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Chemnitz Cluster Computing Homepage
Links to programming projects, calls for papers, software and documentation, and other resources.
Clustet Computing Info Centre
Links to parallel computing resources.
Concurrent Systems
Links to research groups, parallel tools, journals, and conferences.
Grid Computing Info Centre
An initiative to establish a global grid of computing power. Links to conferences, development, and related information.
High Performance Cluster Computing Resources
Links to cluster management systems, environments, software, documents, conferences, and teaching slides.
News on high performance computing from Europe. Newsletters and conference calendar.
IEEE CS Task Force on Cluster Computing
An international forum promoting cluster computing research and education. Publications, event calendar, news articles, and committee information.
IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Syst
Monthly peer-reviewed journal. Archives available to subscribers.
International Journal of High Speed Computing. Sample copy available, archives accessible to subscribers.
Internet Parallel Computing Archive
Links to information about parallel algorithms, computing environments and tools, newsgroups, and general references.
Is Parallel Computing Dead?
Article about the future of the parallel computing industry.
Nan's Parallel Computing Page
Links to online books, tutorials, and research projects.
Parallel Crunchers
News about cluster computing.
Parallel Tools Consortium
A group that brings together tool users, developers, and researchers with the goal of improving the usability and availability of parallel tools. Links to projects.
Links to supercomputing centers, high performance computing journals, vendors, conferences, and governmental agencies.
Supercomputing and Parallel Computing Research Gro
Academic research groups and projects related to parallel computing.
The Grid: The Next-Gen Internet?
Discussion of the Grid.
UK E-science Grid
Information about a government project to develop a supercomputing grid.
Vas's Parallel Computer Taxonomy
Discussions of past classification systems and development of a new one.
Who Wrote the Book of Life?
NASA uses a parallel computer to classify new life forms.