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8-Bit Software - The BBC and Master Public Domain
Over 1600 freely downloadable BBC disc images. Hardware, including ROMs, boards, joysticks, keyboards, and cables, media, and disc and tape software available for postage and packaging costs. Large collection of photographs of 8-bit Acorns, original boxes, boards, and peripherals. Along with technical articles, games reviews, walkthroughs, and maps, magazine scans, and manual texts.
A Technical History of Acorn Computers
A list of significant events and releases in the history of Acorn, with details of each.
About Acorn Computers and ARM Processors
Includes an introduction, history, hardware and software details, photographs, and screenshots of the RISC OS operating system.
Photographs and descriptions of the BBC Micro, Electron, Atom, and related hardware. Also includes a list of a selection of software, with brief details.
ARM Assembler Programming
Guide to programming in assembler, along with information about what one needs to get started, examples, and opinions.
Comprehensive Acorn FAQ list, posted monthly to the comp.sys.acorn newsgroups.
From Atom to Arc
Details the history of Acorn Computers, with photographs.
Old-Computers.com : Acorn
Pictures, specifications and some background information on all models made by Acorn.
Pictures of BBC Computer Related Stuff
Large collection of photographs of 8-bit Acorn computers, hardware, and paraphernalia, with captions.
The Acorn Atom pre-history
Details and photographs of the industrial and educational systems Acorn produced, before turning to the consumer-orientated market.