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Elarasys, Epoka Group, EverGreene Technology Park, GraphStream, High Performance Computing Software, HPTC Solutions, IBM UNIX Large Scale Servers, Linux Labs, MajorLinux Computing, Pioneer Technology Services, Inc.
International Supercomputer Conference, SCXY Conference Series
Cray, Seymour, A Seymour Cray Perspective, Cray Inc., Cray Supercomputer FAQ, Cray User Group, CRAY-1 Hardware Reference Manual, Cray-Cyber, ExCray.com
Supercomputing and Parallel Computing Resources, SuperComputing Resources on the Internet, Supercomputing Sites
A History of Supercomputing at Florida State Unive
Essay written by Jeff Bauer in early 1991.
Advanced Biomedical Computing Center
Facility provides computing support and technology to the scientists of the National Cancer Institute (NCI), National Institutes of Health (NIH), and extramural biomedical researchers.
Advanced Simulation and Computing
A United States government initiative to develop simulation capabilities suitable for weapons testing. Program details and links to university partners.
Australian Partnership for Advanced Computing
Australian computing and communications systems infrastructure. Press releases, description of programs.
Coalition for Academic Scientific Computation
Links to member institutions and published papers.
CompInfo - High Performance Computing
Technical articles, news, events, publications, and manufacturer links.
Online journal of the high performance computing industry.
ICC at Lawrence Livermore National Lab
Offers current scientific and networking research information.
National Partnership for Advanced Computational In
Organization created to develop a national supercomputing infrastructure. Links to resources, current research projects, and outreach programs.
Monthly newsletter about European high performance computing developments. Back issues available.
Scandal Supercomputing Project
Development of a portable environment for programming supercomputers. Project information and resources about parallel programming.
Scientific Supercomputing
Parts of this book are available online, with ordering information for a printed copy.
Standard Interface Methodology
Writing interfaces for the AS/400.
Summer Institute
A summer program for high school students to learn about supercomputing. Program information and application.
A history of supercomputing.
Supercomputing Online
Includes news, analysis, and discussion about supercomputing.
National Science Foundation's effort to build and deploy the world's largest distributed infrastructure for open scientific research. Information about partners and funding.
Terascale Cluster
Information on Virginia Tech's super-computer based on Macintosh G5 computers. Includes history, pictures and implementation details.
Texas Advanced Computing Center
Provides computing resources to enhance research development capabilities.
The Journal of Supercomputing
Available in print and online. Searchable archives available to subscribers.
The National Center For Supercomputing
Information about supercomputing applications and research in the United States.
Top 500 Supercomputers
Ranking of supercomputers according to the LINPACK benchmark. Links to news articles.