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Teams, Battlebot:F5's Homepage, BattleBots, Mondotronics Robotics Store, The Bot Shop
DARPA Grand Challenge
Teams, CNN.com - Robots fail to complete Grand Challenge, DARPA Grand Challenge Race, L.A. to Vegas, Oasis - Autonomous Racing, SAIC, Wired News
FIRST Robotics Competition
Teams, CAD Library of FIRST Components, ChiefDelphi.com Forums, FIRST Forumns, FIRST Robotics Canada - Canadian Regional Competit, FIRST Robotics Competition, FIRST-a-Holics Anonymous, Lord of the Bots - West Seattle High School, Olin College FIRST Demonstration, SCRRF - Southern California Regional Robotics Foru, The FIRST Robotics SiteRing
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Robot Wars
Chats and Forums, Teams, Fighting Robot Association (FRA), Metal Munching Maniacs, Robot Wars Netherlands, Robot Wars Rules, Robots Rule, Rouges Robot Wars Website, The Robot Fighting League (RFL)
6.270 - MIT's Autonomous Robot Design Competi
Provides description of class and robot competition contestants. Includes an overview of previous contests.
ArtBots Robot Talent Show
An international art exhibition for robotic art and art-making robots. Awards for "Artist Choice" and "Audience Choice".
AUVSI Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Competition
The goals of this competition are to challenge a new generation of engineers to design and build autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) capable of performing realistic missions in the underwater environment. Information on rules, results, photographs, and prizes.
BEST Robotics Inc
BEST stands for Boosting Engineering, Science, and Technology. BEST is a non-profit organization that promotes team problem solving aided by local industry volunteers, teachers, and mentors through yearly competitions.
Binkey's Robot Rumbles for 1-15 pound bots
Test your 1-15 pound bot in one-on-one battles, a maze, and speed way. Competition in Sarnia, Ontario.
BotBash Robotic Sports
Arizona's premier robotic combat event
CNET - Robots ready to rumble
RoboGames (formerly called Robolympics) in San Francisco gives machines a chance to show their stuff in contests from sumo to soccer. An article by Richard Shim.
A technical, scientific and entertaining challenge organised in France for students from engineering schools, universities or for private scientific clubs.
Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition
This site has information on the annual competition where college students design and construct autonomous ground vehicles to compete in the Autonomous Challenge Competition Vehicle Design Competition and Navigation Challenge Competition. The site consists of Location and date, rules, team photographs, entry application, news, and results from previous competitions.
Jerry Sanders Design Competition
The Jerry Sanders Design Competition is open to anyone who can build a robot.
K'nex K-Bot World Championship
Information including rankings and rulebook.
Manitoba Robot Games
Canadian robot games which include, Atomic Hockey , Robotic Sumo Wrestling, Robotic "Seek and Capture", Mini-Tractor Pull, and Robo-Critters.
Roboexotica 2002
A competition of developing technologies for the integration of technological achievements in everyday life, and as a means of documenting the creation of new interfaces for man-machine-interaction.
Robolympics 2004 Commentary and Photos
Commentary and photographs of the 2004 Robolympic games held in San Francisco.
Robot Competition FAQ
Information and dates for all known Robot-related competions and contests. It is updated monthly and posted to comp.robotics.misc and news.anwers.
Robot Crusade
Robot combat group that sponsors events in the United Kingdom. Site includes news, event listing, rules and sign-up information.
Robot for Rex's Robot Challenge competition
An explanation of the rules for Rex's Robot challenge and some practical information and ideas about building robots to this formula.
Robot Riots robot combat event
Robot Riots robot combat event in Toronto - check site for latest event. Part of the Toronto Robot Fight Club.
Robotic Gladiator
A site featuring news, tutorials, and forums for robotic competition.
Robotics Contest
Programming contest related to robotics and mechanics held in Timisoara, Romania in 19/01/2001.
South Eastern Combat Robotics
South Eastern combat robotics, competitions, how-to's.
Techno Games 2000
An Olympic styled event for mechanical athletes. Most of the events in Technogames were filmed at the Millennium Dome in the UK. Contains information on competitors, and a discussion forum.
Trinity College Fire Fighting Home Robot Contest
A challenge to build a computerized robot that can detect a fire and then put it out. Includes rules, registration information, photos, and a FAQ.