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Wikipedia, Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia, Cunnan, dKosopedia, Everything2, Hierarchypedia, HierarchyPedia, Linpedia, Memory Alpha, Metaweb, Musipedia
Idea Banks
BrainFlower, Brightidea, Creativity Pool, Global Ideas Bank, Halfbakery, Idea A Day, ShouldExist, Thinkcycle
Creative Commons License Generator, Free Art License, GNU Free Documentation License, October Open Game License, Open Content License, Open Directory Project License, Open Game License, The Open Book Project
Classical MBA
Free lecture notes, articles, and resources pertaining to leveraging Open Source technologies and the classics in business.
Drafting the Gift Domain
An introduction to IP law as it relates to Open Content (PDF).
First Monday - Open Content and Value Creation
Article by Magnus Cedergren discusses models involving the driving forces in a theoretical open content value chain.
Free Curriculum Project
An effort to create a complete K-12 curriculum and set of course materials that are "Free" in the GNU sense.
Information Research Weblog
A forum to exchange information on publications and websites of potential interest to the readers of the journal, Information Research, an open access, refereed, electronic journal covering the information field generally.
The purpose of the Linart project is twofold. First, to advance the use of Linux-based systems and other free, open source software for artists; and second, to define, encourage, and promote free art and a community of those who make it.
O'Reilly Open Books Project
Read entire books online which were published under various forms of "open" copyright.
Reason for being: "facilitate the prolific creation of freely available, high-quality, well-maintained Content." Content = everything but software.
The Berkman Center's open law public forum, an experiment in public, online drafting of legal argument; bringing the concepts of open source to legal argument. Current cases: Open DVD (defending DeCSS and fighting the Digital Millennium Copyright Act); Eldred v. Reno (challenging the copyright term extension); Open Access (demanding open access to cable broadband); the Microsoft Remedy (analyzing the antitrust case).
OpenText Project
Mission is to lead the open source content movement in higher education, modeling textbook content after the open source software movement.
OSCOMAK: Open Source Community On Manufacturing Kn
Goal: create a distributed global repository of production knowledge of past, present and future processes, materials, products.
Rice University's Connexions
Article on the first steps of an experimental, open-source/open content project that will "give a learner... free access to educational materials that can be readily manipulated to suit her individual learning style".
Wikimedia Foundation
International non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging the growth and development of free content, multilingual, wiki-based projects, and to providing the full content of those projects to the public free of charge.
Free travel guide based on contributed open content.