links to related resources, events guide and contact details.
Articles on communication, hardware and programming issues. Research library, forums and product locator.
Corante - Personal Technology
Aggregated coverage of hardware, software, the Internet, and the consumer technology industry.
Cyber Aspect
Offers software and hardware reviews and industry news.
A news portal about cyberpunk issues, including privacy, technology, future.
Dingbat Magazine
Features articles on software and computers, and peripherals, book and games reviews.
Headlines aggregated from several computer and technology news and discussion sites.
Technology news postings with discussion. Covers hardware, software, and gaming.
News postings on software, hardware, gaming, and the Internet.
Computer and internet news weblog with snippets and user comments.
GNU Friends
News about free software, the GNU Project and free software organizations worldwide.
IT Research Library
Provides tools, techniques and research to help IT and business professionals make educated buying decisions.
Supplies news, product information and links, categorized by industry branches. Features announces of print publications of Transcontinental Media Inc.
Provides reviews of software, hardware and computer books for home, SOHO, education and small business computer users.
Marketing, media, advertising and design industry news.
NewsFactor Network
The starting point for a network of technology news and information sites, including Wireless NewsFactor and CRM Daily.
Rediff On The Net: Infotech
Information and entertainment online, India infotech news and views, technology updates, information technology.
Savage News
Source for hardware, software, and gaming news in weblog format. Downloads and links.
News and views on publishing your own home page using free home page services.
Source for technology related news with a heavy slant towards Linux and Open Source issues.
News, commentary, and discussions on important or interesting high tech news and includes newsletters.
TechNews From Industry to Computing
Swiss computer news site.
Technology News
Provides a public reference library with mainframe specifications and publishes an electronic newsletter, infoperspectives, crammed with facts, figures, charts, statistics and trend analysis.
Daily news on technology, digital products and services in India.
News, product reviews, and software downloads on personal computing and home technology.
The Inquirer
European site for computer hardware news. Covers processors, graphics cards and major hardware providers.
The Register
Offers news, views, opinions and reviews on what's latest in the IT industry. Based in the UK.
Topix.net: Computers
News about computers, collected from various sources on the web.
Offers articles, tips, shopping guides, news and reviews. Resources, online game and jokes.
Internet and technology news from the UK Internet magazine.
Wired News: Computers
Daily news on computing, from the monthly magazine.