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Apple II
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Apple 1 Computer, Apple Computer Reading List, Apple History Links, Apple-history.com, Folklore.org, Macintosh Museum, Making the Macintosh, Owen Ink: Apple Confidential, The Apple Online Museum, The CDs of Power Computing
Apple Lisa, Apple Lisa Computer, Apple Lisa PC Museum, Apple Lisa The First Affordable GUI, Apple Lisa Tribute, Heart of the Apple Lisa, Obsolete Computer Museum's Lisa page, Raoul's Lisa/MacXL Technical and Repair Info , Sigma Seven Systems Ltd.
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Personal Pages
Fraser Speirs Home Page, Jeremiah Cohick, Leger, Matt G., Mr. Fix - Eric Foote, Woody's Macintosh Page
Apple Museum
Museum in The Hague with a collection of Apple computers, both old and new. Includes news, history, Apple models, and links.
Clones, hacks, forums, IRC, parody, and obscure and unusual Apples.
The Missing Bite
Seller of Apple computer and Mac logo collectibles. Offers online ordering and testimonials.
The Mothership
Apple Macintosh and Lisa archive. Advertising brochure gallery, monthly columns, timeline, and links.