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1337 Robotics
Descriptions and photos of robotics projects created by MrZebra, Mandark and Graz. Site also includes a resource listing and a tutorial on ultrasonics.
Ackermann, Jürgen
Former director of the Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics at the German Aerospace Center.
Al's Robotics
Information on many robots including fighting robots and beam robotics.
Alessandro Astolfi
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and Centre for Process Systems Engineering, Imperial College, London. Interests in Control Theory.
Anders' Mindstorms page
Showcases a variety of Ander's Mindstorms projects including a Yatzymatic, a Pinball machine and a cooler. Site also include information on Mindstorms programming and sensors.
Mike Joyce's construction journal describing his progress on a full size replica of the "Lost in Space" B9 Robot and other, homebrew robots.
Balancing Robot
A biped robot capable of standing up on its own from a fallen position.
Basic Stamp Robot Project
A robot project controlled by the BASIC Stamp II.
Battle Beetles
Mark Geoghegan's radio controlled beetle robots. Site includes photos and description.
Bharath Kalyan's Homepage
Research interests include mobile robotics, specializing in Autonomous Underwater Vehicle navigation. I also have a great interest in Nature Photography.
Borenstein, J.
Research Scientist and Head of the Mobile Robotics Lab within the University of Michigan's Department of Mechanical Engineering. Interests in mobile robots, obstacle avoidance, odometry, positioning, and the GuideCane for the Blind.
Brad Lewis Robot and Telerobot Information Page
Brad's home page is also a robotics portal site that specializes in telerobotics, microcontrollers, and robotics programming.
Bryan's Robotics Journal
Weblog detailing Bryan's experiences designing and building his robot.
Burgard, Wolfram
Professor of Computer Science at the University of Freiburg and head of the research lab for Autonomous Intelligent Systems. Areas of interest lie in Artificial Intelligence and mobile robots.
CESAR - Computer Executed Semi-Autonomous Robot
A computer controlled robot built from a child's riding toy. It uses sonar for obstacle avoidance.
Christian Ristow
A builder of robotic kinetic art. Site includes bio, photos, and information on shows.
Christoph's Rug Warrior Page
Tips and schematics to build your own Rug Warrior Robot.
Corky'z Robotz
A small, remote-controlled robot made from a BASIC Stamp and common parts. Includes instructions, schematic and code listing.
Cricket the Robot
Information on building an autonomous, walking robot. Includes schematics and code.
David P. Anderson
Director of the SMU Geophysical Imaging Lab. Member of the Dallas Personal Robotics Group. Site includes detailed descriptions and photos of his autonomous robots including nBot, a two-wheeled balancing robot.
David Williamson
Site includes descriptions and photos of a variety of robot-related projects including robot arms, walking machines, and flying vehicles.
DaVinci Robotics Educational Foundation
Learn about the group's various robot projects. Also includes advice for those who wish to build robots.
Davison, Andrew J.
Advanced Research Fellow in Computer Vision and Robotics at the University of Oxford, United Kingdom.
Photos and descriptions of the author's projects and robots, many of which are Lego Mindstorms-based.
Duckett, T.
Researcher in Autonomous Sensor Systems. Assistant Professor at the Centre for Applied Autonomous Sensor Systems at Örebro University in Sweden. Research interests include autonomous robots, machine learning and neural networks, artificial intelligence, navigation systems, and biologically inspired sensor systems.
Dudek , G.
Professor at the School of Computer Science and Centre for Intelligent Machines (CIM). Research areas include navigation, shape, mobile robotics, computer vision, vision, visualization, and recognition.
Four Legged Walker
Walking robot using a BASIC Stamp 2SX and two Mini SSC servo controllers to control 12 servos.
Fox, D.
Assistant Professor at Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington. His research interests lie in artificial intelligence and its application to mobile robotics, believing that building systems is an important part of research, especially in robotics.
Frank Nickols
Associate professor in the School of Mechanical and Production Engineering, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Site details a variety of legged and underwater robots.
Gutmann, S.
Sony Corporation, Tokyo, Japan working in the Digital Creatures Laboratory on navigation for entertainment robots. Research interests include mobile robot self-localization, map-building, object recognition using stereo vision, and robot soccer.
Hardt, Michael
Systems and System Optimization, Department of Computer Science, Technische Universität Darmstadt. Interests include hybrid dynamical systems, control and stability of legged locomotion, nonlinear optimal control, multibody kinematics and dynamics.
Harvey, Inman
Course directory for Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems at the University of Sussex in Brighton, United Kingdom.
A site about Hamlet, an hexapod autonomous robot.
Hirzinger, Gerd
Director, Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics, DLR German Aerospace Center.
HomePage of Abhishek Ashokrao Saraf
Mechanical engineering student at IIT Bombay. Research interests include Robotics, Theoretical Solid mechanics.
Hossein Mobahi's Page
Details on Hossein's robot projects including Aryan, a robot designed to assist with research into social interactions between robots and humans.
A six wheeled insect inspired robot based on the AVR microcontrollers. Site includes photos, diagrams, and software and brief notes on the use of neural nets and fuzzy logic with the robot.
Irobotics India
Gerard Sequeira's robots. Includes information on his fire fighting robot, a golf playing robot based on the PIC16F84A, and a line following robot.
Jigar Vadia
Site includes Vadia's these, other publications, and information on a Cable Driven Robot.
John's Robotics Page
Information on robotics in general and the author's own robot projects.
JRod's Hobby Site
Photos and information on several Lego Mindstorms robots.
Kaelbling, L. P.
Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science MIT. Also associate director of the MIT AI Lab and Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Machine Learning Research.
Karl WIlliam's Robotics
Various walking robot projects and other interesting electronics.
Kleeman, L.
Associate Professor, Department Electrical & Computer Systems Engineering, Monash University, Australia.Extensive list of online publications.
Koenig, S.
Assistant Professor, College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia. Research centers around techniques for decision making that enable situated agents to act intelligently in their environments, under realistic conditions.
Konstantinos Akalestos' Lego Biped Robot
Shows the research and programming done for creating a walking robot that exhibits obstacle avoidance behaviour. The robot is constructed using Lego's Mindstorms and programming in C language using the BrickOS kernel.
Kuipers, B.
Professor and Chairman, Department of Computer Sciences, The University of Texas at Austin. Research interests include the representation of commonsense and expert knowledge, with an emphasis on the effective use of incomplete knowledge. Recent accomplishments include a robot exploration and mapping strategy based on qualitative recognition of distinctive places.
Littman, M.
Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, Duke University, Durham.
Liudzius, Leonas
Includes a list of robot projects, photos, parts lists, and a forum.
Markatronic's Computers and Robotics
Pages with various inventions using old computer components and circuit boards made by the author.
Mason, Matthew T.
Professor of Computer Science and Robotics at Carnegie Mellon University. Conducts research on the mechanics of robots manipulation.
An autonomous six legged walking robot controlled by a Motorola 68HC11F1. Includes a photos and videos related to the project.
Milios, E. E.
Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, York University, Ontario. Interests include computer vision, mobile robotics, and multiagent robotics.
Mirko Borich's Home Page
Provides a listing of robotics sites, categorised by country and information on his publications.
Murray, D.
Ph.D. student in Computer Science at the Laboratory for Computational Intelligence at the University of British Columbia, in Vancouver, Canada. Interests include stereo vision for mobile robot navigation.
My Robotics Projects
Contains photos, information and detailed construction logs on several projects. Robots include a biped, a hexped and a line follower.
Nehmzow, U.
Leader of the Robotics and Autonomous Systems Research Group at the Department of Computer Science , University of Manchester. Research interests include robot navigation, autonomous competence acquisition, telerobotics, sensor signal processing.
Nourbakhsh , I. R.
Assistant Professor of Robotics, The Robotics Institute, CMU. Interests include: formal representations of perception and action; planning with incomplete information; interleaving planning and execution; mobile robot architectures; real-time visual obstacle avoidance and navigation; robot team communication and cooperation.
PC Controlled Mobile Robot
A robot capable of autonomous and manual control. It can be used for surveillance, as a tour guide or picking hazardous material.
PSU Robotics
Tony Muilenburg is a Electrical Engineering student at Portland State University, and a member of the PSU Robotics club.
QRIS Robotics
Michiel van Turnhout's QRIS autonomous robot project.
R. Steven Rainwater
Dallas Personal Robotics Group member who builds autonomous mobile robots, operates the robots.net website, edits the dmoz.org robotics category, and maintains the Usenet Robot Competition FAQ.
Reconn's World: SmallBot Project
Information on an attempt to build the SmallBot robot.
RHA robotic team
The Amir Kabir University of Technology's robotic projects including a line tracker robot and a ball gatherer.
Robby, a Household Robot
Proposal to build a $10000, 4 ft high, pneumatic, humanoid robot.
Robby, a Household Robot
Proposal to build a $15000, 4 ft high, pneumatic, humanoid robot.
Robo innovations by Savvas Afantenos
Includes photos and information about Savvas' robot projects including biped robots and light followers.
Robo innovations by Savvas Afantenos
Lego Mindstorms robots built by Savvas including biped and tracked robots. Photos and descriptions of each robot are included.
Student robotic projects at Semnan University in Iran. Site includes papers, a photo gallery, a list of projects, and information about the members.
Robot Pages of Jaap Havinga
Complete descriptions for several projects including robots, a battery charger, and a CNC machine.
Robot Projects
Instructions on converting toys into robots and plans for building robots from scratch.
Robotic Lawnmower
The development of an autonomous robot designed to mow the lawn.
Photos and descriptions of both hobby and industrial robots built by the author.
Robots built by Bill and Mark Sherman
Photos and descriptions of Bill and Mark's projects and robots: Rollie, Whiskers, Cambot, Balibot and Slither the snake-like robot.
Röfer, Thomas
Assistant professor doing research on cognitive robotics in the Krieg-Brückner group, Bremen Institute of Safe Systems (BISS), University of Bremen, Germany. Interests include control of autonomous mobile robotics, image processing, and simulation.
Ryan Chladny's home page
Describes Ryan's work on a large, hydraulic, autonomous, robotic vehicle. Includes related pictures and links.
ScottPreston.Com - Personal Robotic Projects.
Details about Scott Preston's robot projects including photos and descriptions.
Simmons, R.
Senior Research Computer Scientist, CMU Robotics Institute, Pittsburgh. Research interests focus on developing reliable, highly autonomous systems (especially mobile robots) that operate in rich, uncertain environments.
Snake Robots
Features several robotic snakes. Includes photos and video clips.
Sparky's Bot Site
Includes specifications and videos of several walking robots.
St. Lawrence College Web Robot Arm
Control a robot arm and cameras in a college classroom remotely over the web.
Sweet Line Following Robot
Details the construction of a line following robot. Includes video clips of the vehicle.
Terry E. Weymouth
Associate Research Scientist, University of Michigan.
The Smile Project
Experiments in human behavior and emotional responses through human-scale robots.
Thrun, S.
Associate Professor of Computer Science and Robotics at Carnegie Mellon University, presently on sabbatical at Stanford University. Thrun pursues research in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotics.
Trammell's unimproved home page
Hudson Trammell is UAV hardware and software developer. His site provides information on his work with the Autopilot UAV flight control project and links to other robotics sites.
V-3 BiPed Robot
Descriptions, pictures, 3D-models and videos of V-3, a two-legged robot.
Drive a toy car via the web with realtime streaming video.
von Puttkamer, E.
Head of the AG Robotik und Prozeßrechentechnik, Universität Kaiserslautern, Fachbereich Informatik, Germany.
von Stryk, Oscar
Simulation and Systems Optimization Group (SIM), Department of Computer Science, Technische Universität Darmstadt.
Wenzel Electronics
Contains informations and circuits for steppermotor control, dc motor pwm, robotics and micro-controllers.
Wesleys Bots
Photos of several robots made from electronic scrap.
Westerdale Autonomous Robot Vision Project
Simon Westerdale's project to create a vision guided robot using adaptive algorithms. Virtual maps are made of the learned environment providing an accurate guidance mechanism.
Zimmer, U. R.
Australian National University, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, and the Research School of Information Sciences and Engineering. Current research interests include spatio-temporal modelling in autonomous systems.