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.NET Magazine
Understand, evaluate, and implement technologies in areas of, ASP, J2EE, Security, SQL Server, and Servlets/JSP. News, articles, subscription, and discussion area. Archive of past issues.
Bulletin for Applied Computing and Information Tec
Published by New Zealand's NACCQ along with JACIT (The Journal for Applied Computing and Information Technology), BACIT provides a forum for work in progress and scholarly writings with a strong applied computing focus.
C Programming Trends
CProgrammingTrends is a free email newsletter from iEntry, Inc. Topics include ray tracing, .NET, C#, C++, and other areas of interest to professional programmers.
C/C++ Users Journal
A great C/C++ journal for the intermediate to advanced user.
Community Mailing List Archives by the Free Networ
Searchable archives of selected Filipino and international software development mailing lists including the Linux Kernel, Python and Zope lists, among others.
DDJ - Doctor Dobb's Journal
A classic programming magazine.
Developer Network Journal
Cross-platform integration, internet security, scalability and rapid application development issues.
developer.* Magazine
Web-based magazine for software developers of all kinds, featuring articles, essays, and book reviews on a wide variety of topics, both technical and non-technical.
A news site for software developers. Broad range of coverage, from embedded to enterprise. Also does business news, products. Is associated with Australian Developer Magazine (print publication).
Developers Newsletter
A free publication for software developers distributed by email.
Embedded Systems Programming
A monthly magazine for engineers, programmers, and project leaders who build microcontroller and embedded microprocessor-based systems.
Methods and Tools Newsletter
A free PDF and HTML based newsletter focusing on software development.
MSDN Magazine
Microsoft's Magazine for Developer's.
Py: A Technical Journal for Python Developers
SD Times
Software Development, a BZ Media LLC publication.
Visual Systems Journal (VSJ)
Is the independent source for software developers focus on COM, Java, Visual Basic and Delphi, published on line and in print.
Windows Developer Magazine
Application development from Windows to Web.