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Development Tools
Jameleon, Jscripthelp
Emacs, AEditor, Anyedit, Bluefish, BVI - Binary Visual editor, Code Browser, Cssed, Ed!'s home on the web, Eddi, Freddy, FTE Text Editor
Browser and Text Based, 21st Century Trader, Adonthell, Blacknova Traders, Civ II Evolution Project, Danger from the Deep, Fate, Final Frontier Trader, Flight Gear Flight Simulator, FreeDroid, Groundfire
3D Scene, 4P: Pixel Pushing Paint Program, Altaxo, Chart2D, Coriander, DIB Components, Elementary Particle Project, Fandango, Height Map Editor, JPEG Pixel Interpolator
CockTail - The Java RAD & WORA Tool, FOX GUI Toolkit, GUIS, InputGUIDO, Java Gui Builder, KronoJunior, ObjectCentral - V, Official Window Maker Website, Prima, The Official FVWM Homepage
Clients, Distributed Computing, Monitoring, Servers, Web Applications, Website Authoring, Adaptive Communication Environment, FarCry, HTun, IP Calculator, Linux Embedded Appliance Firewall (LEAF), Lookandfeel Software, Mobilemaps, ObjectWeb, OpenH323Proxy, Projectfiles
Music and Audio
MP3 Book Helper, MPEG4IP: open source MPEG4 package, Open Sound World, orDrumbox, StreamStudio
DaveSource Marginal Hacks
Collection of utilities, most of which are written in Perl. Includes HTML photo album generator, Web invitation system, basic HTTP server, and an 'extensible' mail filter.
Submarine maritime tactical analysis application. Used for analysis of maritime vessel tracks in 2 and 3 dimensions.
Doug's Open Source
Various open source applications. Scoring threaded newsreader, voice recognition macro editor, C++ to verilog translator/simulator.
GNU Project and Free Software Foundation
Home of the GNU operating system, the GNU General Public License, and the Free Software Foundation. The Open Source Movement branched off from the Free Software Movement in 1998. The Linux kernel is normally used together with GNU.
The project provides various GNU tools and software for Win32.
Provides reviews of software products, as well as a couple software projects.
An open source computing platform for developing adaptive, scalable applications.
Kulak Commander
Dual-panel text mode file manager. Built-in text editor with syntax highlighting, hex editor, FTP support. Does not change registry, small enough to fit on a floppy. (C++) [Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP]
Open Channel Foundation
Hosting open source projects and software from academic and research institutions and providing commercial services.
OpenPrivacy Initiative
An open source collection of software frameworks, protocols and services providing a cryptographically secure and distributed platform for creating, maintaining, and selectively sharing user profile information.
To foster the adoption and successful use of free and open source solutions in education.
A facility to deploy XML, servlets or JSP presentations on Java servers.
Project CrossRec
Distributed database for audio/video data.
An international coalition of organizations fostering free and open resources in and for education.
Smartcard Key Storage Daemon
Smartcard Key Storage Daemon is a Linux application used to store encryption keys on smartcards.
Thousands of open source projects hosted. offering access to CVS, mailing lists, bug tracking and message boards/forums.
The mission statement of theOpenCD.org group is to compile and distribute a CD-ROM containing a selection of high quality open source software for use on proprietary operating systems.
This cross-platform, remote control software is the only fully supported, documented, enhanced release of VNC.
Extends the functionality of the mouse by allowing gestures to represent actions.
Calculates and verifies checksums. (C++) [Windows,Linux]