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Hosts both closed-source and open-source projects, but with a novel feature: Each member of the project team is assigned tasks, and each task has a certain number of "shares" allocated to it that represent some percentage of the entire effort. Whenever there is profit to be made, Asynchrony is able to distribute some percentage of product revenues to the people who made the product possible, using the share ownership information.
BerliOS Developer
Free hosting for Open Source projects, using a Sourceforge-like system.
Free cvs hosting for your source code. Add as many projects as you wish and as many developers to your projects as you wish.
Provides free Internet and application services, such as CVS, WWW, FTP, PHP, MySQL, Maillists and many more, for selected members of the international Open Source software community.
Hosting of open source projects online, similar to sourceforge. Hosting server source code is available for download under the GPL.
Hosting Ohio
Linux based virtual webhosting for small organizations. Free hosting for open source projects.
Novell Forge
A collaboration website for research and development of open-source projects.
Supports CVS-like hosting of projects, through web upload and linux synchronization client.
Indian portal hosting projects under Free/Open source licenses.
Free Software hosting from the GNU project. Don't have to be part of the GNU project to host a project here.
Small business web hosting and design
Professional business web hosting and web design services. Specializing in the dynamic needs of small businesses.
Free hosting for open source projects - offers CVS, mailing lists, bug tracking, forums, task management, 100Mb webhosting with MySQL, yournamehere.sourceforge.net, permanent file archival, full backups, and total web-based administration.
Tightly-focused site hosting open source projects that build software engineering tools.
Free project hosting in The Netherlands, including subdomain, email@subdomain, and discussion board. All kinds of projects hosted.