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Aminet-Dev, Avocet Big Bang Simulator, Dissa, m68kdis
6502, Z80, 2500AD Simulator-Debugger, 6809 Emulation Page, Kevin Baker's ZX81 Page, M68HC11 Simulator, Tom's Timex Page
ARM Disassembler, Diss
DOS and Windows
Bilyzkid, Binary Editors for DOS, BORG, Crax, Define, GoBug, Hiew, HT, Labit Disassembler, Nocash HACK Debugger
PDP11 and VAX
Antti Karttunen's PDP-11 page, pdpxasm, VMS Disassemblers Package (V00238), VMS Freeware
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Application-specific Decompilers
Catalog of decompilers.
A disassembler/patcher/code-explorer for PA-RISC based HP-UX systems, by Allegro Consultants, Inc.
An Intellivision Disassembler by Frank Palazzolo.
An OS/2 disassembler for OS/2 device drivers, by Abbotsbury Software.
A 5600x disassembler by Miloslaw Smyk.
Fargo Disassembler for TI-92 DOS versioin, by John Grafton.
High Level Assembler and Toolkit (HLASM)
System/390 assembler toolkit for MVS & VM & VSE (HLASM) including disassembler, by IBM.
The multi-processor, multi-OS, interactive disassembler, by DataRescue.
Is a Mac application that disassembles the Macintosh ROM or any 68K or PowerPC codes, by Jasik Designs.
MELPS7700 Disassembler
By H.Kashima.
Misosys Disassembler
Tim Mann's TRS-80 Page includes Misosys Disassembler, aka PRO-DUCE.
A win32-based disassembler and resource viewer for Palm Pilot applications. Links to other Palm tools.
Panasonic MN1500 Emulator Interface for Windows includes Disassembler for MN1500 by TransferTech.
Interactive Disassembler for Rockwell C29/C39 (C40) code by Lewin A.R.W. Edwards.
Reverse Engineering Compiler
Program that tries to make source coden (C) from binary, multiplatform. There are MIPS disassembler too, by Giampiero Caprino.
The World's First Stored Program Computer - disassembler included.
SST Global-Decompilers
Decompilers for IBM midrange systems.
the bastard disassembler
*NIX disassembler. Written in C on Linux for x86 ELF files; intended to support multiple CPUs, OSes, and file formats. Scriptable.
The dcc Decompiler
It decompiles small .exe files from the (i286, DOS) platform to C programs.
The Decompilation Page
Decompilers, resources, and history.
The Decompilation page
This is the Wiki version of the Decompilation page (originally by Frans Faase, then Cristina Cifuentes). Feel free to keep this page up to date; anyone can edit.
80196 disassembler by zartoven.
Microprocessor Development Tools include multi processor emulators and disassemblers.
Transputer disassembler.
By Andy Rabagliati.
Universal Cross Disassembler
XDASM - DOS based cross-disassembler supports numerous processor types, by Data Sync Engineering.