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Gunther, Neil J. and Raj Jain, Jain, Raj, Menasce, Daniel and Virgilio A. F. Almeida
Performance and capacity planning consultancy and training services. Includes whitepapers. Head office located in London, UK.
Capacity Planning
White paper on the role of capacity planning in e-commerce, how to approach it, and how to maintain it.
Characterizing Web Response Time
Master's thesis by Binzhang Liu
CIMS Lab, Inc.
Software and services for resource accounting, capacity planning, and IT chargeback.
Clairvoyant Software - Capacity Planning Solutions
Network service demand forecasting software.
CMG - Computer Measurement Group
Professional organization for capacity planners.
DB2 System Performance Metrics
Here Joel Goldstein discusses various DB2 capacity metrics.
Load Balancing Your Web Site
Practical Approaches for Distributing HTTP Traffic by Ralf S.Engelschall.
NetScout Systems, Inc.
Commercial software and services for e-business performance management.
PerfCap Corporation
PerfCap Corporation provides Performance Management and Capacity Planning Products and Services.
PerfCap UK
Offers web-based cross-platform performance analysis and capacity planning tool. Also provides consulting services.
Performance and Capacity Solutions
Consultancy focused on capacity planning. latforms and sub-systems. Offerings include performance process reviews, managed capacity planning services, server consolidation, charge back and Storage Area network Capacity Management.
Performance Dynamics Company
Develops performance tools, evaluates performance-related products, designs system benchmarks, and troubleshoots performance problems. Contact information, events calendar, and links to software tools.
Red Hill Networks' WebSpray
This tool allows you to stress test your web server through a LAN or modem connection. It will generate reports for errors and performance.
Reg Day's Capacity Planning site
Cover mainframe capacity planning and various PC related subjects.
A useful open source tool for storage and retrieval of time series data.
Schema is a provider of telecom resource management (TRM) solutions that enable operators of wireless networks worldwide to optimize and manage their resources.
Transaction Design Inc.
Consultant and tools vendor with focus on system monitoring, capacity planning, and benchmarking. Tools work on HP/Compaq/Tandem NonStop Kernel, Stratus VOS, and UNIX. Site includes articles on management/performance topics for these OSs.
VIEO, Inc.
Their Adaptive Application Infrastructure Management product helps IT to manage on-demand computing in the data center.
Watson & Walker, Inc.: Why Your CPU Capacity M
Cheryl Watson discusses MVS and OS/390 capacity related issues.