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Business Applications
CMC Software, Computer Financial Services, eXegeSys, GBS Consultants, Inc., Genesis Total Solutions, Inc., High Line Corporation, Idaho Computer Services, L.L.C., McKessonHBOC, Mitchell Humphrey & Co., Multiview Corporation
Allegro Consultants, Computer Kingdom, Inc., Cortlandt Software, Gloscon, IOMIT International, IT Consulting Consortium, Kubler Consulting, Inc., Pro 3K, the Support Group, inc.
Adager, Bradmark, Dynamic Information Systems Corporation (DISC), Lund Performance Solutions, Oracle Corporation, Triolet Systems Inc.
AICS Research, Inc., Allegro Consultants, Andreas Schmidt, Beechglen Development Inc., HP 3000 Web Server - Jazz, Opt, Telemon
Internet and Client Server
3k Associates, Advanced Network Systems, Inc., Bradmark Technologies, E-Mail, Inc., Leetech, Millware Corporation, Quintessential School Systems, Robust Systems, Inc.
HP Jazz Server - MPE/iX Program for Java, Lars Appel
HP e3000 Jazz Web Server, IEEE Portable Application Standards Committee, Lars Appel, Mark Bixby - Downloads at www.bixby.org, Mark Bixby - Home Page, MPE/iX POSIX Listserver Subscription
Languages, Aldon Computer Group, Bradmark Technologies, DIS International, Productive Software Systems, Robelle Software, Tidal Software, Whisper Technology
Reporting and Data Manipulation
AICS Research, Inc., Andreas Schmidt, Cognos Inc., Computing Solutions Limited, Hewlett-Packard MPE/IX and HP e3000 Technical Docu, Idaho Computer Services, L.L.C., M. B. Foster Associates Limited, Robelle Solutions Technology, Taurus Software, Triolet Systems Inc.
Systems Management
APPIC, Brooks Internet Software, Computer Solutions, Inc., Design 3000 Plus, Inc, Hewlet-Packard -- Business Recovery Services, Hicomp Software Systems, Lund Performance Solutions, Nobix, O'Pin Systems, Omni Solutions, Inc.
Terminal Emulators
AICS Research, Inc., Attachmate Corporation, Software Licensing Corp., WRQ
Technical articles by members of the Adager R&D team and others.
docs.hp.com - HP e3000 Technical Documentation
On line documentation for system hardware and software in HTML and PDF format.
EMC Corporation
Symmetric enterprise disk storage systems.
Halibut Stuff
Order the HP e3000 "owl" shirt. T-shirt or polo shirt with owl logo above "HP e3000, Who knew?".
Hewlett-Packard Education - MPE/iX
MPE/iX curriculum offered by Hewlett-Packard. Class room education, self-paced web based training, and periodic on-line seminars. Information on HP certification.
Hewlett-Packard EProducts Enterprise Business Cent
HP's site for technical information on the HP e3000 (and other) servers including a on-line system configuration and pricing tool.
Hewlett-Packard HP 3000 Jazz Web Server
HP's web server dedicated to the HP 3000, HP e3000 and MPE/iX operating system. Site includes freeware downloads, papers and tutorials, JAVA, and related links.
Hewlett-Packard IT Resource Center Forum on MPE/iX
Web based forum for questions about MPE-iX answered by HP employees. Topical sub-categories including: databases, installing and updating, languages, networking, performance, predictive/modems, printers/spooler management, backup, system configuration, system management, and volume management.
Hewlett-Packard MPE/iX Software
Site dedicated to software for MPE/iX from HP such as for database management, SQL and ODBC, application development, system management, web server, and high availability.
HP World
The largest HP e3000 related user conference. Sponsored by Interex.
HP3000 Solution Symposium
In-depth tutorials and labs for both new and experienced users designed to develop practical, enhanced skills in programming, application development, and system management on the HP3000.
HP3000-L Archives and Subscription
Listserver for discussion and questions related to HP 3000 and HP e3000 systems. "Newbies" welcome. Search the archives. Subscribe or un-subscribe to the list.
HP3000-L Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ list taken from the HP3000-L listserver and its parallel Usenet companion newsgroup comp.sys.hp.mpe.
ICS Group
System sales and maintenance. Hardware maintenance, remarketed equipment, disaster recovery,
Interex - International Association of Hewlett-Pac
User group for HP computer users (HP 3000, HP 9000, and NT). Special Interest Groups (SIGs), publications, conferences, HP 3000 contributed software library (CSL) index.
Creators of system monitors, terminal emulators, Java programs, and printing and reporting tools for the HP.
Perwill Plc.
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) software for the HP 3000.
Speedware Corporation Inc.
Company offering HP e3000 migration solutions. Describes services offered and some tools they have developed.
STR Software
AventX(tm) MPE (formerly FAX/3000) lets users fax and email documents directly from HP e3000 applications.
TAG Business Computing Ltd.
Document delivery and switching software. TAGfax - fax, email and printing. TAGswitch - multiple user sessions without additional license costs.
Synchronous Network Engine provides bisynchronous communications with a variety of networks and servers.
Triolet System's Hewlett-Packard Vendor List
Manually maintained but fairly complete listing of HP e3000 and HP 9000 vendors and consultants. Indexed by vendor name, product name, and category.
User, Special Interest, and Discussion Groups
Interex supported Special Interest Groups (SIG) and subject discussion groups websites and mailing lists for various aspects of the HP e3000. Also links to local user groups. Areas covered include Allbase, COBOL, consulting, client-server, email, ERP, IMAGE DBMS, Java, MPE, Omnidex, MPE/iX POSIX, printers, Reveal, Speedware, HP support, system management, and software vendors. Subscriptions are open to all.