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Commodore 128
Centipede 128 BBS, Commodore 128 Page, keith's Commodore, QWKRR128
Commodore 64
Demoscene, Games, SID, Binary Zone Interactive, C-64 Resources, C64 Projects by Nicholas Coplin, CD-64, Chronology of the Commodore 64, COCOS (Commodore Computer Sitelist), Commodore 64 Online User Manual, ConGo: C64 Document Viewer/Converter, Cyberpunx Action and Retro Replay Site, Dienstagstreff
Commodore C16 Homepage, Commodore Plus/4 and C16, Doc & Top's Plus/4 Demopage, EDC Homepage, Gods Of The Universe Commodore Plus4 Homepage, Italian Plus/4 Game Site, Plus/4 World, Plus4.org, TCFS Design Homepage, The Official Club-Info Website
Quantum Link
JohnD39's QLink Page, Q-Link Load Screens, Remember Q-Link!
64 & More Store, 8-BIT Designs, C= Central Market, Centsible Software, CMDRKEY.com, Computer Summer Tokyo, Computer Workshops, GEOSPublication, International House (of) Computers, oldsoftware.com
User Groups
Commodore Users Group of Saskatchewan, Lucky Club, The Interface article index
VIC 20
Boris's Vic-20 Homepage, Carlsson's VIC-20 Demo page, Denial, The Geek Site
Large Commodore 8-bit file archive accessible by HTML or FTP. Contains documentataion, magazines, and software for the VIC-20, C64, C128, Plus/4 and others.
C= Hacking
Technical publication for the Commodore 8-bit community. Last updated in 2002 but issues dating back to 1992 are available online.
C= Homestead
Commodore News. Features information about using the internet with the Commodore, mailing lists, and links to software.
Commodore site with original freeware programs, indispensible C64/128 utilities, hardware repair tips, Commodore BBS programs, and GEOS pages.
Commodore & Compression Page
Various disk and graphics utilities for the VIC-20, C64 and Amiga.
Commodore B Series
Historical and technical resource for the Commodore B-Series line of computers including the B128, B500, P500, CBM 128-80, and CBM 256-80.
Commodore Computer History
Product information, pictures, downloads, promotional materials and manuals for computers and peripherals produced from 1975 to 1986.
Commodore Forum at Delphi
Commodore computers discussion board at Delphi Forums.
Commodore Home Computer Museum (NZ)
Photos and information about a private Commodore shrine located in New Zealand.
Commodore Knowledge Base
Technical articles, repair notes and documentation about Commodore 8-bit computers.
Commodore Products Source List
Lists information about Commodore clubs (user groups), dealers, repair shops, stores, and supplies.
Commodore Ring
Old school collection of personal Commodore webpages from around the world.
Commodore Service Manuals
Service manuals and programmer's guides for Commodore 8-bit computers and peripherals.
Commodore compatible re-configurable computer designed by Jeri Ellsworth. C64 and VIC-20 cores are available to download.
COMPUTE! Magazine archive
Indexes and articles (full text from 44 issues) from the magazine COMPUTE!. A smaller collection of COMPUTE!'s Gazette listings is available elsewhere on the website.
International documentation project for Commodore 8-bit computers. Sort of a non-English companion site to Project 64.
Joe Forster/STA
Developer of the Star Commander and StarLFN. Links to Commodore 64, MS-DOS, Linux, Windows and Amiga software. Compendium of several Commodore-related file formats. Information for developing or buying the X1541 interface.
LNG: LUnix, the Next Generation
An experimental operating system for the Commodore 64/128. The open source project is hosted at SourceForge and has been ongoing since 1993.
Michael Klein's Projects
Features cbm4linux, a Linux kernel module to use disk drives and printers with the C64 and VIC-20. Also instructions for adding 8K RAM expansion to the 1541.
OAP Computers' retro photos
Photos of Commodore computers and peripherals, sometimes in their original packaging.
Project 64
Large collection of manuals and documents for Commodore games, hardware and utilities.
Ruud's Commodore Site
Information about Commodore software and hardware projects. Includes some KIM and PET stuff.
Secret Weapons of Commodore
Detailed information about obscure Commodore hardware offerings and prototypes throughout the ages, listed in a horror movie style.
Softwolves 8-bit
Contains SYS PD (public domain software library) for C64 and C128, iDOC=, articles, screenshots and more.
The Fridge
Source code, tools and technical information for Commodore and 6502 programmers.
Transactor Online Archive
Online archive of The Transactor magazine for 8-bit Commodore computers. The magazine was renowned for its overall high quality and the unusually deep technical level of its articles.
WiNGs - Official Website
A 16-bit multi-tasking operating system for the CMD SuperCPU enhanced Commodore 64/128. The OS includes an optional GUI, multiple shell consoles, and integration with the internet via TCP/IP over PPP.