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E-Commerce Testing
Adenin Technologies, Automated Solutions, Inc., Badboy, CapCal, E-ffective Testing for E-commerce, Empirix, eValid, JavaScript debugger and profiler leader, KeyLabs, Legal Requirements in E-Commerce Testing
Jobs and Recruiting
QA Jobs Network, Quality Search, Silicon Valley Software QA Permanent and Consultan
AdventNet QEngine, AppMind, Argogroup, AutomatedQA Corp. - Software Testing Tools, Bugzilla Test Runner, C/C++ testing tools (Coverage, Metrics, Unit-test), Cleanscape Software International: TestWise, Client-Server Software Testing Technologies, CMMI Browser, Codestriker
Training and Seminars
Amelior Technology, Automated Software Testing - Introduction, Manage, Automated Testing Specialists, Inc., BetaSoft Inc.Software Testing and Quality Assuranc, Easy-QA, Exceed Training, Logigear University, QBIT, RTTS, Testing Foundations - Consulting in Software Testi
Cetus Links / Testing
Collection of links on object-oriented testing
Cigital Labs Software Assurance Hotlist
A list of conferences, organizations, agencies, education, publications, books, tools, and articles, on software testing.
comp.software.testing FAQ
the Frequently Asked Questions list for comp.software.testing usenet newgroup.
Compendium Developments
Software Testing & Software Quality Essays, Book Reviews, and Tools. Authors of Compendium-TA.
CompInfo - Software Testing and Quality Control
The Software Testing section of this 30,000+ page IT site includes a comprehensive knowledge base plus current news, events, and publications. Manufacturer and support links.
Compuware Quality Assurance Solutions
Compuware's process-based quality assurance solutions automate the multiple, complex steps of thorough application testing. That means, you'll get comprehensive, repeatable and predictable results.
Developer Testing, discussions about software qual
Website where staff members of Agitar Software place personal articles about what they know best: practices for software development and software testing that lead to better software quality.
Die Software Testing Website
This german language website has lots of articles, book reviews, software testing related software for download and a discussion forum.
An information portal for the computer validation and software testing community. Includes: resource links, bulletin boards, marketplace, and a national list of consultants.
Macintosh Software Testing Resources
Information about testing Macintosh software on System 7 through OS X. Intended audience: Mac testers, developers, tech writers and other project team members.
Mr. Cluey's Kludge Page
Tips and Tricks for QA Partner/SilkTest Users. Presented by Automated Testing Specialists, Inc.
Neilsoft Software Testing Services
Software testing services using popular test automation tools. Software localization and technical publication services.
NTS - Hardware Software Testing Labs
NTS Hardware & Software Testing Labs perform expert computer product testing, providing compatibility, stress/performance, functionality and compliance testing services for hardware, software, telecommunications and networking companies worldwide. We have also started Xbox compatibility testing. Thinking about WHQL testing, website testing, wireless testing, FireWire/IEEE-1394 testing and USB testing.
Open Source Testing
Features details of free open-source testing tools for functional testing, performance testing. security testing, link checking, test mgt tools and bug databases.
ParaSoft Products Page
Tools to efficiently prevent, detect and correct coding errors in C, C++, Java, and HTML.
QA Training Network
Software testing and quality assurance training network. Online training courses on software test tools including WinRunner, LoadRunner, Astra QuickTest & LoadTest, SilkTest, SilkPerformer and Rational Robot. Web based software testing & QA courses.
Your online resource for software testing. Information you can use.
SNA and TCP/IP Testing Headquarters
The site provides information about the SNA and TCP/IP testing products (ITF, SDTF, and SNAsim) for 3270, 5250, RJE, APPC, APPN, testing services, provides technical support function, and network testing information.
Software Technology Support Center
Centralized US Air Force software testing and support organization website which includes custom reports, CrossTalk peer reviewed magazine, and courses offered.
Software Testing
A site for software testing, covering methodologies, techniques, and tools.
Software Testing and Quality Assurance
Articles, links and quotations about testing and debugging professional business software.
Software Testing FAQs
Resources for software testers.
Software Testing Hotlist
Selection of useful articles on software testing and test automation. Also includes links to other directories.
Software Testing Institute
Quality publications, industry research and online services for the software development and testing professional.
Software Testing Resources
A list of links to testing resources on the Web with descriptions. Emphasizes test automation sites.
A portal for total quality management, quality assurance, software testing and software engineering.
SR/Institute's Software Quality HotList
Providing Access to Worldwide Software Quality Technology Sources
STAQS - Software Testing and Quality Services
Resources and information for software testers, programmers, software engineers, and students interested in testing.
Software test, management, and quality assurance information. Learn how. Articles, papers, links, books, tools, forum.
STORM (Software Testing Online Resources)
A nexus of online resources designed to be a first-stop on the web for software testing researchers and practitioners.
STQE Magazine
Software testing & quality engineering magazine helps software managers, testers and QA staff develop and deliver better software. for the developer, tester, QA analyst & manager.
Testing Conferences
Offer conferences focused on Software Testing Analysis and Review including EuroSTAR and AsiaSTAR
the Quality Tree Web Site
Originally this was a company web page for a QA consultant. It has evolved into a useful collection of essays, articles, 'ruminations', and QA links
the Software Testing Spot
Useful information and links to improve your software quality. It is a tester's toolkit for both novices and experts.
Official site of software testing method. Description of TMap, downloads, questions.
Develops and markets software testing tools, telecom test products for IP, ATM, ISDN networks, and software components for telecommunications.