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Business Component Factory
TRhe book presents a component-based strategy that applies and extends component thinking to all aspects of the software life cycle for enterprise systems. The site provides a sample chapter and reviews as well as a glossary, related links, and event calendar for object oriented and component-based development. By Peter Herzum & Oliver Sims.
Component Software: Beyond Object-Oriented Program
The book provides an introduction to and overview of component software. Covers MS (D)COM(+), OMG CORBA, IBM SOM as well as more theoretical programming language aspects. By Clemens Szyperski, Addison-Wesley.
Component-Based Software Engineering: Putting the
The book is about the processes required to implement component-based development. By George T. Heineman and William T. Councill, Addison-Wesley.
Objects, Components, and Frameworks with UML: The
The book covers how to use objects, frameworks, and UML notation to design, build, and reuse component-based software using the Catalysis method. By Desmond Francis D'Souza and Alan Cameron Wills, Addison-Wesley.
Realizing eBusiness with Components
The book provides advice for planning, analysis and design of e-business systems using component-based development. It includes architectures, processes, modeling techniques, economic models and organizational guidelines. By Paul Allen, Addison-Wesley.
UML Components: A Simple Process for Specifying Co
The book covers requirements definition, component identification, component interaction, component specification, and provisioning and assembly stages of a component-based software development lifecycle. By John Cheesman and John Daniels, Addison-Wesley.
Using UML Software Engineering with Objects and Co
The book gives an introduction to the Unified Modeling Language for learning about object- and component-based software design and development. By Rob Pooley and Perdita Stevens.