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A SOAP Web Service for the RCX, A Web Services Primer, Calling Webservices from ASP.NET: Example Google W, J2EE Web services presentation, On coming wave with web services, SOAP and XML topics for .NET Developers, Thomas Erl's Web Services Glossary, Thomas Erl's WS-Standards, Web Services and Service-Oriented Architectures, Web Services Architecture Overview
Apache Axis, BEA Weblogic Server, Cape Clear - Cape Connect, IBM - Web Services Toolkit, Iona - Web Services Integration, Kinzan Application Framework, mScape, NextAxiom - Hyperservice Business Platform, PolarLake, Sirvisetti Service Studio
WS-I (Web Services Interoperability Organization), XMethods
Mailing Lists, News and Media, MT::REST, Online REST Web Service Demo, Paul's REST Resources, REST - Representational State Transfer, REST for AOLserver, PyWX, and Quixote, RESTLog, RESTwiki, sqlREST, Waterken Web Services
FAQs, Help, and Tutorials, Implementations, Mailing Lists, Specifications, Cetus Links: SOAP, FREE Web Services development and deployment platf, Qt SOAP Manager, SalCentral, SearchWebServices.com - SOAP, SOAP at PercentXML.com, SOAP at UserLand, SOAP Developer Resources, SOAP Resource Center, soap weblog
Thomas Erl's Specifications.ws, Web Services Specifications
FAQs, Help, and Tutorials, Implementations, Registries, Specifications, MSDN UDDI, Ruddi, The XML Cover Pages: UDDI, UDDI Central, UDDI Reference, UDDI.org, UDDI: SearchWebServices.com
FAQs, Help, and Tutorials, Implementations, Specifications, SearchWebServices - WSDL, The XML Cover Pages: WSDL, WSDL Group, WSDL Parser
AlotSoft LLC
Provides Web Service based integration framework that are based on industry standard XML Schema, FIXML, FPML, and TXLife/XMLife.
Altova Web Services Testing Tools
Altova's XML Spy Suite 4.3 now includes Web Services integration testing tools: a WSDL validator, a universal SOAP test client, and a SOAP Debugger that supports breakpoints on functions, conditional breakpoints, and single-stepping through web services transactions.
Web services management company. Develops solutions for making XML Web applications production-ready, business-ready and easily manageable.
XML Web Services portal featuring reviews, ratings, and support, powered by the public UDDI Business Registry.
Developer community hosted by Cape Clear. Tools, tips, demos, tutorials, training, whitepapers, bulletin board and more for developers of Web Services-based applications.
Industry analysts and think tank focused on SOA, Web Services and Software Components, providing continuous analysis, consulting and workshops. Free newswire and information resources, plus premium subscription to continuous analysis in CBDI Journal.
Developer of ObjectView, a graphical programming environment for integrating Web services.
Provides Web Services enabling infrastructure software for creating business process level (Coarse grain) Web Services out of existing websites and managing them.
Provide Epiowave, a system that facilitates the development of applications based on the Services Oriented Computing approach.
eWeek: Web Services
Articles and reviews in the Web Services industry.
Flash-db: Web Services Directory
Lists Web services where the clients were designed in the SWF (Flash) file format. Includes descriptions, methods, example files, SOAP help, XML help, and other tools.
Grand Central Communications
Provides a Web Services Network that enables companies to connect, integrate and manage their business processes with those of their partners and customers.
I.T. Works: Web Services
News & analysis, background information, market information, books & reports.
IBM alphaWorks Web Services Tools
Web Services tools and technologies from IBM Software Research.
IBM developerWorks: Web services
The Web Services special topic area is a resource for developers building Web applications for e-business, e-commerce, and the enterprise. By IBM.
Software and consultation for developing, deploying and managing XML web services.
Itellix Software
Provide Wisiba, a comprehensive Web services management suite that addresses infrastructure issues related to Security, Scalability and Quality of Service.
Joe's WebServices Page
WebServices link collection: standard initiatives, press articles, analysts, academic/expert papers/sites, books, vendors.
Microsoft Web Services
Microsoft's site for web service development. Includes specifications, test tools, and articles.
Find and compare XML Web Services from various providers.
Industry news, white papers, Web services-specific search engine and technical advice on XML, .NET, SOAP, UDDI, and WSDL.
A site dedicated to exploring the principles of Service-Orientation as they relate to Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), Web Services, and Object-Orientation.
Online software solution which adds logging, analysis, monitoring, reporting, and firewall capabilities to production XML web services.
SOA Software
Provide Web Services management solutions, including DE Management Server that allows securely manage and monitor complex, loosely coupled system architectures.
Sosnoski Software Solutions, Inc.
Resources to support the development of Web services in Java, including published results on performance and usability. Company provides Web services consulting and software development services.
Provides Web services software based on emerging standards such as SOAP, WSDL and UDDI.
The Mind Electric
Software infrastructure vendor focused on the creation, deployment and management of distributed applications, with "GLUE" product that enables Java developers to build applications using web services, servlets and JSPs.
Web Service List
Categorized directory of user-rated implementations. Includes news and resources.
Web Service of the Day
Daily features of new services deemed 'innovative' by the author.
Web Services Activity
W3C's overview of news, groups, documents and specifications, events and recommended reading.
Web Services Architect
A resource site dedicated entirely to Web Services, helping to build and expand upon the Web Services community.
Web services enabling technologies for Java
List of Java and open source Web service enabling products, resource lists, and resources: SOAP, WSDL, UDDI APIs, integrators, and choreographic software.
Web Services Links & Resources
WSindex.org is a researched directory of internet resources relating to Web Services, including XML, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI.
Web Services Mall
Information and resources on web services and related technologies, including XML and SOAP.
Web Services Olympus
Web Services news, articles, white papers, tutorials, free available books and other books.
Web Services Summit
Portal site containing information about XML, the Semantic Web, service-oriented architectures, web services and security. Includes articles, papers, audio and video programs, and lists of resources such as tools, books, and training providers.
Software research laboratory specializing in developing Web Services capable of running over Semantic Web Architecture.
webMethods Glue
Software infrastructure vendor focused on the creation, deployment and management of distributed applications, with "GLUE" product that enables Java developers to build applications using web services, servlets and JSPs.
WebService Resource
Web Services releated directory. Tutorials, examples, hosting, programming, applications, articles.
Vendor-neutral Web Services industry portal with news, analysis, papers, and forums.
Web Services XML.com subsite. Development resources and solutions, features timely news, opinions, and tutorials, interactive forums, and newsletters.
Provides programmable business logic components that serve as "black boxes" to provide access to functionality via web services.
Wingfoot Software
Enables access to Web Services and .NET applications from mobile devices.