english deutsch
Bachelet, Bruno
Computer Science (free C++ source code, Java applets and documents), Origami, Cinema.
Bagriyanik, Tarik
Web design, Delphi, game photo gallery, links and shareware. Author project: Yunus Visual Programminig Language.
Baldwin, Adam
Portfolio documenting the software projects I have worked on. Demonstration of OOP and OOAD abilities.
Baleski, Nikolce V.
at Institute of Informatics. About, [computer, photography, music] projects and interests.
Bansal, Ashish
Resume. College projects and assignments in networking and data mining.
Bass, J.H.
Programming, tutorials, source codes in Qbasic, Vbasic, Pascal, Logo and Dbase. Education and reference links.
Bassil, Emile
About/CV. Downloads. Resources. Photo album.
Baur, John - Jeb's Admin Stuff
Perl Snippets, Resume.
Bednar, Joby
About, resume. Application and games. ASP, C#, C/C++, Visual Basic and other languages resources. Community built links and code examples.
Benazzo, Andrea - Rising Phoenix
Publish things, mainly concerning Linux, C libraries for academic scopes (in particular author's Binary Serach Tree management library) and some programs in C++, Java and Linux shell-awk scripts.
Bender, Greg
Links to selected news articles related to programming. Open source Schedule Maker (PHP). Also photos, forum.
Benmira, Nabil
Resume. Brief descriptions J2EE, .NET, Enterprise application integration (EAI), Extraction Transformation and Loading (ETL) technologies.
Bennee, Alex
CV, photos, live role play. A collection of scripts and patches as well as links to projects author involved with.
Bennieston, Andrew J. - ByteKill
Computer security, programming and linux related articles. Projects (C++, Python).
Berardi, Steven - SMB Source Code Library
Programs written in Visual Basic, C++, Java, ActiveX, and Photoshop plugins writed by author. Links.
Berge, Hendrik van den
TI83 source code and VB freeware utilities and games.
Bergmann, Frank
Freelance consultant and instructor. Features slide shows from university presentations, current projects and professional activities.
Bessette, Mike - Computer Programming 101
BASIC and HTML tips and tricks.
Beurive, Denis - Aqualinux
Technical notes devoted many programming topics, including CGI, Linux, networking, PHP, Java, C, C++. Also Rock'N Roll info center, some beautiful dolphin pictures.
Beurive, Denis - Aqualinux
CV. CGI, Linux, networking, PHP, Java, C, C++ notes and projects. Some french content.
Bhagwat, Priya
Windows programming articles, sources, and programs.
Bhat, Satish Pulikala
Resume. Introduction to VLSI CAD course. Technical papers and a few C++ codes. Pics.
Bhattacharji, Prashant
About, interests, resume. C/C++ and Java programs with sources. Links.
Bhattacharya, Indranil
Resume and project information from a student of Haldia Institute of Technology.
Biggs, Jason
Birnbaum, Adam
Resume. Downloads of publications, free string quartet mp3's, and family pictures.
Black, Aran
Visual Basic, JavaScript, Squash(Game), Psychology, Photos.
Blondel, Damien - Dafunky.com
PHP/mySQL, Visual Basic, C, C++ programming. Personal and resume, photos and videos.
Bloom, Charles
Personal info and resume. The 3D section (demos, articles), compression source code, Java apps, ChukShell. Physics section. VGA planets section.
Bodrov, Vadim G. - Coding Corner
Tutorial samples with source (C#, TMT Pascal), libraries, freeware utilities. Programming-related articles in russian. Also ZX-Spectrum downloads.
Bolton, David
CV, articles on web robots, games programming.
Bonnell, Ralph
Personal/Business Home Page. South Florida Linux Solutions. PHP, MySQL, and Perl programming.
Bonnlander, Brian
Devices drivers and applications for Linux. Resume.
Bord, Boris
Resume. Portfolio. Live camera. Photos.
Bosanac, Dejan - night tale
Articles and resources focused on Java and PHP topics.
Boston, Daniel
Java, Visual Basic, and QBasic programs (without sources). Art section (music, movies, photography, rendering, writing)
Brede, Jan Otto
Competence, picture album, Definitive Scenario for Windows - a visual risk analysis tool.
Breen, Patrick
CV. Free samples of flash, fireworks, dhtml, xml, asp source files.
Brenner, Ramsey
Open source project: XORSuite is a one-time-pad encryption suite. Papers.
Brevard, Tom
Custom programming. Resume, Visual Basic, Delphi, MS Access downloads.
Brown, Kyle
Information on Design Patterns, Java and J2EE programming, Object-Oriented Design and Smalltalk.
Brumm, Michael R.
Current projects, interests. Resume.
Bryden, Chris (Neonbox)
Autor's personal projects: ext2lib - a Linux ext2 filesystem reader for Windows. Linux Backup System. TINI - Details of how to connect an LCD module to a TINI board, with example code. Java, JSP and SQL programming information and links.
Bubbler, Kevin - Chickenfrier
Programming and help for Visual Basic, HTML, CSS. Clipart, web design.
Bull, Graham M. (Annatek Research)
Software programmer. Some utilities and games with sources (C, C++).
Bull, Sharon
A variety of materials for students of computing including web site design, programming, formal methods. Also meaning of life, joking, read recommendations, music, and poetry sections.
Bumgardner, Jim
Creator of The Palace. Freeware and source code for Macintosh and Windows. Geek humor.
Burruss, Justin
A software developer. Database documentation (PDFs).