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Evolutionary Delivery
Evolutionary Delivery, Evolutionary Delivery - the Road to Success in Obj, N R Malotaux, Tom Gilb and Kai Gilb
Literate Programming
Bibliography on Literate Programming, Literate Programming, Literate Programming, Literate Programming, Literate Programming -- Propaganda and Tools, Literate Programming in Forth, Literate Programming in XML, Literate Programming Library, Literate Programming using Pascal, Literate Programming with XML
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Composition-based product line methodology supports the flexible development based on product lines.
Another B Tools
Present a formal method for incremental development. Includes documentation, tools, examples, and a forum.
Cleanroom software development methodology
Introduction, overview, and examples by John W. Shipman.
Cleanroom Software Engineering
Information on this methodology aimed at zero software defects. Includes education, literature, experts and tools. By Data and Analysis Center for Software (DACS).
DSM Forum: Domain-Specific Modeling
Forum exists to spread the knowledge and know-how of Domain-Specific Modeling. Examples applying in industrial applications, events, publications, links.
Dynamic Systems Development Method Consortium
DSDM is a standard based on Rapid Application Development and Agile Method. Information on the organization, resources, publications and events.
Introduction to Thoughtful Programming and Forth P
By Michael Misamore; essay with text and references, on a flexible, proven, back-to-basics, minimalist philosophy that operates consistently from low to high abstraction levels; with ideas for future improvements. [Freely Distributable]
Lean Programming
Assembly-line production techniques applied to software programming, with recommendations. By Software Development Online.
Information on metamodelling activity. Includes news, FAQ, glossary, and links.
Provides general information and list of paper, books, forum, and links.
Osellus Inc.
Offers consulting and the IRIS software(based on SPEM) to automate and simplify the software development process. Includes white papers and links.
Methodology and set of open-source patterns and strategies that allows teams of software developers to retain simplicity through the effective modularization of their code-bases.
Rapid Application Development Resource Center. Ansewers for RAD methodology related questions.
Select Business Solutions
Provide modeling tools, component reuse, and service oriented architecture tools.
A practical guide, to this software development methodology, that helps the developer in every step of an IT project. Includes examples and links.
Software Development Process
Information on the SCRUM development method. Includes papers, books, and links.
Target Method
Proprietary, visually-oriented, web-enabled, structured, full lifecycle management methodology, and based on best practices. By Americas Systems, Inc.