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Asimov, Isaac, Brooks, Rodney A., Capek, Karel, Moravec, Hans P., Tesla's Race of Robots, Tesla, Nikola, Tilden, Mark, Walter, W. Grey, a Short Biography, Walter, W. Grey, Online Archive, Wiener, Norbert
A Brief History of Robotics
A timeline of robotics beginning with a mechanical bird built in 350 BC and continuing to the current day.
BBC News: Timeline: Real robots
A timeline providing an overview of the development of robots and computers. From 400 BC to 2001.
Brief History of Artificial Intelligence
A timeline of AI and Robotics events from 500 BC to 2000 AD.
History of Computers
Important events in the history of computers, electronics, math, and robotics. From 350 million BC to the present day.
Robot Evolution
Text and photos of talk by Han Moravec giving a concise history of autonomous mobile robots from Grey Walter to the present day. Includes Moravec's projection of future developments.
Robot History
A timeline of recent robotics history starting with Karel Capek's RUR in 1920 and progressing to 2001.
The Age of Intelligent Machines: Chronology
Chronology of robotics and AI from Ray Kurzweil's book The Age of Intelligent Machines. Starts with the abacus in 5000 BC and progresses to the modern day. Also include optimistic projections of future history.
The History of Robotics
An article by Adam Currie that covers the high points of robot history. Includes many links and photos.
The Origin of Robot and Robotics
Describes the origin of the terms Robot, Robotics, and Unimate. Focuses on the impact of Isaac Asimov on the history of robotics.