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Attribute Grammar Systems
Micro Attribute Grammar System, Ox Grammar System, The AGFL Grammar Work Lab, The Fnc-2 Attribute Grammar System, The lrc attribute grammar system, WAGE
Code Generator Kits
BEG - a Back End Generator, Dynamically Targetable Tools Framework (DTTF), JBurg: a Bottom-Up Rewrite Machine Generator for J, New Jersey Machine-Code Toolkit, vcode
Absoft, Ansasoft, ATAIR Software, Avocet Systems, Bloodshed Software, Code On The Fly, CodePlay, CodeScape, Compiler Consulting Resources, Cygnus Solutions (division of RedHat)
Compiler Construction Kits
ANTLR, Catalog of Compiler Construction Tools, Cetus, CoSy, Free Compiler Construction Tools, Gentle, JACCIE, LLVM, Mozart, PFX, Relational Meta-Language (RML)
Cross Compilers
6502 Cross-Development Languages and Tools, Amsterdam Compiler Kit (ACK), ASxxxx Cross Assemblers, GameBoy Developer's Kit (GBDK), GCC Toolchain for MSP430, Quetzalcoatl, SCORE, TML2, WinAVR
GNU Compiler Collection
ACOVEA (Analysis of Compiler Options via Evolution, An Introduction to GCC, Benchmarking Intel C++ Against GNU GCC on Linux, Building and Testing gcc/glibc cross toolchains, D Front End for GCC, distcc, EGCS: Experimental GNU Compiler System, First Annual GCC Developers' Summit, G++ FAQ, GCC & GNU Toolchain Developers' Summit
Lexer and Parser Generators
A Compact Guide to Lex and Yacc, AnaGram: LALR Parser Generator, Bison++ and Flex++, BtYacc patches: BackTracking Yacc, BtYacc: BackTracking Yacc, ClearParse, Coco/R compiler generator, CppCC (C++ Compiler Compiler), Depot4 homepage, EAG
ACM SIGPLAN, Compilers and Compiler Generators, Compilers Construction, Creating A Language, FreeTechBooks - Compiler Design and Construction, Programming Language Research, Researchers in Programming Languages and Compilers, Syllabus for Theory of Computation
Transformation Tools
Alma, CCured source-to-source C translator, Cross Module Inliner, DMS Software Reengineering Toolkit, ProgramTransformationOrg, Stratego (Strategies for Program Transformation), Tom, Tom : A pattern matching compiler, the wiki, Trimaran, TXL Source Transformation System
Architectural Neutral Distribution Format (ANDF)
A software porting technology, intended to help develop shrink-wrapped software for open systems, independent of any particular processor architecture.
Architectures and Compilers to Support Reconfigura
Reconfigurable computing: why and how? Article published in Crossroads, the ACM student magazine.
Bloodshed Software: Compilers Resources
Links to free compilers, with sources, compiler construction toolkits, tutorials, articles, other compiler-related sites.
Catalog of Free Compilers, Interpreters, and Other
Searchable listing of programming language tools that come with source code.
Compiler Construction with Minijava
Provide a resource on the process of creating a modern compiler. This site will provide useful resources on lexical analysis, parsing, abstract syntax tree generation, and typing checking for the Minijava grammer.
Compiler Jobs
Compiler job openings at companies and universities.
Directory, search engine of compiler-related sites. People, books, papers, publishers, decompiling, generators (scanner, parser, backend), translators, compiler compilers, courses, tutorials, library, FAQ, free, companies, tools, mail list, survey/poll.
Simple programming language and compiler, with sources on its own input language; DOS, Win32 versions. Some information on compiler design. By Andrei V. Khokhlov.
Deadly Sins
For a compiler writer from P. J. Brown's Writing Interactive Compilers and Interpreters.
Dmitry Smaghin's site
A collection of educational compilers, assemblers, disassemblers, interpreters with sources (C, Pascal). Links to freeware compilers.
Free Compilers and Interpreters
List of free compilers and interpreters for programming languages with descriptions.
Free Programming Compilers and Interpreters
Links to free programming compilers and interpreters categorized by language.
Let's Build a Compiler
A multi-part tutorial on compiler construction by Jack Crenshaw.
Links and Selected Readings for Compiler Writers
GCC extending specific literature, processor chips documentation, collected papers/sites on language standards, compilers, optimization.
Nullstone Corp.
Makes NULLSTONE automated compiler performance analysis tool, uses QA approach of coverage and isolation to measure effectiveness of compiler optimizer to perform wide range of optimizations.
Goal: collect, organize, disseminate information on all aspects of program transformation to share results across communities. TWiki collaborative Web development system with descriptions, news, surveys, papers, and links.
Programming Language and Compiler Research Groups
Multi-site working groups and projects listing.
Softpanorama Bookshelf / Compiler Construction
Reviews of compiler books, with links to Amazon just in case you want to buy one
Supplier of software development tools for embedded microcontroller and digital signal processors applications across industry standard computing platforms.
The comp.compilers Newsgroup
Home page of newsgroup. Searchable archives beginning from 1986, search, file archive, RSS feed.
The Compiler Connection
A comprehensive listing of compiler companies, compiler research projects, benchmarks, and compiler job listings.
The Decompilation Page
Resources, history and timeline, discussion of approaches, and ethics.
Tools for compiling
LL(1) parser generator, implentations of Euler, and Backus' FP, all written in Icon.
Turbo Pascal 3.0 compiler and code generation inte
Internals of one-pass compiler by example Pascal compiler.
Zngr L compoiler
Zngr L Compiler compile the theoretical language L, which is used as a simple language for teaching computation theory